Promotional pictures of Paris Hilton’s My New BFF

    Below are the promotional pictures of Paris Hilton’s new reality show “My New BFF.” They were released by Yahoo!, a few days ago. The show will premiere in September on MTV, and it will air in the Middle East/Asia a week after.

    For some reason, the first picture reminds me of “Who wants to be a Hilton,” but I hope it’s not like that show. Kathy Hilton, who was the host of her own show, didn’t appear on screen about 70% of the time!

    In this second picture, Paris Hilton is photographed in front of a promotional picture that was used to promote her hair extensions.

    Thanks to terrellezell for posting the pictures on the forum.

    Posted: August 11th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton Unleashing new projects and products upon us!

    Next month, things are going to get busy in the world of Paris Hilton. The actress and singer has a very busy schedule ahead, as she is getting ready to launch in fall, a new perfume, a new album, a new reality show, a new movie Repo!, a new handbag collection (worldwide) and a new jewelry collection (pretty soon).

    But, while Paris Hilton was at the Copenhagen event in Denmark to promote her handbag collection, she said that at the Tivoli Gardens amusement park, she “went on one roller coaster, like, three times in a row.” Ah! I’ve been on a wooden roller coaster about seven times in a row! Loves amusement parks!

    Back to the news, well, the Copenhagen event appears to have been a good success for Paris in Denmark. In America, she is still enjoying a lot of good publicity at the moment. More than 6 million people have viewed the parody clip, so far.

    As reported earlier in the week, the designer has launched a new handbag collection, titled “Confidence.” According to Paris, they will be sold in 400 stores worldwide. Why name it Confidence? “Every girl should be confident. That’s just something I have always been really big on, which is why I have done so well in my business. So I thought it would be perfect to name this line that, because when you carry this bag you have confidence,” says the “You Are My Best Friend” singer.

    The company, which is launching the new Paris Hilton handbags, will apparently “introduce a new retail concept designed to take the Hilton brand to the next level.”

    According to a new article: The shop-in-shops, dubbed “Enter my world,” feature a minimalist white and pink decor with a back wall emblazoned with a giant photo of Hilton, while the floor includes a runway under the banner, “Join me on the catwalk.” Other categories include “Share my accessories” and “Open my jewelry box.” The corners could even be adapted to include Hilton’s other lines, such as fragrances and apparel, according to Peter Bur, the retail design strategist behind the concept.

    Best of all: even though it’s still hard to believe, I can almost confirm that a new music album by Paris Hilton will be released next month (September 2008). It doesn’t appear to be related to her new reality show “Paris Hilton Is My New Best Friend,” from what I’ve gathered. Maybe it is, I don’t know for sure.

    Regarding the second album, Paris said: “I love Kylie Minogue, so it’s very inspired by her. It’s very dance music. My last album was more hip-hop.”

    Thanks to Sabrinia, WWD, DR

    Posted: August 8th, 2008
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    “Paris for President” T-shirts on sale?

    Sorry about the “Mark It Up” clip. It looks like the director, Darren Bousman, has been removing all the “Mark It Up” clips from YouTube and other sites. Apparently, the clip wasn’t supposed to be leaked. But I hope most of you got the chance to see it!

    Some “Paris for President” T-shirts have started to appear on eBay. The problem is that I don’t know which one of them is the official T-shirt supported by Paris. But you can check them out on eBay, anyway.

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    New Poll: Voters predict parody video will help Paris Hilton’s reputation

    Democrats, Republicans and independents believe that the successful parody clip will help Paris Hilton’s reputation, according to a new poll, conducted by HCD Research, a few days ago.

    Here are the results:

    Do you think the ad will help or hurt Paris Hilton’s reputation?

    Help – 84%
    Hurt – 16%

    Help – 54%
    Hurt – 46%

    Help – 69%
    Hurt – 31%

    This could also mean that the majority of the public finds Paris a bit more likeable now, but one small clip won’t change much in the long run.

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    “Mark It Up” clip released!

    Breaking News!

    Below is the video clip of “Mark It Up” from the Repo! movie. So this is the song you guys were talking about! I remember this clip very well. In fact, Amber Sweet makes her first appearance in this scene. See how short it is?

    But I don’t think this is a good clip to release in order to promote the movie. They’re showing a lot of Amber Sweet clips! I remember two more scenes in which Amber plays, so there’s still more!

    Posted: August 7th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton will open her own nightclub in Las Vegas

    Paris Hilton recently told In Touch magazine that she’s planning to open a new night club in Las Vegas. But apparently, it’s already a place “where she already spends a lot of time partying – but she can’t say much about it.”

    “I think I found a really good space, but I can’t tell anyone. It’s not trademarked yet,” she told In Touch magazine.

    Paris Hilton used to “own” nightclubs, called “Club Paris,” when she was working in partnership with businessman Fred Khalilian.

    Posted: August 7th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton memorized monologue to film the parody clip

    The AP reported that Paris Hilton memorized her entire monologue for the filming of the parody clip. This was revealed by Funny or Die’s content director because people were assuming that she was using cue cards.

    But then, a few articles started reporting the comments of an unknown source who refuted Funny or Die’s claims. The source is supposed to be a close friend of Paris, or something like that. The sites that posted this article were unreliable news sites (or foolish writers), quoting possibly a non-existent source. Anyway, when you think about it, it’s not even important.

    Meanwhile, Paris’ energy plan seems to appeal a congressman, Michael Burgess. He’s referring it as the “Paris Hilton Plan“.

    Posted: August 7th, 2008
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