Lady Gaga interviewed by Paris Hilton at the Nokia 5800 launch

    Posted: January 27th, 2009
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    Paris Hilton’s very own scrapbook!

    The text below is written by Allison Orthner, a scrapbooker who met Paris Hilton at the Craft and Hobby Association event. After having looked at Paris’ very own scrapbook collection, she is convinced that the Repo! actress is a scrapbooker. Paris Hilton’s Creativity collection is available in Canada and in some European countries, but they’re still looking for a distributor in the United States.

    Paris Hilton’s new line of scrapbooking is geared for the tweens and teens and is very vibrant coloured with a huge dose of BLING! There has been much debate on whether or not Paris actually scrapbooks, but I must say, that I do indeed believe she does! Most of the press surrounding me were not actual scrapbookers… they were wanting to ask Paris about her hair, her dog and love life! But because I was in the front of the press box about 3 feet away from her (one of the benefits of being so short!) I noticed a book on the table and asked her if I could look.

    She hesitated at first and then told me I could look adding that it wasn’t really a scrapbook, but simply a place to keep assorted things she had collected from her travels for inspiration!

    Read the rest of Orthner’s comments here.

    Allison Orthner / Craft Critique

    Posted: January 26th, 2009
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    Paris Hilton interviewed about her scrapbooking project

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    Paris Hilton Up close at the Craft and Hobby Association event

    Paris Hilton scopes out her new products.

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    Paris Hilton launches her scrapbook accessories collection

    Paris Hilton promoted the Paris Hilton Creativity collection at an art expo in Anaheim.

    She also meet fans and gave them autographs like this one:

    Celebrity Gossip / Indiecraftdocumentary

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    Paris Hilton awarded with a commemorative plaque by Human Society

    “We all have cats and dogs we love, and they’re animals, and seals are the same.” – Paris Hilton

    By Helena Sung

    Paris Hilton, seen partying and wearing cutesy, animal-themed knit caps at the Sundance Festival all weekend, actually had a reason to be there it turns out.

    At a Human Society dinner honoring the documentary, “A Sealed Fate?” by Nigel Barker (photographer/judge on America’s Next Top Model) the socialite/heiress was given a commemorative plaque and recognized for her support of the “save the seals” cause.

    The award is a little baffling given Paris’ well-publicized penchant for buying tiny pups from the Pets of Bel Air, a pet store in an upscale Los Angeles neighborhood known to buy from puppy mills.

    It’s further perplexing given that it was the Humane Society that shut down the Pets of Bel Air in 2007, noting that the pet shop was frequented by celebrities such as Paris and Britney Spears.

    What’s more, the Humane Society still displays a secret, undercover video shot at the Pets of Bel Air, in which Paris is shown buying a puppy mill pup.

    It was all rather confusing until E! News included a crucial bit of information while reporting on the Humane Society award: Paris had also donated $100,000 to the organization.


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    Paris Hilton at the final Repo! The Genetic Opera event

    Paris Hilton attends the final screening of the Repo! road tour:

    Repo! The Genetic Opera

    Repo! The Genetic Opera

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