I Wanna Be Paris’ New Best Friend!

    Breaking News!

    MTV has ordered 10 episodes, and the show will air during the fourth quarter of 2008.

    The new reality show will either be titled “I Wanna Be Paris’ New Best Friend!” or “Paris Hilton’s My New BFF.” As reported earlier, casting has already began, but it’s not clear if Paris will officially choose contestants tonight.

    Anyway, Variety reports: “[The show] will feature 20 potential hangers-on battling to prove they’ve got what it takes to hang with Hilton. They’ll do so via reality competitions designed to test their loyalty, endurance and ability to navigate the politics involved with being a celeb’s best bud.”

    What Paris forgot to mention is that MTV just launched a website for its casting. Some of the contestants will be picked from there. I’m not even sure, but you should check out the website: ParisBFF.

    So all of you who wanted to participate can either email Paris or go to that website. Those who can’t or don’t want to, can vote for your favourite on the official website.

    Production begins in May.

    Posted: March 13th, 2008
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    Sheeraz Hasan Wants Paris Hilton In Dubai

    Remember a few months ago I posted an interview that Paris Hilton did with a Pakistani (or Arab) guy, Sheeraz Hasan, from Hollywood.tv? The interview was done in Fall 2007. Hasan said that he wanted to bring Paris to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

    The Fake site Daily Star, reported today that Hasan still wants Paris to visit Dubai. Remember during the interview, he said Dubai’s king wants more exposure for his city. Hasan believes Paris is the perfect celebrity to draw attention to the city.

    Well, Daily Star (even though they’re a Fake site, there is no reason for them to lie this time) reports that Hasan recently said: “I’m going to take Paris Hilton to Dubai — the sheikhs said any amount of money she wants is fine — and next I’m going to take Britney.”

    You know what? I still think that this is an excellent idea and great marketing for Paris and Dubai.

    It’ll be something different for a change!

    Posted: March 13th, 2008
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    Meet And Hang Out With Paris Hilton

    Breaking News!

    thewaymouth just posted this, and I almost missed it.

    Yesterday, Paris Hilton posted a message on her blog. She’s throwing a private party tonight in Hollywood to make an important announcement. I think it’s about her new Reality TV show. They’re searching for contestants. Here’s the message:

    Hey guys, I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful and safe spring break! I’ve been traveling, working, and developing some new exciting projects, so I’m excited to share this with you all:

    I will be making an official announcement at a private party I am throwing this Thursday night (March 13th) here in Hollywood. Nothing is ever true unless you hear it from me, so I want to give some of my MySpace friends a chance to attend and hear the exclusive news!

    I wish I could invite you all, but this is a special event with limited space, so I’ll be hand-picking a few fans who will get to be on my personal VIP guest list. Also, I can only extend this invitation to my friends who are age 21 or over, and who will be in the Hollywood area this Thursday.

    I always love to hear from my fans personally, so my VIP list will be reserved for my most standout MySpace friends. Here is the challenge:

    What would it be like to spend a day with me? What would we do? Where would we go?

    Send me a short but creative paragraph with your answer, a link to your MySpace page, and some fun facts about yourself…my favorite answers will be sent an invite! Please send your answers to parisbff2008@gmail.com

    As always I can’t wait to read your responses and comments!I will pick 30 of my favorite answers and you guys will be invited to party like a rock star with me this Thursday night!

    I love you all,

    Paris xoxo

    Posted: March 13th, 2008
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    New Repo! Website And Songs To Be Released In A Few Weeks

    Darren Bousman posted on his MySpace that a new and improved Repo! website will be up soon. And most importantly, he said that Repo! songs will be released soon.

    “I think it’s finally time you all start hearing the music – so be on the lookout for REPO songs!” he wrote.

    It is not clear if the soundtrack will be released before the movie.

    Posted: March 12th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton Planning To Go On Tour!

    Hey fans, guess what? Paris Hilton is planning to go on tour for a new album! Nah, keep on dreaming…

    At LA Fashion Week for sister Nicky Hilton, she said to Page Six that she’s going to go on tour, possibly this summer, with her new boyfriend, Benji Madden! Yes, I know it means nothing for us, but Paris found a new boyfriend. Everything will be pushed back. At least, we have Repo! to look forward to.

    Watch the video. All of a sudden you get all excited when the interviewer asks “for a new album?” but then, you’re like blah when Paris corrects him.

    Posted: March 12th, 2008
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    Positive Review For Repo! And Paris Hilton

    “And then there is Paris Hilton, whose performance is one of the more shocking aspect of this film. Simply put, Paris Hilton is actually quite good. Not only do her vocals hold their own in the company of well seasoned performers like Brightman, but her acting is particularly impressive,” writes reviewer, Kesselrunner, who saw a screening of the movie.

    “I can’t believe I am saying this, but Hilton delivers a nuanced performance, slowly peeling away Amber’s layers (literally and figuratively) to ultimately reveal a humanity that made me feel strangely empathetic. I have no doubt that this is a breakthrough performance for Hilton.”

    About Repo!, he says: “It has all the makings of a cult-classic. Repo! The Genetic Opera is a new breed of rock opera, perhaps a genre all its own. At a time when films seem to be growing less original by the day, Repo! The Genetic Opera is a welcome silver lining.”

    Then again, a second viewer disagrees and writes: “Paris Hilton? Seriously? The reviewer said she was “quite good”. Total bullshit. She sucks. You can’t really tell though, because everyone is so uniformly shitty that she blends in perfectly.”

    “The only positive thing I can say about the movie is that it did look good. Not great, just good. I’m grasping though, because it didn’t look that good…,” says of the movie, Studio Plant.

    Kesselrunner’s full review / Studio Plant’s full review

    Posted: March 12th, 2008
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    Announcement For New Reality TV Show This Week

    Paris Hilton’s new Reality TV show will air on MTV. According to EW.com, “Paris Hilton’s second foray into unscripted television is expected to be announced this week.”

    A source close to Paris says: “She’s looking for a full-time companion because it’s hard for Paris, she can’t trust too many people.”

    I don’t know how accurate this report is.


    Posted: March 12th, 2008
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