Paris Hilton Says She Is a Changed Woman

    Not one of my favourite topics to cover, but I’ll do it anyway.

    While she was promoting and discussing about her new movie Repo! with the media people at the Comic-Con event, Paris said she feels that she is a grown-up now.

    These are the quotes that were found in People and Toronto’s Sun: “I feel like I’m really grown up. I’m an adult now. I’m in a really great relationship and in love, so I stay home a lot. I think my whole life I was kind of living as a teenager and not really taking responsibility. Now I realize that I’m an adult and I’m running a huge company and I’m in love. I’m in a great relationship. I have my family. I’m just excited for life.”

    Apparently, about a year ago, her Repo! co-star Alexa Vega was not happy to work with Paris. “A year ago when you heard the name ‘Paris Hilton,’ not good things came to mind,” Alexa said. “She was in jail at the time when I found out about all this. The first thing I thought was, ‘We want to make a movie — why are you bringing her into this?’ But she was so professional, a sweet girl, so fun to work with. She is so different from that image I had in my mind … I visited her at home and she was just hanging out, baking cookies.”

    Alexa later told Paris that it is “so nice to see that transformation happen.” It’s not that she transformed from being a bad girl to a good girl. If the public had followed her all along, like we have, they’d understand that she simply matured a lot and now knows her priorities. Anyway, hopefully, this time around, the majority of the people will see the real Paris Hilton, thanks to Repo!

    Posted: July 27th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton Working On Her Music Every Day

    Paris Hilton tells People magazine: “We just wrote together. I had a whole recording studio in my house and so we’ve been working there every night. We wrote together on two songs for my Best Friends show. He helps me because he’s an incredible writer and we’re on the same wavelength and so we’re working well together as a team. Benji will bring us beats and then we literally just sit there and write to the beats about what I want to talk about. The music is really fun. It’s really just happy and fun dance music.”

    I guess you’re right, Kevin. 😉

    Posted: July 26th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton at Comic Con‏ for Repo!

    We may not have clips of the “Comic Con‏” event, but the webmaster of fan site The Hilton Files attended the event and was kind enough to write a post about the event in details and share it with us.

    Here’s what Paris said: “I had an amazing time doing this movie. The music was completely different than my album. Very hard core rock. Right now I’m doing another album. I love musical theater now, because of Darren.”

    According to The Hilton Files, they may release a second soundtrack because the first soundtrack doesn’t cover all the songs. So this probably means if the first CD does well, they will release the second one. The first one better include “Come Up and Try My New Parts”! 🙁

    The Repo! team is planning to release a few clips of the making of Repo! every week.

    Read the full report.

    Thanks to Nikki. / Juicy UK – pic

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    Paris Hilton to Launch New Fall Shoe Collection on July 29th – Follow Up

    One of staff who is working for the launch of Paris Hilton’s fall shoe collection would like to share with you more information about the “Macy’s Fashion Show” event. Below is the flyer that explains it with all the details.

    Designer Paris Hilton “will be making a personal appearance to greet fans and sign autographs for the first 300 guests that purchase a pair of her adorable shoes from July 19th to the 29th!”

    *Offer only valid for the first 300 people to make a Paris Hilton shoe purchase. Offer good while time permits. One signature per person.
    Only those who have made the qualifying purchase will be permitted to wait in line. Event date and time subject to change.

    Thanks to Lauren.

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    “Zydrate Anatomy” Clip Released


    This is the scene that I referred to as the “introduction scene” of Amber Scene. It is her second appearance in the movie! She does her performance so well! At the Fantasia Festival, everyone applauded at the end of this scene.

    In this scene, Shilo goes wild and sings the song “Seventeen”

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    ParisBFF to Premiere on September 23rd


    A few days ago, Paris Hilton was on KIIS-FM. Paris and Ryan Seacrest talked about Repo! She also denied the Ronaldo story.

    More importantly, she revealed that her new reality show “Paris Hilton’s My New Best Friend” will premiere on MTV on September 23rd.

    Ryan said that Paris and Benji Madden have been recording a few songs, although he didn’t specify if these tracks are for her reality show or new album. Listen to the interview because I’m not sure.

    Paris said that the producers are now mixing the songs at her music studio. When the songs are done, she will sent one to Ryan, and he might play it on air!

    Posted: July 25th, 2008
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    Listen to “At the Opera Tonight,” “Zydrate Anatomy” and “Genetic Emancipation”


    A big thanks goes to Josh for sharing with us these full songs from the Repo! movie. You guys know the song “At the Opera Tonight” I was talking about, my favourite one? You can hear the entire song on the Lionsgate’s website. You guys have to listen to it! The song is AMAZING!

    Also, my other favourite is “Genetic Emancipation.” It is sang by Alexa Vega – another GREAT song! Another good one is “Zydrate Anatomy”! Paris sings it, too! Scott, I think that’s indeed Paris!
    Password: geneco

    Posted: July 24th, 2008
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