Paris Hilton Blogs About ParisBFF And Benji Madden

    Paris Hilton recently wrote that she is very busy filming her new reality show with her contestants. So far, everything is going well. She said that the show will air in September 2008 on MTV. She reported everything we’ve covered and discussed about: her trip to Japan and Las Vegas with her contestants. She also wrote about the painful eliminations she had do. Finally, she said she’s still in love with Benji Madden. Read it here.

    Here’s a picture of Paris Hilton at a liquor store in Hollywood promoting Can Can Cap’n Crunch. Hehe, just kidding. Picture was taken on June 8, 2008.

    Posted: June 12th, 2008
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    If You Want To Apply For The Documentary…

    According to HollywoodStarTrash, they will take as many fans as they can get, so all of you can apply. If you live in Los Angeles, they can meet you to film it. If you live outside the US, you can send them a tape by mail.

    You would also need to sign a simple release form allowing them to use the footage in their documentary.

    Here’s the release form and the questions. You can do this, however you want to be creative, etc:

    1. Why is Paris your favorite celebrity? What do you like most about her? When did she become your favorite celeb?
    2. Can you show us your room or area in your house that you keep a lot of your Paris stuff? (if possible show this to us and talk about it)
    3. What’s the most treasured item or thing in common you have with Paris?
    4. Do you think the tabloids go too far with Paris sometimes?
    5. Do you think Paris would be less or more famous if the tabloids didn’t exist?
    6. What would you do/say if you met her? Or have you met her?
    7. Have you written her fan mail? If so could you read some of it or talk about it.
    8. Had you ever heard of before this?
    9. What you think of Hollywood Star Trash?
    10. Do you think people would be interested in buying celebrity trash?
    11. Anything else you’d like to add.

    You don’t have to answer all these questions, just as many as you want to. Feel free to add anything else you want.

    If you want to apply, email Tom at

    hiram suggested that we make a thread in the forum about this and vote for the best proposal. We can all help out with ideas, etc.

    I thought that was a good idea, too, but HollywoodStarTrash is searching for as many fans they can get, so I’m not sure. If some of the participants need to help, they can always ask us. It depends on what you guys want to do.

    Posted: June 11th, 2008
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    Explaining Why You Are A Paris Hilton Fan On Documentary Film

    Hollywood Star Trash is looking for a Paris Hilton fan who would consider [going] “on camera and talk about how much they love her, etc.” They’ve started filming a documentary about celebrities in Los Angeles.

    They will also “send you a little money to put yourself on film and send [them] the tape.” Is anyone interested? I would like to be part of it, but I’m not the type of person to go on camera and go through all of that.

    If you’re interested, we can all help you write the perfect text. Most fans outside PHS would probably say that they like her because she is pretty, rich and glamous, etc, but some of us believe that there’s more to Paris than just that. I’ve heard those arguments a million times.

    We should go more in-depth and truly explain what Paris really is all about to us, even though it may sound weird to the general public. I think a few people from PHS can do this very well. We can mention her album and explain that how hard she worked on it. We can talk about her business empire (hangbags, footwear, etc) and say that it is a source of inspiration. Her personality, work ethic, sense of humour, Repo! are all good arguments.

    I don’t know how long it has to be, but we can work on it if a fan wants to do it.

    Posted: June 10th, 2008
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    “Turn It Up” Music Video

    Turn It Up wins!

    -=- Fightin’ Over Me -=-
    -=- Turn It Up -=-

    This is a two minutes video of Turn It Up, from the VCD Compilation.

    See some never-before-seen clips and pictures taken during the production of the debut album.

    Buy Paris: Standard Edition / Limited Edition

    Posted: June 8th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton Continues Filming TV Show At Nightclub

    Basically, the latest news is about the rumour that Paris Hilton is pregnant, but she isn’t. This rumour was clearly started by a few bloggers when they saw those pictures, which show a small bump on Paris. Anyway, it sure did spread like fire because one of her reps had to deny it to a magazine.

    Well, as reported a few days ago, Paris Hilton was at TAO club last night to film a few scenes for ParisBFF with her contestants. People magazine reports that at the club, she “was greeted with her song ‘Stars Are Blind.'” She was also seen dancing and smoking cigs.

    For an afterparty, they went to Mirage villas, a hotel (I think). It just seems that for the moment, Paris is focusing and working on her new reality show. I wish her all the best and plenty of success for the show because she deserves it! And of course, we’ll be watching the show, too.

    Here’s a picture of Paris taken on June 6, 2008 in LA:

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    New Paris Hilton Fragrance Coming Out This Fall

    Well, there’s no need to report this, since you already know it, but I’ll do it anyway.

    Parlux Fragrances, Inc. announced today that their overall sales from continuing operations increased by 14% this year, compared to last year.

    Chairman and CEO, Neil Katz, said that funds will be partly used “to fully support [their] ongoing base business of Paris Hilton and GUESS?. Additionally, [they] will be launching a new Paris Hilton fragrance this Fall.”

    I don’t know how Can Can is doing internationally, but Paris didn’t do a lot of international promotion for Can Can. However, she did five public appearances to launch and promote her latest fragrance in the United States.

    I have a feeling that the popularity of Can Can has greatly decreased (in the US at least) since around mid Winter, based on my website’s statistics. I’m just making a bias assumption.

    In other news, Paris Hilton’s rep confirmed that she is not pregnant, ah.


    Posted: June 5th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton’s Private MySpace Account Got Hacked?

    I bet you’ve heard about this. Several reliable websites, unfortunately, were reporting that Paris Hilton’s (and Lindsay Lohan’s) *private* MySpace account was hacked.

    Apparently, someone, using some Yahoo tool, hacked into her MySpace account and leaked her pictures. But some news sites are overreacting.

    I don’t know if Paris has another MySpace account, other than, but I saw the pictures that were “leaked,” and there’s nothing that we haven’t seen before. Actually, one of them is from ParisExposed, funny enough, but there’s nothing out of the ordinary. They’re just a bunch of pictures of Paris and her friends.

    I’m just assuming the guy hacked one of the dozens of fake Paris Hilton accounts that exist on MySpace and that the media isn’t aware of. Anyway, you can read this story on reliable CNET’s website and on blog sites. You can see the pictures here. And this is supposed to be Paris’ private MySpace account. However, that article from CNET is an interesting read!

    Posted: June 4th, 2008
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