Another hit song by Paris Hilton! She exclusively released today her new song “My BFF” on Ryan Seacrest’s 102.7 KIIS-FM in time for the premiere for her new reality show “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF”, which airs tonight on MTV!

    Paris told Ryan Seacrest that the new album isn’t produced by Scott Scorch. ūüôĀ

    But she said that it’s coming out in a few weeks! “My BFF” is the theme song of Paris Hilton’s My New BFF and the first single from her untitled second album! It was written by Paris and Benji Madden.

    The Kylie Minogue-inspired sophomore album will include songs:

    –¬†Platinum Blonde
    – Paris for President
    – Jailhouse Baby

    The song is very refreshing and different from her previous songs, but as always, you only get the best from Paris!

    Request “My BFF” on your local radio stations, so we can start speading like Stars Are Blind! Click here to listen to the interview.

    Also, the Repo! CD was released today. You can order it from iTunes or Amazon. I still can’t find the official list of songs!

    Posted: September 30th, 2008
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    Alan Kalter’s Celebrity Interview with Paris Hilton

    A little bonus from last week’s David Letterman show:

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    Paris Hilton interviewed about Repo!

    A few days ago, Paris Hilton and Benji Madden attended a private screening of Repo! She was interviewed by Bloody Disgusting’s SpookyDan.

    – Paris is interested in doing Repo! 2
    – “Solo CD” is reportedly complete

    About movie:
    It‚Äôs like a movie you have never seen before. It’s fun, sexy, scary, and HOT. The CD is certainly not a typical Paris Hilton CD. Amber Sweet is a very twisted human being, and you must see her!

    About her character:
    I had a lot of make up on everyday. It depended because in every scene I look different from the next. One day I had my face completely tore off and looked like Freddy Krueger, that took like five hours! It was a lot of fun. I always have been offered roles where I would play an airhead, the typical dumb blonde roll. With Repo it was the first time being offered something else, I love horror films, I love the SAW films. So it was amazing that he [director Darren Bousman] would consider me for a roll like this.

    About auditioning for the role of Amber Sweet:
    It’s very weird when you are reading it. I have a creative mind, I trusted his [Bousman‚Äôs] vision. I have read a million scripts that suck, and this one was actually cool! It has a great story and a heart to it, even though it has a lot of blood and guts, its funny to at times. And the music is great!

    About Benji collaborating with Paris:
    We keep that kind of separate, but we definatly influence each other‚Äôs work, she listens to everything I do and I listen to everything she does, we are more behind the scenes with our musical tastes. When I met her, she had already finished this film, and because of the music and subject matter, its been great to share (different kinds of) music with her. She can actually wrap her brain around Cradle of Filth, Covenant, Wumpscut and VNV Nation, but she had never really been around this environment before. Now I am always making her mix CDs of Industrial and some darker metal… Read the rest here.

    The article reports that Paris would want to do Repo! 2 if the one becomes a success and that “she would like to do something different than the solo CD she just completed”.

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    More information about Paris Hilton’s new fragrance Fairy Dust

    Fairy Dust is coming out in October 2008. It will be launched in US department stores including Macy’s, Belk, Bon-Ton, and Boscov’s. It will also be distributed internationally in 2009.

    Same as Can Can, there will be plenty of promotional pictures in the November/December issues of Vogue, Lucky, Glamour, Allure, Seventeen and Cosmopolitan.

    Neil Katz, CEO of Parlux Fragrances Inc., revealed to CosmeticNews that the Paris Hilton license is a $90m brand.

    It is said that Parlux¬†“is shooting for a wholesale volume of $20 million for the first year”. They will put $6 million to $7 million in promotional advertisement.

    Finally, Kevin reported that due to Paris’ busy schedule, she won’t be able to come to Washington in October. It has been postponed to the latest December 20th, 2008.


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    Paris Hilton interviewed by David Letterman

    A new Paris Hilton interview by David Letterman was aired last night! Paris talked about ParisBFF, Fairy Dust and other topics, while David was doing his usual thing. He always makes the same jokes lol, but as always, the interview is very funny!

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    Paris Hilton interviewed on the View!

    Paris Hilton was interviewed by the View ladies this week. They showed a clip from her new reality show ParisBFF to the audience. And they even played a few seconds of the theme song in the beginning. Based on what I’ve heard so far, this is really good song! Paris has a good taste in music and knows what good music is! I hope all of these songs from her second album will be good, with no fillers, like the debut album. I’m curious to know who produced the theme song!

    Paris had a little chat with the know-all ladies at the View. Some of them had probably said bad things behind her back, but I remember that the worse of them was Joy, and it still shows. She heard and talked plenty about Paris going to jail, but never really understood why she was actually (unjustly) sent to jail or arrested. Funny!

    When they were done with the interview, the View ladies switched topic and started talking about politics, of all topics. I think if they had choosen a different topic that interested Paris, too, maybe she could have contributed more to the discussion. My little criticisms, as always.

    Thanks to R0zZMaNn.

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    Italiano intervista: Paris Hilton intervista da verissimo

    20 settembre 2008: Paris Hilton intervistata da Silvia Tofanin verissimo.

    Posted: September 22nd, 2008
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