The Paris Hilton Charity Fund

    Paris Hilton recently revealed that she is in process of developing the Paris Hilton Charity Fund, according to journalist Jimmy Viola.

    Viola questioned about the seriousness of this Charity Fund. We know that it will be for chidren, but we don’t know how serious the project is, so this is just something to keep an eye on.

    Paris Hilton reminded semi-hater Viola that she is still “working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.”

    Paris is also well aware of the fact that “Hottie” will be the target of haters: “I (Paris) know a lot of people are going to want to bash me because people are like that, so I really did my best with this movie.”

    But how and when the Hate problem will be solved is something that Paris still hasn’t figured out.

    By the way, Viola saw the movie and from what I gather, he says that the problem of the movie is not Paris Hilton’s acting skills (he says she’s comparable to Jessica Alba), but the “poor script.” He also adds “the plot is so predictable.”

    Posted: January 29th, 2008
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    Video: 944 Magazine Cover Shoot

    Posted: January 29th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton Hosts The 944 6-Year Anniversary Party

    I don’t find any more information about Paris Hilton’s upcoming muscial performance at the “Scottsdale Waterfront”.

    However, she is going to host The 944 6-Year Anniversary Party. I think all of this has to do with the Super Ball thing. Here’s the info from

    “America’s most talked about socialite, Paris Hilton, is all set and confirmed to host 944 Magazine’s Sixth Anniversary Party, which will precede 50 Cent’s headline performance on Thursday night during Super Bowl Week at 944 Village. Well now that we know that Paris will be there, what exactly will she do? Carly Harrill, the Corporate & Marketing Manager at 944 Magazine, told us that, at sometime after 8 p.m., the star of Simple Life and upcoming movie Repo! The Genetic Opera will appear on the main stage briefly to address the partygoers and talk about the party. During the evening, she is expected to spend a good amount of time in the village’s exclusive Main Tent, where the VIP and celeb crowd are likely to be found. Hilton, who is featured on the cover of the February issue of 944 magazine, will, at some point, sign twenty-five copies of the magazine for pre-selected individuals. If you want to increase your chances of getting a glimpse of Paris, VIP tickets are going for $500, plus taxes and fees, at 944 Village’s website, but prices are subject to change on January 18th. VIP tickets are more than two-thirds sold out, so now is the time to make your decisions about where you want to party on Thursday night.”

    Note: They’re using one of those pictures that was shot for her debut album.

    Posted: January 28th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton To Perform At The “Scottsdale Waterfront”

    What’s Scottsdale Waterfront? Don’t know/don’t care. But according to, Paris Hilton will perform a “tune” along with “50 Cent, Wyclef Jean, Fall Out Boy, Velvet Revolver and more.”

    You can view the article here. It’s probably just some private event that we won’t see. I’ve received an email from the author stating that she is indeed scheduled to perform, but I’ll try to get more information.

    Just thought I should share this with everyone, regardless. Exciting and unique news, nonetheless!

    Posted: January 28th, 2008
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    Extra “The Hottie And The Nottie” Clips


    Posted: January 27th, 2008
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    The Hottie And The Nottie – To Really Be Released Nationwide?

    While Paris Hilton and Regent Releasing are stating that “the Hottie and the Nottie” will be released nationwide, many movie sites such as and are still reporting that “the Hottie and the Nottie” will be a limited release. So who’s telling the truth?

    I did some research about this, and I can conclude that it will neither be a wide or limited release, but a sort of “moderate” release.

    According to actress Christine Lakin, the movie will debut in “10 major cities on 200 screens to start.” A true wide release is supposed to show the movie in, say, 600 theatres (I’m being generous). However, Regent Releasing is reporting that every day, more theaters are adding the film.

    I think “Hottie” could be Regent Releasing’s biggest movie so far.

    Noelle, a recent movie distributed by Gener8Xion Entertainment, was shown in 203 theaters in its first week, but it made less than $200 000. When popular movie Transformers (Paramount Pictures) was shown is only 360 theaters in its 15th week, it made $735,000.

    However, a movie like Repo! will definitely be a true nationwide release. So like I said so many times in the past, “Hottie” needs to be promoted massively.

    If “Hottie” is truly a good and smart movie, unlike “Pledge This!” and “Bottom’s Up”, two movies that didn’t deserve a theatrical release, then they can say that it deserves a nationwide release.

    Posted: January 26th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton Interviewed By Young Hollywood

    A short Paris Hilton interview by Young Hollywood at Turning Leaf Lounge.

    Posted: January 26th, 2008
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