Paris Hilton Films Reality Show At Masquerade Ball

    I’ve refrain myself from posting some of the latest news about Paris Hilton, because I found them too redundant, annoying, and some of them were fake news.

    Paris is, of course, still filming her new reality show, so she’s been pretty busy lately. This is probably one of the reasons why news has been slow.

    She was at Masquerade Ball with her contestants a couple of hours ago. I’m not sure, but I think she was there to film ParisBFF. More news later!

    Posted: June 23rd, 2008
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    Whatever Happened to Repo!?

    Breaking News!?

    Thanks to Josh for reminding us about Repo!, Paris Hilton’s next movie, which is coming to a theater near you, soon.

    Darren Bousman has made a few announcements in a new post, and some rumous have been cleared up.

    Well, the promotion of Repo! hasn’t officially started. It will begin in early July with a new and improve site, as reported by Darren.

    An official date release will be announced in July. You will also get to hear a couple of new Repo! songs in July (cross your fingers that one of them is a Paris Hilton song, but as usual, we have no luck).

    At the moment, what I’m really excited about is the annoucement that Repo! will be screening at the FANTASIA FILM FESTIVAL, and it is open to the public.

    Now, here’s where we (or I) get lucky (maybe). The Fantasia Film Festival takes place in MONTREAL! OMG!

    Darren wrote that they will be in Montreal on July 18 for the screening of Repo! I went on Fantasia Film Festival’s website, but I found no useful information, so I’m not sure how this works.

    I’m going to try to get more information and get that ticket or whatever, so I can go and see it. If you have any info, let me know!

    Posted: June 19th, 2008
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    Still Filming New Reality Show ParisBFF

    Paris Hilton continued filming her new reality show in New York city. Infosjeunes reports that Paris “checked out the Patricia Field store before making a stop at the Hotel Gansevoort and heading out to club One Oak for some late-night activity.”

    Apparently, Paris had an interview with Ryan Seacrest on E!. She has ruled out having a double wedding ceremony with Nicole Richie. She said: “I’ve been hearing that rumour. But no, I think we both would want to have separate weddings.”

    Also, Paris is going on tour with Benji, Nicole and Joel: “It is weird — we’re dating twins but it’s pretty perfect. We are all going on tour this summer, so I’m really excited about that.”

    This was reported by Canada, which is considered to be a reliable source, but the same article reported the fake puppy news. I really get angry when I see my local newspaper, the media and bloggers quoting Page Six as a reliable source. I hate them all for being so foolish, lol.

    Thanks to Jen for the video.

    Posted: June 19th, 2008
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    When Will Paula Froelich Be Fired?

    More crap news about Paris Hilton pops up on the internet. Page Six reported earlier, without video evidence, that the Puppy Store on Melrose Avenue in LA, refused to sell a puppy to Paris Hilton when she “wanted a puppy in the picture with her so it would look cuter” for a photo shoot.

    Page Six lied about Paris Hilton going “ballistic” and screaming “I love my puppies! I want my baby!”

    Crap, crap, crap! These news have no effect on us. They only fool journalists such as Ree Hines and haters, and fans who still haven’t developed a sixth sense.

    Access Hollywood wasted Paris’ rep time to ask about this story. The rep denied it, and Access Hollywood reported: “she only “walked by and looked in” The Puppy Store, without setting a single paw inside.”

    Oh no, this is a waste of time… This is not news. This has nothing to do with Paris Hilton, arugh. Sorry, I really hate it when “reliable” news sites and bloggers massively report fake, insignificant and negative artcles. It was calm for a while, but it looks like the fake writers such as Paula Froelich, are back at work.

    Posted: June 17th, 2008
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    “Fightin’ Over Me” Music Video

    Fightin’ Over Me is the final music video. I’ve added a few surprise clips in addition to the music video, just to make the final one a bit special. I hope you haven’t seen them. They’re pretty kewl and interesting. And I also hope you enjoyed watching all the videos. It was fun doing this every week. If you liked the videos and songs, please support Paris Hilton’s music and buy her album online or in stores if you still haven’t.

    This is a two minutes video of Fightin’ Over Me, from the VCD Compilation.

    See some never-before-seen clips and pictures taken during the production of the debut album.

    Buy Paris: Standard Edition / Limited Edition

    Posted: June 16th, 2008
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    ParisBFF to Be Broadcast in Southeast Asia and the Middle East

    Breaking News

    Good news for those who live in Asia and the Middle East! An Asian broadcaster Channel V will broadcast Paris Hilton’s new reality show. It will air shortly after it debuts in the US on MTV. The show will have 10 episodes.

    ParisBFF is scheduled to air in September 2008.


    Posted: June 16th, 2008
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    No Paris Hilton Song On New Three 6 Mafia Album

    Confirmed Report

    Three 6 Mafia’s newest album, which is coming out this month, won’t feature Paris Hilton. Paris and Three 6 Mafia had recorded the song “We Know It’s Hot” for the new album. However, in a recent interview, Three 6 Mafia producer DJ Paul, said there is no Paris Hilton song on the album.

    DX: Let’s switch gears to the new album. Did I read correct that there’s actually a song on there with Paris Hilton called “That’s Hot”?
    DP: Nah. I ain’t even heard that rumor. I wish we did have a song with Paris Hilton on there though.

    DX: Yeah, I heard y’all was supposed to be working with her, right?
    DP: Yeah, we worked with her on one song when she was working on her album. [The song’s] not on the album though. But yeah, we worked on a song.

    DX: So Paris Hilton is good peoples to Three 6?
    DP: Hell yeah. That’s our girl. She real cool. I just had lunch with her the other day. That’s my peoples. She go with our boy from Good Charlotte, our homie [Benji Madden].

    Full interview

    Posted: June 15th, 2008
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