Winemakers Blasts Paris Hilton Over Rich Prosecco

    Winemakers say Paris Hilton is “unfit” to be the face of Rich Prosecco.

    Fulvio Brunetta, president of the wine growers association of Treviso, a hater who learned a negative image of Paris Hilton by reading and watching the media, says: “Hilton hotels are a sign of quality; Paris Hilton is not.” So the Paris Hilton brand is not a sign of quality?

    Brunetta also adds: “Paris Hilton is sensationalism. It’s not good. It’s not adequate for Prosecco.” He’s been quite fooled by the media, but the average Italian living in Italy has a more much distorted image of Paris than Americans.

    The association of whatever Brunetta is part of is going to have a meeting to decide whether or not they’re going to protect the Prosecco name, or something like that, according to Reuters.

    There’s also a problem with cans and bottles that the association is raising as an issue. But you can read all about it here.

    Rich Prosecco fought back against Brunetta by stating: “It’s as if someone from Champagne would oppose us selling champagne cans with Kate Moss for example. It’s just marketing and Paris Hilton is the most famous girl in the world.” In other words, they’re using Paris Hilton to promote their product.

    Mathias Wildt of Reuters also slides his own bias opinion and facts about Paris, but also adds a few fake facts in his article.

    Well, I agree with Brunetta. Paris shouldn’t be assiocated with Rich Prosecco, not for the ridiculous reasons he gave, but because I can’t relate Paris to Prosecco.

    However, we can say she is endorsing Rich Prosecco.

    Posted: January 10th, 2008
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    Promoting The Hottie And The Nottie

    While Paris Hilton headed to Lax Vegas to party again at LAX yesterday, the Boston Herald reported Paris Hilton will be in Boston to promote “Hottie and the Nottie” with her co-stars on Feburary 5th and 6th.

    Paris Hilton will be “headed to the Hub” and “feted by the Harvard Lampoon,” according to Boston Herald. Well, the movie hits theaters on February the 8th, but I’m very pessimistic about the success of this movie.

    I hope Boston won’t the only place where they’re going to promote it a few days before its release. Unfortunately, I think it will be. I really think the lack of promotion is greatly going to contribute to its failure, even if it’s a good movie. Most probably, it’s going to be a mild success.

    Have you seen a commercial about the film in theaters or on TV? Let me know, maybe I’m wrong.

    Boston Herald

    Posted: January 9th, 2008
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    Why Entertainment Journalism Can’t Be Trusted

    ‘Til this day, there are people who think Paris Hilton was dropped from by her record label. Among them is Entertainment Weekly writer Shirley Halperin. Halperin was fooled by massive false articles which were published in 2007 about Paris being dropped from her record label, Warner Music. The orginal source of the article came from a fake UK news site, Mirror UK (if I remember correctly).

    Shirley Halperin recently wrote an article about singers being dropped from their record label, and she included Paris Hilton in her list of singers. Then, X17, picked up the story and posted it on their website. They drew a big X on a picture of Paris, showing that she is one of the losers. Some fans quickly commented and said Paris wasn’t dropped.

    It’s also funny because a few months ago, X17 was one of the first websites that reported the making of a second album. To me, it’s just fascinating how a false fact from a fake site ends up on serious websites like X17 or Entertainment Weekly.

    Journalists need to do their research and check the reliability of sources (and draw a big X on Daily Star UK and Mirror UK, instead). Plus, Warner Music had confirmed to Access Hollywood that Paris Hilton was still registered with them. This was reported, but not massively. In fact only Access Hollywood and this website reported it. 

    Fascinating stuff!

    Posted: January 8th, 2008
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    E! News Anchor Giuliana DePandi Is A Paris Hilton Hater?

    I was very surprised to learn that Giuliana DePandi is (or was) actually a Paris Hilton hater. There are a couple of hateful (and false) quotes in her book, which was published in 2006, the year when she did an interview with Paris Hilton about Paris’ debut album. She sat down with Paris and discussed about her music and tour. DePandi looked impressed by Paris and all her work.

    You also see her many times on E! News covering Paris Hilton stories. The title of her book is “How to Get a Guy by Thinking Like One.”

    In the chapter 9 “Don’t Model Yourself After Paris Hilton,” she writes on page 41: “Aside from that, I can’t think of a single redeemable quality in Paris Hilton or a Paris Hilton type. My impression of her is this: shallow, petty, selfish, self-absorbed, and stupid. The worst combination of traits a human being can have. Moments after she sat down I noticed that her purse moved and then began to whine. Can you guess what was in her purse? That’s right, a dog. A dog. She brought her goddamn dog on a blind date?!”

    She wrote this before the interview she did with Paris. Whether or not she is still a hater, I’m not sure, but I think we all thought she wasn’t. Funny…

    For the record, I don’t have the book, haven’t read it, nor am I interested in it. I got this info from another source.

    Posted: January 8th, 2008
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    Kelly Osbourne Poisoned By Paris Hilton

    A new negative story was published this morning. I think it was written by New York Daily News, one of the famous fake sites.

    It was reported that Kelly Osbourne had her first alcohol poisoning and told her friends at Las Vegas nightclub Noir last week: “Paris gave me my first alcohol poisoning!” According to New York Daily News, Paris was heard replying: “I did?! That’s hot!”

    Now before you get angry at Kelly Osbourne, know there’s a strong possibly that Kelly never actually said that quote. Second, it is mostly like invented by one of the fake sites. I’m sure it’s New York Daily News, but I’m not going to waste time researching about it, unless if more attention is brought to it.

    Anyway, I instantly knew it was fake, because they quoted Paris saying “That’s hot!” And they do that a lot to make her look dumb. I know that doesn’t make sense, but just the way they’ve quoted her, you get the sense of fakeness.

    News AU

    Posted: January 7th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton Dines Out At Mr Chow’s

    Paris Hilton in Los Angeles, dining out at Mr Chow’s with her sister, Nicky.

    Splash News

    Posted: January 7th, 2008
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    Paris Hilton, Most-Least Liked Celebrity

    Last weekend, Reuters reported that actress Reese Witherspoon was the most-liked celebrity, followed by Jennifer Aniston  and Angelina Jolie.

    However, not surprising, 9 percent of the 1,100 people (ages 13 and older) who were polled, said they liked Paris Hilton. In other words, she has the lowest appeal rating, making her the most hated celebrity in Hollywood. Yet, most of the pollers agreed that she was the most over-exposed.

    This is not surprising at all. Usually, 90% of the population has a more and less negative opinion about Paris and 10% has a positive view of her.

    What this means: All the efforts that Paris put last year to make the public change their opinion about her didn’t really work, but only to a small extent.

    Most people still only see the beauty, money and attention, and this is probably what’s keeping her famous, but the 10% of the population (including us) probably see more from her. One in ten people actually like Paris. Nine in ten people see the Paris Hilton character of the Simple Life when they look or think about her. Maybe with all those upcoming projects, she could get a better rating.

    From the least likeable major network, FOX news

    Posted: January 7th, 2008
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