Paris Hilton to Launch New Fall Shoe Collection on July 29th

    I have some exciting news for those who live in Las Vegas and would like to meet Paris Hilton.

    On July 29th, Paris will be at an event called “Macy’s Fashion Show” in Las Vegas. At 3pm, she is scheduled to be there and launch a new Footwear collection, designed for the season of Fall.

    It looks like this time she will be spending more time with her fans. The first 300 fans who buy a pair of shoes from her new Fall collection will get the chance to meet her and as usual, receive an autographed picture.

    Description of the Fall shoe collection: “[It] features a delectable range of stylish, high-quality essentials, including sky-high platform stilettos, polished patent pumps, knock-‘em-dead knee-high boots, fierce flats, tempting t-straps, and runway ready ankle boots.”

    I hope someone from this site gets the chance to meet her!
    Sorry Kevin, it looks like Seattle will have to wait!

    Posted: July 24th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton Invites You to ComiCon

    Paris does my post today. She just posted a message on her MySpace regarding ComiCon, which is tomorrow.

    I wanted to make sure that if you are attending ComiCon or if you’re in the San Diego area, you know about my panel for REPO: The Genetic Opera! I will be there tomorrow, Thursday, July 24th.

    The cast, creators and I will be hosting a ComiCon panel to discuss the movie at 9pm at the San Diego Convention center, in room 6B, tomorrow night only. We will be showing clips from the film and talking about the making of this incredible project, so spread the word.

    Can’t come. I just want to see clips of it. 🙂
    If anyone goes, please tell us about it…!

    Posted: July 23rd, 2008
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    The Paris Hilton Clothing Collection Is Now Online

    They were selling some of Paris Hilton’s clothes on other online stores, but it looks like Dollhouse has finally decided to make all of her clothes available in a special Paris Hilton section on their website!

    You can shop Paris Hilton’s clothing collection and find bottoms, dresses, jackets, tee and tanks, tops and blouses.

    It launched a few days ago. It was mentioned on the forum, but I always keep on forgetting to report it here!

    You can check out her full clothing collection here.

    Other than that, there’s really nothing else to report, except one thing. A music-industry marketing consultant, Jaci Rae, spoke with E! lately and had a few comments about Paris Hilton’s debut album.

    Jaci Rae said: “Paris Hilton’s CD totally died in the U.S., but in Japan it sold out like crazy. It was insane. They were nuts over here. Her video was all over the place. The record company isn’t just looking at the U.S. market. They’re looking at everything.” I just thought it’d be interesting to post this. It’s true, though. More copies were sold worldwide than in the US, and also, “Nothing in this World,” was a top single in some parts of Asia, although I can’t say for sure if the debut album “sold out” in Japon or how successful it was. Anyway, it’s interesting when these comments come from a marketing consultant. The article? Don’t bother reading it!

    Posted: July 22nd, 2008
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    Repo! Leaflet

    I’ve answered many of the questions you guys asked about Repo! in the comment section of the previous post. If you have more questions, let me know.

    I checked the song list again in the leaflet that was given to us at the theater, and I noticed the song “Blame Not My Cheeks” that Kevin was talking about is not listed there. Amber’s opera performance is shown after “At the Opera Tonight.” But after the latter song, according to the leaflet, she doesn’t sing any other song. BTW, I don’t know for sure if the song she sang at the opera was “Blame Not My Cheeks.”

    So if it’s not listed there, maybe “Come Up And Try My New Parts” was played without me noticing it lol. Maybe it was during the introduction scene, the “rain” scene. Or maybe, the leaflet just lists the main songs. I don’t know, but none of the songs resembled to the original “Come Up And Try My New Parts” we heard a few months ago!

    Sorry about the quality. I don’t have a scanner lol.

    Posted: July 20th, 2008
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    Repo! and Amber Sweet Review

    Let’s start from the beginning. We arrived there at around 9:15pm. There was a huge lineup of people surrounding the building. They were all waiting to see Repo!

    At 9:45pm, they finally let us in. We got our seats, at the back of the theater. The movie didn’t started until at around 10:20 – 10:30pm, because there were still many people coming in and trying to find seats. I think some of them had to sit on the stairs.

    Before the movie began, someone went on stage to talk about the event and thank us for coming… He then introduced the director of the movie Darren Lynn Bousman, who got a round of applause and said a few words about the movie before introducing two actors from the movie and the Spy Kids girl Alexa Vega. That was pretty much it. As I said, this was a loud and energetic crowd who seemed very eager and excited to finally see the movie!

    Alright, regarding Repo! and Paris Hilton, you guys will be amazing and disappointed. First, I’m going to say that before you go and see this movie, I strongly suggest that you fully research about it and understand the story. Maybe, going to the official website and spending some time to really read about the characters would be a good idea, because I personally found it a bit difficult to follow the story. I just understood the basics. However, I’m sure that the story is not really complicated. Throughout the movie, I was just very excited and couldn’t wait to see the Amber Sweet scenes lol.

    And Amber doesn’t make an appearance until 30 or 40 minutes later (bad estimate) in the movie. It’s actually a very short appearance, maybe about a minute or less, and then she disappears for a while.

    At the end of every major scene, the audience applauded. Like I said, they were very excited and supportive. Even when Amber made her very first appearance, they applauded. I think they also liked the way she looked, hehe. There were no haters, rude comments, or anything like that, just praises and applauds for every actors and actresses.

    Later in the movie, Amber makes a second appearance, but this is more of an introduction. Each character sort of had an introduction scene, which I found very interesting. Amber’s introduction is really kewl and quite wild! Yes, she is also singing, and her voice is very clear and loud, at times. Honestly, I think Paris did a really good job. I was impressed, and the way she played her character, it was very fascinating and made you want to see more of her!

