Huge Promotional Banner For “The Hottie And The Nottie”

    This is just great! Makes me very happy! Every day, I just get more and more excited for this movie. This is going to be Paris Hilton’s first and biggest movie, and she’s playing a leading role.

    I can’t wait to go to the theaters and watch the movie with everyone else in the room.

    It just makes me very happy to see the poster like that! This is Paris!

    Posted: January 26th, 2008
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    Video: Paris Hilton Meeting Fans At Franklin Mills

    I think these two reporters are haters. It kinda shows. Then, there are the fans, who once again, did not mention her works, but talked about her beauty and “hotness.” I’ve long realized that many of the fans who meet Paris Hilton are “mild” fans, but a good portion of them are hardcore. However, what differentiates us from them, is that they’re more into her hotness, beauty and money. Althogether, we’re one big Paris Hilton fan family in some way.


    Posted: January 25th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton At Franklin Mills In Philadelphia

    A few semi-hateful journalists published articles about Paris Hilton’s visit to Franklin Mills, where she promoted her “Hottie” movie and met fans.

    At the mall, Paris said, the usual, “I love Philadelphia” and then, “You’re all hotties (pause) so (pause) it’s hot.” Brian Dowers of Philadelphia’s Mayfair section, said: “I wanted to meet Paris because she’s a big figure in today’s society.” He thinks Paris has influenced a lot “fashion and nightlife.”

    After getting an autograph from Paris, Lauren Greco of Richboro and Taylor Quirk of Huntington Valley said: “It kinda proves that the media skews who somebody is. They make her out to be bad, but I don’t think she’s bad. Good things happen to good people.”

    Many fans were very happy to see Paris Hilton. Last time, she went to Philadelphia to promote Can Can.

    Two Paris fans, Brittany and Kelly Lowry of Quakertown, had this to say to reporters: “We love her. She’s our idol because she’s rich, she’s hot, she’s famous and she gets what she wants.”

    I’m not a big fan of that particular quote, but I think most fans like her for those reasons. I mean let’s be honest, more fans (teenagers) are fascinated by her beauty, fame and money rather than her music and movies. In the same way, the haters obviously hate her mostly for the same reasons.

    My ridiculed, unfashionable and bizarre answer to such a question (“why you like Paris?”) would’ve been: “I love her art and music. She’s now taking her movies more seriously, and Repo! is going to be an awesome film, because she sings and acts in it. I’m also inspired and fascinated by her brand and business ventures. I think the empire she’s building is a very inspiring for everyone.” But probably, most teenagers don’t think this way.

    It’ll be interesting to see (after “Hottie” and Repo!”) if Paris will be able to make fans and others see the other side of her! When a journalist asked her to explain her appeal, here’s what she said: “I think maybe it’s because I’m real. People can relate to me. They see things that have happened in my life. And that I’m sweet. I feel that when you truly are a good person, it will shine through in your eyes – shine through from your heart to your eyes – and people will see that. Princess Diana, who I love, she had that.”

    Phillyburbs / Philly

    Posted: January 25th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton Interviewed By The 10! Show: Mentions A New Reality TV Show!

    New Interview! / New TV Reality Show Project!

    During an interview today, Paris Hilton announced that she is/will be working on a new reality TV show, but she refuses to gives further information about it. However, it will be revealed soon. Maybe it is the big announcement we were talking about?

    In this interview, conducted by NBC’s the 10! Show, the questions weren’t so great, but it’s another good one. While NBC’s website was referring to Paris as “hotel heiress” (annoying) and quoting “I love fast food” as the most important quote of the interview (see title), she once again says that she enjoying working on all of her projects, but yet, this time, she highlights acting. Note that during the show, when a presentation banner was showing up on the screen, it was written “Actress/Singer” below “Paris Hilton”.

    View the video of the interview by clicking here.

    View the video of Paris during the commercials by clicking here.

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    Paris Hilton Promoting “Hottie” In Philadelphia; Interviewed By CBS

    New Interview!

    Just a few hours ago, Paris Hilton was at a Philadelphia mall meeting her fans and promoting her upcoming movie “the Hottie and the Nottie.”

    During the day, she did two interviews, one with CBS and the other, which I will post later, with NBC.

    Yet, another fascinating interview. Paris says Can Can was a huge success. No doubt about it; it really did very well. A lot of people bought the fragrance from this website, too. She mentions that it was one of the top selling fragrances during the holidays.

    In another passage, she is asked what she likes to do most: she responds by saying that she is a brand and businesswoman, but that she does music and movies to “just to push her brand,” and she likes doing it all. That’s a different answer from the one she used to give in 2006, when she used to say that music was her favourite. Music and movies are there to promote her brand, but they’re also something she enjoys doing, as an artist. That’s what she seems to be saying.

    It’s a must see interview! Great interviewer, too!

    Here’s another video where Paris arrives at the CBS studio for a short interview.


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    Tre Armstrong And Keyshia Cole Praise Paris Hilton’s Singing

    A few other co-stars of Paris Hilton praised her singing in Repo! as they were impressed by her performance.

    Choreographer Tre Armstrong who stars in a new movie, which opens this weekend, had this to say about her singing: “I was surprised that she could sing. Honest to God, I will never crack on Paris. I haven’t. From what I heard from what they did, I liked how she sounded.”

    Grammy-nominated R&B singer Keyshia Cole adds: “I like the way she sings. I do.”

    Now that’s really good to hear, huh?!

    However, Armstrong remarks: “She needs development in terms of movement, but it wasn’t a dance movie.”

    OK! Mag

    Posted: January 24th, 2008
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    Singer Paris Hilton Sings At Sundance Party

    Recording artist Paris Hilton was singing at a private Sundance party on Sunday. She was singing a Bette Davis song, one of her favourite singers.

    Posted: January 24th, 2008
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