Paris Hilton and Benji Madden Working Together on BFF Theme Song


    Kevin was so close! Music from Paris Hilton will indeed be added to her new reality show, ParisBFF.

    Thanks to Dane for point out this great news: Paris and Benji Madden are writing a theme song for her show, and she will sing it!

    More importantly, the duo are working together on her new dance album by writing lyrics and recording in studio, at her new mansion.

    Here’s what Paris said to E! regarding the theme song: “Benji and I have been working hard on it. He’s helping me write the lyrics for the song and then I’ll sing it, too.”

    But here’s another Breaking News for you: Paris also revealed that after her summer vacation, she is planning to film another season of her upcoming show, but the way Paris is, she always thinks ahead. So we’ll have to wait and see how the season does, first!

    When she was asked if she would like to do a second album, the singer replied: “Definitely. I’ll have another album come out, for sure. I just don’t know when yet. I only have the summer off, then I’ll be taping another season of BFF. But an album is something I’ll do.”

    Posted: June 27th, 2008
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    Official Repo! Trailer Released / Tickets on Sale on July 2nd

    FINALLY! The official trailer of “Repo! The Genetic Opera” has been released, in time for the launch of Fantasia Festival 2008!

    You guys, this is crazy! I’ve watched the trailer several times, and it looks AMAZING and ORIGINAL! Compare this trailer to all those movie trailers we see all the time! I still can’t really say if I’m going to become fan of it, but just having Paris Hilton starring in it, I seriously can’t wait to see it.

    Repo! is obviously a unique movie, so as the director said, it will be hard to market it.

    According to Fantasia Festival 2008, length of the movie is 1 hour and 38 minutes. I’m really not sure about this, but maybe, you have to be at least 18 years old to see it.

    This is what the director of the movie, Darren Lynn Bousman, said in a statement recently:

    Fantasia is the perfect festival to premiere REPO! I’m excited about bringing the film to such a sophisticated and enthusiastic genre audience.


    Remember when I reported that Repo! will be shown at the Fantasia Festival 2008 in July, in Montreal? Well, tickets will go on sale on July 2nd, at 1pm, at the Concordia Hall Theatre, in Montreal! It’s 8$ per ticket, but I’m going to get two tickets.

    The movie will be shown on July 18th, at 9:45pm, at Hall Theatre! The screening of Repo! will be hosted by the director!

    Ah, I’m definitely going to be there on July 2nd, at 1pm! BUT what if there’s a huge long line up, and they sell out before I get the chance to buy one? I’m going to kill myself die if I don’t get a ticket!!

    Credits: Scott, Fantasia Fest, Slash Film and Movies Online

    Posted: June 27th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton Makes an “Extremely Generous” Donation to LA Hospital

    Breaking News!


    Paris Hilton made an “extremely generous” to a Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, according to an official press release.

    The hospital was quoted stating that her generosity “[will] benefit the children and families of Greater Los Angeles for decades.” Funds will be  used for “construction of the new space for children being treated at the Childrens Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases in the New Hospital Building.”

    According to the article, “Ms. Hilton has toured the Childrens Center for Cancer and Blood Diseases and has involved herself with Childrens Hospital in a number of other ways.”

    Paris Hilton’s statement

    I am so happy and fortunate to announce my support for Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. The children I have met through my involvement with Childrens Hospital have truly touched my heart. These fabulous new hospital facilities at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles will provide a caring, healing environment for children and their families for many years to come, and I am proud to make a donation and lend my name to the fundraising effort to help children who are facing terribly serious illness.

    Contributing to the construction of the finest medical and surgical environment in the US

    When the state-of-the-art, 460,000-square-foot New Hospital Building opens at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles in 2010, it will be the finest medical and surgical environment for seriously ill and injured children in the United States, and it will serve as a national model of a family-centered environment in which children and their families can heal and learn together. This new “…place of hope and healing…” will support the most advanced pediatric medical and surgical practice available, anywhere in the United States.

    Wow! This is probably one of the many major future charity projects that she will be contributing to or working on! The amount donated was not revealed and will probably not be, but it certainly was an important contribution to the hospital. Just out of curiousity, only E! picked up this news as of now.

    Posted: June 26th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton Partners With

    Note: If you have Paris Hilton “Goddess” shoes, please contact me! A bit of help is needed.

    Check out what a few fans have discovered on Photo Bucket!

    Photo Bucket has added a Paris Hilton image editor. You can now add hair extensions, Tinkerbell, shoe, sunglass (etc) on your pictures. It’s very simple and basic, but check it out.

    You need have an account with Photo Bucket. Login to your account and go to

    Thanks to PARIS-HILTON-LOVER™ and itsnicole .

    Posted: June 25th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton With Benji Madden

    “Turn It Up” singer has finished filming her new reality show, which will premiere on MTV in September.

    Below is a photo of Paris Hilton with her boyfriend Benji Madden (June 24, 2008):

    Posted: June 25th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton Recording Second Music Album

    According to thewaymouth, In Touch magazine carried an article about Paris Hilton recording her next album. I’ll try to look for it, but it won’t be easy. This is what thewaymouth wrote:

    In barber shop this afternoon, I opened In Touch Weekly, June 9, 2008, and in the middle of the magazine, there’s a small item:

    Paris tells In Touch that she is recording her sophomore album. In Touch says it will be “edgier” (which is hard to believe) – In Touch’s word, not a direct quote from Paris.

    But Paris is directly quoted as saying she is recording, she may record a song written w/Bengi, that the album will be something you can dance to in the club, and it will be out at the end of the this year(!).

    Unfortunately, In Touch does not archive its news online. I googled the story but came up empty.

    However, I believe the story is credible and accurate. In the same issue are photos of Paris and Bengi at an In Touch party, so she seems to be friendly w/the mag. Besides, I know she’s given them interviews in the past.

    Posted: June 24th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton Bobblehead Doll on eBay

    Dave wants to let you guys know that he’s selling limited edition of Paris Hilton Bobblehead dolls on eBay:

    Buy it or Bid on it

    Also, Paris posted a message for her fans on her blog, simply confirming the fakeness of the latest fake puppy article published by Page Six. Coincidence, coincidence, again! At the bottom of her post, a fan has a poster of the movie “Queen of the Damned” as an avatar: my favourite movie of all times!

    Thanks to thewaymouth for letting me about the new message.

    Posted: June 23rd, 2008
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