Collection Of Video Clips I Filmed At Paris Hilton’s Footwear Launch In Montreal

    I’m sharing with you a 10 minutes video I recorded at Browns, in Montreal. It’s not really that great. The video is very shaky, sometimes blurry and repetitive, but still kewl. You’ll get an idea of how a Paris Hilton event looks like! I also took a couple of pictures, but not many. I prefer videos over pictures. I just picked the best pictures.


    Part 1

    Part 2


    Posted: April 6th, 2008
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    Meeting Paris Hilton

    – Does she visit this website?
    – What did she say about Are You With It?
    – When is the next album coming out?
    – Quotes are not exact!

    When it was finally my turn to meet her, she said “Hi!”, but then, we were interrupted. Actually, I was just feeling very uncomfortable next to her. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to speak up lol.

    Then, finally, when she was ready, she said “Hi, nice to meet you” and I just didn’t know what to say lol. So I just showed the sign with the website address. By the way, I want to thank mr scot and Ryan for the note. It was Ryan’s idea to add “A Tribute to Paris Hilton” to mr scot’s ““!

    So here’s what happened. She read the address of the site out loud, paused for a second and said “Yeah, yeah, I know that site.” (remember these quotes are not exact) I was kind of in shock, but I already knew that she knew about it. I told her that I’m the host of that website.

    I don’t remember what she then said, but she started saying that she goes on my website all the time. I didn’t know she still visits the site! She thinks it’s awesome!

    She said that she was going to send me a letter this week about her visit to Montreal. I told her that she had sent me an email last year. She misunderstood me and said “oh yeah, it was you?” She was talking about that email I sent her last year. But then I said “no, you sent me one a year ago, in February” She said “yeah, I remember that one!”, and we just laughed lol.

    Then, her manager wanted to know what was happening. Paris told him about my website, and he gave me one of those cards of Paris Hilton Entertainment!

    Once I began talking to Paris, my stress level started to decrease, but I was still very very shy and couldn’t react well. I then asked her if she could write a little note for her fans at She said “Yeah, sure. No problem.” While she was writing it, I interrupted her and told her that I wanted her to hold up the sign while I take a picture, but that the bodyguard took away my camera. She said “oh it’s ok. Not a problem.” So a lady there gave me back my camera and I took a picture of Paris with the sign! It was actually funny. She’s really professional at posing so quickly and perfectly! I can’t believe I took a picture of Paris like that lol.

    She was super nice with me. She gave my camera to her manager. He took many pictures of both of us while I was talking with her!

    I then started asking her questions about her music. I asked her if the second album is coming out this year or next year. She said “this year,” but I’m not 100% sure, because I really had hard time listening and all lol. But I remember that her answer made me very happy, so I think she said “this year” lol.

    I asked her if it’s going to be similar to her debut album. She said it will be a dance album. But then, I said “it has to be as good as the first album!” She laughed and said “yeah!”

    I also asked her about my #1 question, about “Are You With It.” I think it was the first question I asked. She said that the song is incomplete because they didn’t finish mixing it. She said that they didn’t include it because the first ablum already had too many songs. I said “oh” and asked her if she could add it or even release it as a bonus single. She said “you really like it?”, I said “yeah, yeah! It’s really a good song.” But she seemed hesitant, so I’m not sure if she’s going to release it. I think she really wants to do a different album, maybe all dance.

    She thanked me for the website many times. She looked very happy to finally meet me and was extremely nice. Despite being very shy, I still manage to have a good conversion with her.

    I think people were wondering what was happening. She took a lot of time to write and sign autographs for me. She wrote a lot to me. I’ll show them later!

    I didn’t want to take any more time, so I didn’t ask her about those other questions. But my God, it was amazing meeting her. I was blown away!

    When it was over, we said our goodbyes. And then a lady came to me and said in French that I received so much from her. I told her that it’s because I have a website about her and fans come to the site and we discuss about everything etc.