    Note that this movie is completely different from what we’re used to seeing from Paris. The way the characters move and interact with each other is quick and often violent, but it’s still kewl the way it’s done! Like in the Hottie and the Nottie, in Repo!, Paris is playing herself. No, she is actually playing the media-image of Paris Hilton! This is where it get kind of gets weird. She’s basically playing the role of a spoiled brat who is obsessed with plastic surgrey and wants to fix her body parts (mostly her face). You guys already know this. Then again, it doesn’t mean that they were making fun of Paris.

    When we left the theater, I overheard two girls saying that Paris Hilton was “really good” in the movie, but they also said she was only “being herself.” So I think, when people see this movie, they will see that she can act, she can sing, but the role she is playing will sort of make them believe that that’s how she is in real life. Anyway, this is a small criticism and not very problematic, but it was just something that kinda bothered me, moreso when I was watching the movie.

    One MAJOR disappointment is that the song “Come Up and Try My New Parts” is no where to be found!!!!!!!!!! I think they cut out the scene from the movie, possibly due to time constraints. And maybe you were expecting this, but Paris’ role in the movie is indeed small. However, she is definitely there and singing. Contrary to what Paris and the director said, it was very easy (for me) to see Paris Hilton in Amber Sweet. She was just wearing different clothes with heavy makeup. Quite recognizable! And of course, she definitely looked stunning!

    One thing that I enjoyed about the movie is the music. I won’t say that all of the songs were catchy, but they were all well composed. I guess there’s something for everyone, too. The “main” song was absolutely the best: “At the Opera Tonight.” Very catchy! Almost all of the characters sang this song together. The scene was played before the opera show began, as they were preparing for it. And you know, the clip we saw in the first trailer where there’s a guy sitting in a trash can and Amber singing “one more hit for the show”? After that small clip, the scene moves on to other characters. So it’s not like both of them were carrying a singing conversation after the clip.

    I wrote a lot of Amber, and obviously, the movie is not mainly about her, but I also want to say that I was impresssed by some of the actors. Sarah Brightman was just amazing. She also has a good introduction scene, and I like the way she was in the movie and the way she was moving. I think she was made to play her character! Some of the Sarah Brightman fans from this site will be excited to see her in the movie. Alexa Vega also played her part very well. She is a very good actress and singer. I really enjoyed the last song she sang. It’s the one I posted on the website, a few months ago.

    Honestly, all of the songs that we heard from the trailers and the clips are the best ones, because like I said, I didn’t like all of them, just some of them, including the ones that Paris sang.

    Overall, this movie is very different. It’s unlike any movie I’ve seen before. I haven’t seen “the Rocky Horror Picture Show,” but the art in Repo! is stunning. The effects and the designs are perfect. It’s a very “dark” movie. A bit of dark comedy, too.

    I must think about it and see it again, not only for Amber, but also to understand it better. As you know, the soundtrack is coming out in September. There’s some very good songs of all genres. And these are not just any songs you hear on the radio. Some of them are just as good as the ones in the debut album, but of course, completely different. I don’t know, the song “At the Opera Tonight” was so good!

    When I get the chance, I will you show you the leaflet we got at the theater. There’s the list of songs from the movie, and much to your disappointment, you’ll see that “Come Up and Try My New Parts” is not there. Maybe they will add it on the DVD or soundtrack.

    Oh yeah, small spoiler ahead:

    At the very end of the movie (not at the end, you’ll see), stay seated!! There’s a little “surprise,” involving Amber Sweet, hehe.

    If there’s some things I forgot to say, I’ll mention them in another post.

    Posted: July 19th, 2008
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    “Review” Will Have To Wait Until Tomorrow Morning

    Hey guys, I’m back from the screening of Repo! It was truly an awesome event. The movie was sold out, and I think, there were some really hardcore Repo!/Darren fans. The audience was extremely active and supportive of the movie.

    Unfortunately, my comments will have to wait until tomorrow morning. It’s very late now, because the movie started a bit late, and not at 9:45pm.

    All I’m going to say for now is that with this movie, you guys see something completely different and unique.

    More comments tomorrow.

    Posted: July 18th, 2008
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    “One More” Post “for the” Repo! Movie!

    At the Opera Tonight!

    Yeyyyy! I woke up all excited this morning lol. Today is the day: July 18, 2008. The only thing that sucks is that we’re halfway through Summer, but this is going to be one of the best days of the year.

    Can you believe it? I’ve been waiting to see Repo! since August 2008. When I first read about it, I instantly knew that this movie was going to be amazing. PHS was the first fansite that announced Paris Hilton’s role in the Repo! project. In fact, PHS was the second website following’s article, which was the first article that revealed her role.

    I know that another fan, who lives in Montreal and visits this website, is going to be there. I’ll just be there with a friend who doesn’t really know what this is all about lol. He has seen the trailer, though.

    Oh yeah,, a major news network in Quebec, posted an article about Repo! and Paris Hilton this morning on their website, with the title: “She was made for this role: Darren Lynn Bousman”

    According to the article, Darren arrived in Montreal last night. He talked a bit with the press. He was asked questions about Paris Hilton’s role, as expected.

    He said: “She was made for the role. Even people who do not like Paris Hilton, cannot watch the movie and say she is not good. She is perfect.” You can read the full article in French here.

    So tonight is the world premiere of “Repo! The Genetic Opera” in Montreal! My day will started off with another visit at my favourite amusement park (Six Flags La Ronde) and then, after 7pm, we will go downtown to watch the movie. The only thing that could stop me is if the metro somehow stops working, nah!

    When I come back home, I will make a post about it. I really can’t wait to compared all the songs and see Paris in this movie. I’m not sure what I’m going to write. But don’t put too much pressure on me! 

    Posted: July 18th, 2008
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