Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend Commercials

    Premieres January 29th on ITV2 in the UK:

    Posted: January 25th, 2009
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    How to apply for Paris Hilton’s My New BFF 2

    Paris Hilton My BFF 2

    So it’s official! Paris Hilton will film another US version of Paris Hilton’s My New BFF.

    I was told by someone who is involved in the casting that it was launched a bit prematurely. The link to register in the competition that I provided in the other post is the incorrect, and you actually couldn’t find an application form on Got Cast’s website.

    But applying for season two is now straightforward and simple. All you have to do is go on and fill out the form and questionnaire!

    Thanks to Rachel!

    Posted: January 23rd, 2009
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    Suspect involved in Paris Hilton’s house burglary arrested

    A man suspected of involvement in a jewellery raid on Paris Hilton’s home has been arrested and charged with two burglaries.

    Troy Thomas, 45, is alleged to have masterminded more than 150 thefts in three years in the Los Angeles area, targeting celebrities including Hilton, Duran Duran guitarist John Taylor, and several movie studio bosses.

    The Simple Life star’s Sherwood Oaks home was hit last month and an intruder made off with an estimated US$2 million worth of gems.

    Rocker Taylor’s L.A. property was raided in April 2007 and a safe was taken from the home.

    Thomas denies two charges of burglary.

    View the mugshot of the suspect.


    Posted: January 23rd, 2009
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    Paris Hilton’s My New BFF renewed for a second season?

    Breaking News?

    According to Got Cast, which appears to be a reliable source, Paris Hilton will film a second season of Paris Hilton’s My New BFF. Right now, they’re looking for girls and guys who would like to be Paris Hilton’s next BFF. Casting ends on Feburary 20th.

    This is somewhat weird, because neither MTV or Paris, herself, announced the production of Paris Hilton’s My New BFF 2. But maybe it’s true afterall. Sign up here!

    Paris Hilton’s My New BFF is back for a part deux! Doron Ofir Casting is enlisting only the “Hottest Bitches” and the most “Fabulously Fierce Guys” who are at least the age of 21 and appear under 30.

    The Heiress to American Royalty Repo! actress extends her most exclusive invitation to expand her A-List Clique.

    Do you long to strut into the world’s most elite hotspots without a care in the world except how fabulous you are? Ever wish the velvet ropes didn’t exclude you from the social circles of the A-List? How about the fantasy of jet setting around the world with the ultimate BFF, whose fierce style, charisma and star power is only matched by your own.

    Now that’s hot! Paris is granting the opportunity of a lifetime to one girl or “fabulous” guy who has what it takes to join Paris Hilton’s inner circle. Finally, you have the chance to show the world that you have what it takes to achieve social stardom; allowing you unprecedented access to young Hollywood as never before. Loves It!

    In other news, well, none of the Repo! songs got nominated for an Oscar. I’ll let you listen to the comments of Repo! fans on YouTube, regarding the nominees, and… get to hear the songs that actually got nominated! The video is hilarious!

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    How blatant lies are spread by unreliable sources

    This is what many people saw and read today, when they logged into their Hotmail account. It links to a silly article, and people believe it!

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    Press Release about “Paris Hilton The Creativity Collection”

    Paris Hilton The Creativity Collection

    Wooky Entertainment a leading provider of art & craft products for the tween and teen market, today announced a worldwide licensing agreement with Paris Hilton Entertainment to establish Paris Hilton The Creativity Collection™, a multi-faceted line of fashion crafting kits from some of the most popular craft segments including scrapbooking, jewelry making and fabric embellishment. Paris Hilton The Creativity Collection™ will be formally unveiled by Paris Hilton at the CHA Winter Show, on January 25, 2009 in Anaheim, California.

    The Paris Hilton, The Creativity Collection™ includes the following:

  • The designer Scrapbooking kit provides high-fashion albums, designer papers both inspired by and featuring Paris, hot theme packs with edgy backgrounds, rhinestones and a broad selection of embellishments for added “bling.”
  • The Fabric Embellishment kit include fashion iron-on sets with rhinestones, fashionable embroideries, appliqués, and printed and foiled graphic transfers needed to create personalized style on any piece of clothing or fabric.
  • Fashion Creative Sets create fashion jewelry and accessories. The Fashion Creative Sets include all necessary components, tools and instructions for creating “hot” jewelry pieces inspired by celebrity icons like Paris.

  • To learn more about pricing and availability, or more information about the upcoming Paris Hilton, The Creativity Collection™ please visit

    “Paris Hilton Entertainment is pleased to be partnering with Wooky Entertainment to launch Paris Hilton, The Creativity Collection,” explained Ami Manning, Paris Hilton’s Business Manager. “These fashion kits reinforce playful creativity and personal style. Sharing these ideals with young women through crafting can encourage aspirations of all sizes through creativity.”

    “We are very excited to be working with Paris to create this new product line for the sophisticated, wellinformed, creative young lady who wants the hottest fashions and has the drive and sense of style to create them herself,” explained Kevin Richer, President of Wooky Entertainment. “Combing the merits of a Paris Hilton – celebrity icon and entrepreneur, with an incredible product, and a $30 billion U.S. craft market and we are well poised for success.”

    You can also visit the official site of Paris Hilton The Creativity Collection. You may not be able to access it at the moment, although it was working fine a few days ago!

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    Paris Hilton modelling for FILA

    Nearly a year later, Paris Hilton modeled again for FILA, in Venice:

    Click here to watch a video of the photoshoot!
    Paris Hilton FILA photoshoot

    Posted: January 20th, 2009
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