Paris Hilton’s parody clip attracts more than 5 million viewers

    Just a few weeks ago, the world of Paris Hilton was so quiet, but now, she’s over all the internet and TV. At least, 5 million people have seen the parody video. So far, the successful video doesn’t seem to have a negative effect on Paris.

    MSNBC reported that Paris Hilton and her parents were closely involved in the making of the video, which took hours to film.

    Adam McKay, co-founder of, said: “She had some smart and very specific notes. Her parents were also involved, which is nice. Her parents are looking out for her and they also wanted to know she [was] being protected because I think they knew this piece was going to be big.” No doubt Paris changed or added a few lines to make it Paris Hilton style!

    Posted: August 7th, 2008
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    Official “Paris for President” T-shirts to go on sale as soon as possible

    E! earlier reported that Paris Hilton will be wearing and selling “Paris for President” T-shirts exclusively at Kitson in LA.

    A source tells E!: “They’ll probably be a women’s T-shirt and one for men. They’re hurrying to get them out as soon as possible.”

    However, Paris’ rep is saying that the T-shirt venture is not only for profit, but that “it will have a charity aspect.”

    I personally think all the profit should simply be donated to charity, but anyway!

    Posted: August 7th, 2008
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    Screw Obama & McCain! / Vote for Paris Hilton!

    Paris Hilton attacked presidential candidate John McCain in a new video in response to his ad campaign, which included a picture of the singer and actress.

    This is a hilarious MUST-SEE video! The video was featured on and filmed by Funny or Die.

    So on November 4, 2008, do not vote for any of those clowns! Vote for PARIS HILTON!

    Thanks to everyone who emailed me about it. You guys were numerous. It was another smart move by Paris!

    Meanwhile, Paris is in Denmark to promote a new line of her handbag collection, titled “Confidence,” at an international fashion house on Wednesday.

    Posted: August 5th, 2008
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    Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton Fragrance

    Fairy Dust is Paris Hilton’s newest fragrance. It will be out in October 2008. The photoshoot for Fairy Dust was done in May 2008. I don’t think there will be male version of Fairy Dust!

    Paris Hilton waves her magic wand and enchants young women in every corner of the world with Fairy Dust, her magical new fragrance. It invites women of every age to believe that with a sprinkle of Fairy Dust dreams really can come true. There’s just a hint of magic in this captivating new fragrance from Paris Hilton.

    Parlux (Thanks to Kevin)

    Posted: August 4th, 2008
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    Almost Confirmed: Paris Hilton is coming to Washington to launch her new perfume

    According to Kevin, Washington fans will be happy to know that Paris Hilton is planning to launch her newest fragrance at Macy’s, in Washington. I imagine it will be somewhere in Seattle or close to it (ask Kevin!).

    The deal hasn’t been finalized, but a lady who works at Macy’s told Kevin that Paris is coming there for sure. Samples from her new fragrance are already being distributed. It seems that the fragrance is called Fairy Dust!

    I’m really excited for Kevin! He’s one of the greatest fans! Can’t wait!

    Thanks to Kevin for all the info!

    Posted: August 3rd, 2008
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    New Paris Hilton album coming out before the end of 2008

    Breaking News!

    It sure sounds like it!

    MTV interviewed Paris Hilton at Comic-Con, and they were one of the few interviewers to ask her about her second album.

    Paris exactly said: “With my show “BFF” on MTV, I’m going to be releasing an album with it. I just finished recording the main title song. Benji [Madden] and I wrote [it] together.”

    So from what I’ve gathered, she’s going to mix the second album with her new TV show. The album will be related to ParisBFF? Or maybe, this is not the second album, but only a special one for her TV show. Whatever it is, I can’t wait to hear it! ParisBFF is going to premiere in mid-September!

    Paris says that when it comes to music, Benji and her think the same: “Well, he’s such a talented writer. We’re in love, so we can really write well together because we’re kind of on the same wavelength, the way we think. With our talents together, it really mixes well. ”

    The album will be completely different from the first one: “It’s really feel-good music — it’s happy, it’s dance music. It’s a lot different than my last album, and the words really mean a lot to me.”

    Read the full interview here.

    Posted: August 3rd, 2008
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    Paris Hilton to film a British version of ParisBFF?

    According to the very unreliable news site, The Sun UK, British TV bosses will pay Paris Hilton thousands of dollars film a UK version of her new reality show.

    An unnamed source claims: “Paris is great on TV and bosses over her have been keen to snap her up for ages. Fronting her own show in the UK. for the first time is a big risk but producers are confident they have a ratings hit. They are shelling out a fortune not just on Paris but also on production costs.”

    According to the article, it will be broadcast on ITV2.

    Well to me, it sounds fake! The Sun UK has absolutely no credibility, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was just another fake article fabricated by one of the fake writers at The Sun.

    Posted: August 3rd, 2008
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