    The whole meeting was amazing. It turned out to be a lot of better than I thought it would be. Neither she or her people put any pressure on her fans, and again, she was very nice!

    By the way, enewsbuzz was kind enough to take pictures of each fan with Paris. They said they’re going to post all of them on their website. I was lucky enough to have my pictures taken by my own camera, as well! Thanks to Paris!

    Posted: April 6th, 2008
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    Before Meeting Paris Hilton

    Omg, you guys, last night was insane! It was truly one of the greatest moments of my life!

    I arrived there at 3:30pm by metro. Already, there were a lot of people outside. I was trying to search for the line-up, but I couldn’t find it. Then, I realized that fans who had the VIP pass weren’t allowed to go inside Browns, because Paris was there doing a press conference with the media. The meeting with fans didn’t start until 5:30 or 6:30pm.

    Only those who had the pass were allowed to go in, including me. I was really lucky to meet two big fans of Paris, the type of fans who love her music and shows, etc. I gave them my website, so hopefully, they’ll visit it! I also talked with a fan who visited this website for information. Actually, I’m sure I heard a few people mention it. That’s because when you search for “Paris Hilton in Montreal,” Google returns as the first result. I think the banner I had posted as header helped some Montrealers.

    I think the event was mainly hosted by CKOI FM, a popular French radio station in Montreal. I also think Paris spent hours doing interviews with the media and answering questions inside Browns. A girl and a woman who were standing in line in front of me were lucky enough to win a pair of Paris Hilton shoes from CKOI, and later, when a guy called their name, they left to meet Paris!

    We waited in line for HOURS. It took forever! So at around 5:30pm, the line started moving. We were very very very excited to finally meet Paris! Actually, we were one of the last fans waiting in line!

    Paris was super-nice with her fans. She took time to talk with them and signed plenty of autographs. We waited hours in line because she really spent a lot of time with her fans. I can even say that some fans spent at least five minutes with her. A lot of fans bought with them the CD cover and her book. Since I’m mostly fan of her music, I bought the CD cover so she can sign it.

    The staff at Browns were really nice with us, except the bodyguards. They were pretty harsh. I mean they were too strict and not nice, at all lol.

    But the moment when I clearly saw Paris, it was truly surreal. You guys should see her in person at least once. She’s absolutely gorgeous. You get the feeling that she has this aura surrounding her, and she’s shining. She really is a star.

    The whole time, I just stressing out, the atmosphere inside Browns was 100% Paris with her music playing loudly. Paris has such a nice fanbase. It’s really made of a good people. Once you get into this environment, you completely forget about haters and all the bad things people say about her. You just feel a moment of bliss and love Paris for being so patient and nice to everyone. It’s incredible to see her meet hundreads of people and yet, treat all of her fans so nicely. She’s like a robot, too!

    While I was waiting in line, I took many pictures and recorded a lot of video clips, but because I was far away from her, almost of them came out blurry. I’m still going to post them tomorrow.

    I waited hours in line until it was my turn to meet her…!

    Posted: April 5th, 2008
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    My Meeting With Paris Hilton

    Hey guys,

    I got the sign for you guys and the website, as you can see above this post. By the way, the reason why she made mistakes is because I interrupted her while she was writing it. I shouldn’t have, but I swear I was barely able to think and concentrate when I was standing in front of her. The whole meeting was surreal. And I can’t tell you how nice she was with me and with all of her fans! You guys should’ve seen her!

    I really don’t know where to start because I just really feel satisfied right now. I didn’t go to Tribe because I’m very tired. I have many things to share with you guys!

    Stay tuned!

    Posted: April 5th, 2008
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    Exclusive 2007 Pictures Of Paris Hilton At Tribe Hyperclub

    These are exclusive Paris Hilton pictures that were taken at Tribe Hyperclub in Montreal, in September 2007. I was there back then. They were taken by my sister’s friend.

