Paris Hilton has officially left Australia

    After spending more than a week in Australia, Paris Hilton has left the country. She and Brittney were spotted at the Sydney International Airport.

    Goldcoast AU came up with a few “rules” on how to track Paris during her next visit. Actually, it’s more of a behind-the-scenes coverage (accuracy is always questionable) of Paris’ visit to the Gold Coast:

    Rule 1. If she says she is going somewhere the chances are that she will either not show or arrive very, very late.

    Bookings to dine at Benihana Japanese restaurant in the Marriott and dropping into Shuck Bar afterwards never eventuated.

    Rule 2. She loves to shop and wandered unannounced in to Charlie Brown’s boutique in Marina Mirage to buy a frock or six before heading downstairs to Domani’s Shoes.

    Rule 3. Without a press gang around her she doesn’t appear to shine. A spy in the VIP room at Summafieldayze on Saturday whispered that Ms Hilton looked decidedly bored most of the time, munched on a few sausages and then spent the rest of the time sending and receiving text messages.

    Finally, in another article, Goldcoast AU posted a brief coverage of her visit in general.

    Posted: January 6th, 2009
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    “Bottoms Up” movie is in the news

    Paris Hilton’s “Bottoms Up” movie was in the news today.

    Bottoms Up was in the middle of financing schemes where rogue brokers had hustled clients into sinking cash, or something like that. The article is very business-related, but I have no interest to carefully analyze it. You can read it, if you want.

    Apparently, one couple invested $2 million in the production of the movie in hopes of raising more money (I think, or maybe I’m wrong). Anyway, the article trashed the movie, and rightfully so, in my opinion. Bottoms Up was an unwatchable mess. It was so bad that Kevin and I didn’t bother watching the whole movie, but we did enjoy the Paris Hilton parts (I still remember, hehe)!

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    Video coverage of Paris Hilton in Goldcoast, Australia

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    Paris Hilton clears up rumours in a new interview

    Paris Hilton was recently interviewed by Glamour magazine. She answered a few questions and cleared up a couple of rumours.

    1. She said that she’s no longer fighting with Lindsay Lohan. In the past, there were a lot of tension between the two. “We’re fine now. I think she’s really changed. I saw her a month ago and she was really sweet and seemed really happy and we’re all adults now. Actually I’ve just decided not to fight with anyone because it’s really not worth it,” she said.

    2. She revealed that she would like to have children in the next two years: “I’d love to have children in the next two years. I’d like three or four. I want a boy first, to watch over my girls, and I’ll name my first girl London I love that name.”

    3. She also slammed the lying media: “Ninety-five per cent is BS. I read a story about myself dancing sexily in front of Prince William and Harry, when actually I was just sitting there and they came up to me and said, ‘Hey, nice to meet you. You see, I didn’t. They were really friendly and down to earth, and I thought Harry’s girlfriend, Chelsy, was beautiful and really sweet.”

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    More information about Paris Hilton’s home robbery

    By Richard Winton

    LAPD investigators believe the $2-million jewelry heist at Paris Hilton’s Mulholland Estates mansion last month was probably done by someone familiar with the home’s layout and who knew how to access the socialite’s collection of rings, watches and necklaces.

    Detectives are investigating a number of potential suspects based on information gathered from the scene and interviews with Hilton, who is cooperating with police.

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    Video of Paris Hilton in Sydney

    News has been slow mainly because Paris Hilton is on vacation, but also because she was far away from home. She spent a week in Australia, but the Aussie media didn’t provide any newsworthy information.

    Paris Hilton’s final comments before leaving Australia: “I’ve had such a good time here, I went to the children’s hospital yesterday and today I went to the zoo (Currumbin Sanctuary) and played with the koalas. They were so cute and really sweet. I wish I could stay longer but I have to go back to LA for work.”

    Check this kewl video of Paris in Sydney:

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    Paris Hilton Clothing Line: Europeans and Middle Easterners can now buy online

    Europeans and Middle Easterners have the option to buy online clothes from the Paris Hilton Clothing line collection. You can check out the collection at the newly opened Paris Hilton Collection website. Paris Hilton launched her clothing line in Europe, in Fall 2008.

    Thanks to Paris89Hilton!

    Posted: January 3rd, 2009
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