“Come Up and Try My New Parts” scene in super high quality!

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    Posted: February 6th, 2009
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    Download the second episode of Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend

    A new episode airs on ITV2 every Thrusday at 9 p.m.
    Watch the episode online at ITV.com (UK users only).

    Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend – Episode 2 [XviD/AVI format, 349mb]

    Posted: February 6th, 2009
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    Better quality version of “Come Up and Try My New Parts” song

    Thanks to Mat!

    Posted: February 5th, 2009
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    Paris Hilton’s next fragrance will be named “Siren”

    Paris Hilton announced that her upcoming fragrance will be titled “Siren” in her latest MySpace post.

    She described the photoshoot she did for her new perfume: “I had hair that was basically down to the floor and a big beautiful gold mermaid tail. I literally had to be carried to the set, cause once I put my mermaid fin on, there was no way I could walk. I felt like Ariel from The Little Mermaid. The pictures turned out fantastic and which shot by one of my favorite photographers Mark Lidell. What an amazing photographer he is and so much fun to work with.”

    Also, she would like to hear from her fans about concepts, ideas and challenges for My BFF 2.

    Well, I was reading the comments that some of the fans wrote. And I think I actually found an interesting one:

    “I also think you should base a challenge or 2 around Repo. I’d love to see some amateurs dressing up and playing the role of Amber Sweet, maybe with Terrence as a guest judge! I know it would give me a good giggle.” (by heidiblue)

    Since Darren wants to keep the movie alive, a challenge involving Repo! would be wicked kewl, but would BFF viewers like it?

    You can read Paris’ post and write comments here.

    Thanks to Scot.

    Posted: February 3rd, 2009
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    Repo!: “Come Up and Try My New Parts” Full Clip

    Finally, the video below is “Come Up and Try My New Parts” by Amber Sweet (Paris Hilton). Only problem is that the quality is very bad quality! Enjoy!

    Posted: February 2nd, 2009
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    Paris Hilton answering a few questions by fans

    Posted: February 1st, 2009
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    Repo! The Genetic Opera featurette: From stage to screen

    Posted: January 31st, 2009
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