    I just read that Paris is or was still in Finland. According to a few reports, she’s supposed to arrive in Montreal tonight. I bet something is going to go wrong and she won’t make it, but I wouldn’t be surprised, because luck is rarely on my side. Last Tuesday was an exception!

    Posted: April 4th, 2008
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    Planning My Meeting With Paris Hilton II

    I’ve listed all the questions you guys want me to ask, but I don’t think I’m going to have enough time to ask all of them. As I said, it depends how much time she will spends with her fans.

    Now I feel like I’m going to be playing the role of an interviewer, but I’m not going to ask for more time.

    These are my priorities:

    1. Get an autograph.
    2. Take a picture with her.
    3. Maybe take a picture of her with the sign. I think I’m going to take mr scot’s idea. Instead of writting “Hi to My Fans at,” I’m just going to put “” and ask her to write a very short note next to it for fans.


    1) kevin and I: Are You With It?
    2) kevin, others and I: Second album (is it going to be released this year or next year? Are you working on it?)
    3) Sabrinia: Is the footwear collection going to include running shoes?
    4) mr scot: are you going to sign any bands/singers on Heiress Records?
    5) kevin and scot: are you planing to do some male clothing?
    6) juju: are you going to do serious couture modeling?

    Some of the questions were repetitive, so I didn’t included them. Again, I highly doubt I’ll have the time to ask her all of this.

    For those who don’t know, Are You With It? is an amazing unreleased song which was produced by Scott Scorch and mostly likely written by Paris. It’s just as good as Jealous, Turn You On, Turn It Up, etc. It was supposed to be on her debut album, but for some reason, they didn’t include it.

    I don’t think I’m going to give her your letter, she might think I wrote it. It’s going to be confusing for her. I can tell her that there’s guy, blah, blah, but I don’t think I’ll have the time to talk about it. Seriously, if you’ve already sent her two letters, I think it’s enough. Just stop doing this to yourself and try to live your life. I don’t know, I hope someone else can help you with this issue, but I’m no expert.

    Posted: April 4th, 2008
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    Planning My Meeting With Paris Hilton

    Some of us have VIP passes to meet Paris Hilton this Saturday, but that’s all the information we have. How long is the meeting? Are we allowed to take a picture with her? None of these questions were answered when people made the decision to purchase a shoe from her collection. Does anyone know? I know a fan who met her during the Footwear launch in US. I’ll ask him.

    A meeting with one fan is supposed to last less than 30 seconds if she wants to meet 200 people in 1:30 hours, if my calculations are correct.

    These some of the questions you guys want me to ask:

    – Kevin and I want to ask her about “Are You With It.” In fact, this is my #1 question.
    – Kevin also wants me to ask her about the second album, but I personally think we have enough information about it. I still consider this as my #2 most important question.
    – Morgan wants to me to give her his email address for personal reasons, but I really can’t do that, Morgan. She should come here and email you if she wants to.
    – Juju’s question is if she’s going to do some serious couture modeling.
    – Hugo also wants to know if she’s working on her second album and whether or not some of her products are going to be distributed in Canada. Hugo, I don’t think there will be a male version of Can Can.

    I think all of these questions are good, but I don’t know if I have enough time to ask her all of them. One thing is for sure, don’t count on the media people!

    Also, I wonder, are there any other questions you guys want to me ask (preferably career-related)? Well, there’s also the tour, but anything else I’m missing?

    Anyway, it all depends on the amount of time I have to talk with her.

    Also, I was thinking about asking her to hold up a note referring to while I take a picture, like Natasha did for her fan site (see the picture). I don’t know what I should write. This is the best I could come up with lol. Please make a good suggestion (avoid words like hot, etc). I want to look very ordinary, similar to this:

    However, I’m not even sure if I want to mention the website. I still haven’t decided. But one thing is for sure, I’m going to take plenty of pictures of Paris and everything. And I also hope to make a kewl video collection of the whole event and show it here. Can’t wait!

    Posted: April 3rd, 2008
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