Paris Hilton Reps: No Questions About Her Personal Life

    For almost every interview, Paris Hilton’s publicists and reps, have banned all questions regarding her personal life from interviewers. I think this only applies for mini-interviews, not major ones, like David Letterman.

    If a reporter dares to ask Paris a question about her love-life, the interview is quickly cancelled.

    I reported this rule a few weeks ago. The goal is to make the interviewers and reporters ask her questions about her career. Right now, all questions are supposed to be about “the Hottie and the Nottie” and other projects.

    Since Paris is mostly famous for her personal life, I believe this is an excellent rule. I’m fully in favor of it, because it will help us learn new things about her career. As you know, in most interviews, the questions are about her private life. One question after another, and they are all the same ones.

    Here’s an email that a reporter, Justine Elias, who interviewed Paris, received from one of Paris’ handlers:

    “Hi there –
    “Attached please find the production notes for THE HOTTIE & THE NOTTIE in preparation for your PARIS HILTON interview tomorrow.”

    Later, the same rep sends a friendly reminder to the reporter:

    “This FRIENDLY reminder is that Paris will not address any personal or uncomfortable questions … PLEASE exercise caution and discuss this with all who need to know. Her publicist will stop the interview if you go down that … DARK PATH!”

    In preparation for another interview, Jonathon Aubrey, the regional rep for Regent Entertainment, says this to a reporter, Tom Maurstad:

    “No questions about her private life. You’re only allowed to ask her questions related to the movie.”

    Posted: February 3rd, 2008
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    David Letterman Interviews Paris Hilton (Feb 1, 2008)

    New Interview!

    David Letterman apologizes to Paris Hilton about last time. Then, Letterman asks her “what do you want to talk about?” lol. Paris says “I’m here for my movie.”

    Paris mentions that her shoe line is going to be released next week.

    This time, however, Letterman takes the list of her projects and starts reading it lol. He later puts the paper aside (obviously he wasn’t very interested lol), and suddenly, he jumps to the real boring subjects (just my opinion), which are about family, boyfriends and blah.

    Check out high resolution pictures of the interview at Keminications!

    Good interview!

    Posted: February 2nd, 2008
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    Paris Hilton Interviewed About Her Projects And Personal Life

    New Interview!

    Paris Hilton sat down with 3TV’s Amanda Jahn for another interview and discussed about the Super Bowl party scene, her new movie and her clothing line.

    In this interview, again, the interviewer asks Paris Hilton which one of the projects is her favourite. This time, she answers: the business part.

    She went from “music” to “everything”. Then, from “acting” to “business”. Interesting lol.


    Posted: February 2nd, 2008
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    Paris Hilton Talks About Gambling

    At the 944 Poker Tournament, Paris Hilton sat down with 3TV’s Amanda Jahn for an interview.


    Posted: February 2nd, 2008
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    Paris Hilton’s Family Connection To Football

    Paris Hilton speaks with the AP at the Super Bowl party, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

    Posted: February 2nd, 2008
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    About The Paris Hilton And 50 Cent “Incident”

    Haters were cheering loud today about an incident that never happened. Some dimwit was posting all over the TMZ boards complaining that TMZ was censoring the news.

    The story is that Paris Hilton started crying when 50 Cent yelled at her: “Get the f**k off the stage.” According to Page Six, the source of the news, Paris then complained: “But it’s my party.” They posted a picture of Paris supposedly crying, next to the article.

    They also found a tricky way to prevent the haters from questioning the story. They wrote: “Her entourage swarmed the fotogs so they couldn’t document the embarrassing belittlement but was there.” Well, Page Six, so were many more people… who never saw it happen or filmed it.

    And Page Six is also quite clever. Since they know that Paris and 50 Cent might be seen and photographed together one day, they added: “For the record Paris and 50 are still good friends.”

    Now I’ll tell the real story and how the fake one was fabricated.

    First, Page Six was able to capture of a bad picture of Paris that looked like she was crying. At the party, at the 944 Super Village, Paris, halfway through 50 Cent’s performance, made a cameo and started dancing with 50 Cent. There were plenty of cellphones and video cameras capturing pictures and filming both of them on stage.

    At some point, 50 Cent joked to Paris: “Get off my cameras!” Not “Get the f**k off the stage” as Page Six reported. The true story was reported by the Associated Press.

    That’s what inspired them to write a fake story and make it seem real. The “But it’s my party!” quote was invented and is so obviously not something that Paris wouldn’t say.

    Oh, by the way, don’t forget to watch the David Letterman interview tonight! More videos on the way!

    Posted: February 1st, 2008
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    Paris Hilton Performing “Bette Davis Eyes” LIVE (Audio + Video)

    Paris Hilton Performing Live!

    Forget about the MTV TRL interview! Forget about the David Letterman interview! No, I’m just kidding…but only to some extent… lol Actually, forget about the completely fake and unimportant article claiming that Paris Hilton kissed Elisa Cuthbert. It’s all fake, if you didn’t realize it.

    But here’s something that is not fake! This is a video of Paris Hilton singing one of her favourite songs of all time, “Bette Davis Eyes” in front of her fans in July 2008, at an LA club called “Guy” something.

    It was recorded by volvocowgirl99, and found by Kevin just recently. We owe you, Kevin!

    In this video, Paris Hilton, with a sweet and gentle voice dances and sings “Bette Davis Eyes” in freestyle. Though at times, she seems shy, and other times, she just shines. Very Paris! Love her singing expressions, and I’ve always said singing suits her well! It’s clear she has a voice that comes in various tones. There’s that strong and pointy voice, which is very pleasant to hear. Then, there is that very soft and lovely voice that suddenly shys away. With just a little bit more of practice, she could bring her live singing performances to perfection, but it will take hard work to achieve it!

    After performing “Bette Davis Eyes”, you also get to hear her lip syncing and singing “Stars Are Blind”.

    Below this video, I’ve provided a link for you to download this video performance and a nicely edited version of Paris singing “Bette Davis Eyes”! Enjoy! This is simply another unreleased song, following the release of the “Repo! Trailer” and “What You Do To Me”!

    Audio Performance of Bette Davis Eyes (MP3)
    Video performance of Bette Davis Eyes (AVI, XviD)

    Posted: January 31st, 2008
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