Coverage of Paris Hilton Footwear Collection Launch At Browns

    Posted: April 10th, 2008
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    I Got My Paris Hilton-Related Package

    Remember when a few weeks ago, I mentioned I was going to receive something special that was produced during the Golden Age of Paris Hilton? Well, I just received it!

    I got it and I looked at it. Yes, I can say that I now have some new material, never-before-seen-stuffs from the Golden Age. The only problem is that “you’re not suppose to see it,” but the thing is too kewl for you not to see (or hear) it! I don’t know if I’ll release it in its entirety .

    You remember when I said that it may either be something really amazing or something not-so-special. Well, I’d say that the thing is between the two.

    If you have no idea what I’m talking about, ask your fellow fans, hehe. Just to piss you guys off, I’m not going to reveal it until tomorrow night lol. No, it’s just that I can’t do it today. Stay tuned.

    Posted: April 9th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton Mentions “” On Her MySpace

    Yeah, I saw it! You guys kept emailing me about it! lol Can’t believe it. It was really kewl to see that! Thanks to Paris!

    “Hey everyone!
    Just wanted to check in and say hi! I’ve been on tour with my boyfriend for almost a month now. We’ve been everywhere from South Africa to all around Europe. It’s been so much fun! I’ve never felt so happy and in love, he’s such an amazing guy and life has never been better! 🙂 It’s so much fun going to their shows every night, I now know every song by heart. I love Good Charlotte, they rock!! All the guys in the band are so cool and sweet and it’s been such an amazing and memorable experience. In my free time, Ive been checking out all your casting videos on the casting site for my new MTV show,, there are A LOT of fabulous and interesting contenders. I cannot wait to start shooting this show!! It’s going to be a blast!! So if you haven’t logged in yet, go to the site and upload a video, I watch every single one. Also, I was in Montreal a couple days ago for my new shoe line launch, which was a huge success, the shoes are there top seller there. I want to thank you all for coming, it was great meeting you all. I love Canada!! Canadians are awesome, so genuine and real! Thank you for all your letters and kind words, they mean the world to me. Also I met the host of one of my fan sites, he was so nice and sweet and has a really cool site, go check it out. Well, I gotta go, cause my boy is about to go on stage and I want to go out there and watch him. Also, later I will post some pictures I’ve taken throughout my travels this month, and I’ll be blogging more often to keep you guys posted on what I’m up to.
    Love you all and thank you for all your love and support!
    Love always, Paris 🙂 xoxo!”

    Posted: April 8th, 2008
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    Official Site Of Repo! Launched!

    The official website of Repo! has been launched. It’s a small website, but on MySpace, the director of the movie wrote that they’ll be adding new songs and pictures on the site every week. I also heard a bit some of the music! Also, a new trailer is coming out soon!

    The website has a message board. I tried to find some good pictures of Amber Sweet, but I actually found a drawn picture of her that is inspired by a very old photo of Paris Hilton. You’ll recognize it.

    The picture below is Amber Sweet. Remember that the release of Repo! has been postponed.

    Paris Hilton, Repo: The Genetic Opera (poster)

    Posted: April 7th, 2008
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    Are You With It Clips

    All this talk about “Are You With” has prompted many fans to email me about it. So I decided to reupload the clips again. I hope this is the last time I’m doing this. It’s very tedious to search through all the CDs. I’ve included all the original and filtered clips in a single .zip file. The password of the file is: “parishiltonsite” without the quotes.

    In some clips, you have to pay close attention to really hear the song. It’s an amazing, but sadly, an incomplete song, produced by Scott Storch. Paris does her singing part flawlessly and ends the clip with “Are you with it?” You can read some of lyrics of the song here.

    I’ve also tried to answer many of the questions you guys asked in recent posts.

    Posted: April 7th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton Confirms That She Will Go On Tour This Time

    I was going to ask Paris about the music tour, but I just read that during the press conference, Paris Hilton confirmed that she built a music studio in her new house (kevin, I need to read that article!) and added this: “this time I will go on tour.”

    When one of the reporters asked her if Montreal will be included in her list of cities, she said: “Yes, I love Montreal”!


    Posted: April 6th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton Footwear = Best-Seller

    It’s been almost a week that Paris Hilton’s footwear collection was exclusively launched at Browns, in Montreal, and it’s already a huge success.

    According to a new report by Canoe, Browns said that Paris Hilton’s new shoe collection is already a best seller!

    Next stop? Paris Hilton Jewlery! “It’s coming. We can now dress from head to toe in Paris Hilton,” she said.

    Posted: April 6th, 2008
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