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    I was very happy to see a top headline about Paris Hilton on this morning. It was linked to a video, covering her promotional event in London. Later, they linked it to an article related to the video. is of course, what we call a “Hate site.” So I knew the makers of the video were going to subtly trash Paris as they always do, or at least, make it “controversial.” You know how the media is. CNN is also a very bias news network (not just about Paris).

    Anyway, the first part of the video is pretty good. You can hear “Stars Are Blind” playing in the background, and the video also shows a few seconds of her music video. I personally would’ve put “Nothing in this World” instead.

    In an interview with CNN Correspondent, Phil Black, Paris described Can Can and said she wanted to be known as an entrepreneur and businesswoman. She also talked about her fans. Once again, she said that she’s focusing on her work and her relationship with Benji Madden. Phil Black added that Paris is a singer and actress.

    But it’s hard for journalists to stick to those career-related questions, because as Black wrote on his blog “journalists are paid to dig deeper.” Journalists always want to talk about Paris’ personal life and bring up negative subjects.

    It just goes to show that we still have the same problem. With the release of Repo! and everything else, people may start seeing a different version of Paris.

    Posted: May 16th, 2008
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    Filming of “I Wanna Be Paris’s New Best Friend!” Begins On Monday!

    People magazine just reported that Paris Hilton will start filming her new TV show “I Wanna Be Paris’s New Best Friend!” on Monday (May 19).

    It was reveal in a new article about her relationship with Benji Madden.

    Posted: May 16th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton Launches Can Can in Moscow and London

    It was a back-to-back Can Can launch this week for enterpreneur Paris Hilton.

    First stop was Moscow, Russia. Paris met her Russian fans and signed autographs.

    There are a few articles about her Can Can launch in Russia, but plenty about her visit to London, UK, where she againt met her fans and signed autographs. Paris was quoted saying to her fans: “I’m so happy to be here. I hope you like my perfume as much as I do. I love you all.”

    Tonight Paris will be at Dolce in Air Street from 10pm and Amika in Kensington from 11pm, for those who live in London.

    Posted: May 15th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton Reminding You About Her Promotional Visit to London For Can Can

     Paris Hilton - Can Can fragrance

    Paris Hilton posted a message on her MySpace, reminding UK fans about her visit to Selfridges department store in London for the official launch of Can Can.

    She wrote that you can buy any one of her perfumes to get a VIP pass. The event takes place on May 15th on Oxford Street. It starts at 12:30pm. Buy one of her perfumes before May 14th and ask for a VIP pass on May 14th (upon presentation of original receipt).

    Well! We have two fans from PHS who may potentially meet Paris: poem writer, enbis78, and Daniel_PHUKNO1FAN from the forum! Good luck to both of you!

    By the way, Paris mentioned that she’s in Moscow, but I’m not sure if she was there for Can Can.

    Posted: May 13th, 2008
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    “I Want You” Music Video

    I Want You wins! This is a two minutes video of I Want You, from the VCD Compilation.

    See some never-before-seen clips and pictures taken during the production of the debut album.

    Buy Paris: Standard Edition / Limited Edition

    Posted: May 10th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton At Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles

    Yesterday, Paris Hilton was at Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles to shoot new ads for her hair extension line. Clipin-Go was officially released a few days ago. Benji Madden accompanied her.

    Oh Paris

    Posted: May 10th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton Talking About Clipin-Go And DreamCatchers Hair Extensions

    After the press conference, Paris Hilton did a short interview about Clipin-Go and DreamCatchers Hair Extensions. Thanks to newsinfusion.

    Posted: May 9th, 2008
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