Highlights Of Bad Times In 2007

    Now that year 2007 is almost finished, let’s recap Paris Hilton’s bad times (dates are not 100% correct).

    January 4
    Paris Hilton is fired by Club Paris due to lack of appearances. Months later, Paris says she will launch nightclubs again in the future.

    January 22
    Paris Hilton is sentenced to three years probation on DUI charges.

    January 23
    Privacy violating website Paris Exposed is launched online.

    January 24
    Leaking of Paris Hilton’s private pictures and videos from Paris Exposed begin.

    January 30
    Paris Exposed officially sued and shut down by Paris.

    February 28
    Paris Hilton arrested for driving on a suspended license. She violates her probation (most likely unconsciously).

    Late March
    L.A. prosecutors are working hard to put Paris in jail, mainly for being very rich, pretty and famous.

    Mid April
    Judge is working hard to put Paris in jail, mainly to make an example of her (something that is not fair, nor right).

    May 4
    City Attorney publicly lies by stating that Paris is being treated the same as anyone else.
    Paparazzi E.L. Woody: “The City Attorney is just looking for votes.”

    May 4
    Paris Hilton sentenced to jail instead of getting community service, partly for violating her probation.

    May 5
    Paris reaches out to her fans for help through her MySpace account. This can also be considered as good news.

    June 4
    Paris’ first day in jail.

    June 7
    Paris is released from jail. She is under house arrest due to medical reasons, which are largely ignored by haters and media.

    June 8
    With the support of a hateful and ignorant public, discriminating judge sends Paris back to jail, where she doesn’t belong. Paris is mentally sick and tired. Her health condition is deteriorating. She is under close watch in jail.

    June 26
    Paris is finally released from her undeserved and unfair jail sentence.

    July 30
    Simple Life series are dropped by E! This can also be considered as good news.

    October 5
    We learn that Paris lied (maybe unconsciously) on Larry King Live about her poem. The poem Paris read is actually written by Judi Debella.

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    Paris Hilton And Nicky Hilton Are In Las Vegas

    After having dinner, Paris and Nicky were having fun at Pure, where Nicky was the host of the evening. They will host NYE at LAX, tomorrow!


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    Paris Hilton Finally Back To LA After Hawaii Vacation

    This must have been one big boring Paris Hilton week!

    Paris Hilton is back in LA after being some Christmas time in Hawaii, as she was spotted at LAX Airport. She later went to Villa nightclub and was filmed exiting the club with Elliot Mintz. Paparazzi asked for her thoughts about Mischa Barton’s DUI… Blah!

    Posted: December 28th, 2007
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    Christian Prisons Minister Criticizes Paris Hilton Over Her Promise To Aid Women

    Christian prisons minister and former music industry svengali, Marty Angelo is said to have to written a letter to Paris Hilton “asking her to live up to her word in 2008,” after Paris told Larry King about her plans for helping prisoners to get “back on their feet.” Remember those comments?

    This is what Paris Hilton said to Larry King: “I want to help set up a place where these women can get themselves back on their feet. A place with food, shelter and clothing and programs, kind of a transitional home. I know I can make a difference and hopefully stop this vicious circle of these people going in and out of jail.”

    However, Angelo is disappointed because Paris still hasn’t fulfilled her promise.

    Here’s what Angelo is saying: “I would like to see Paris Hilton live up to her word. Hilton needs to remember where she comes from now. She is no longer just a high society hotel heiress but an ex-convict who God helped through her jail sentence. She owes God big time.”

    “Paris Hilton stated she felt God gave her ‘a new beginning’ and things were going to be different once she was released from jail. What is so different? Where is her new beginning? All I see her doing is running in and out of nightclubs and attending various social events. What is so new about that?” You can read the full article here.

    Here’s my comments: When I read such comments, I get angry because it’s not completely accurate. However, it’s understandable, and I’m not surprised.

    Well, first, Paris Hilton should never be considered or called an ex-convict, because that’s not what she should be known for. What Angelo said is kind of rude, but understandable, because I don’t think he’s aware that she’s an entertainer.

    Second, Angelo says “What is so different? Where is her new beginning?” He adds that all he has seen her doing “is running in and out of nightclubs and attending various social events.” But if you’ve been visiting this website, you should know very well that this statement is false. Compare the Paris Hilton before her jail time and after. There’s a noticeable difference.

    It used to be mostly about “nightclubs” and “social events,” but after her jail time, she started understanding that she has to concentrate on her work. She did a movie. She went traveling all over the world to promote herself and her products. She attended events to promote Can Can several times. And of course, the best part, she’s finally working on a new CD. The big different between now and then, is that she now knows her priorities, and it’s not just about partying. I think I’ve repeated this many times before.

    Third, I definitely agree with Angelo when he says Paris hasn’t fufilled her promise of helping women in prison. It’s true. And last summer I wrote a list of things that Paris said she would do. Her aunt, Kyle Richards, said she needed time to think about them, but we are all waiting. And she will be judged by us either way, but fairly!

    However, personally, I believe any major charity work can be substituted in place of any promise she made last summer. The trip to Rwanda can be one of them, but it depends on how effective the trip is in achieving a positive and long term goal. We also need to know the purpose of the trip, first.

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    Someone Gonna Attend Paris And Nicky’s NYE Party For More Than 4 000$

    Bidding on Kathy Hilton’s items for Make-A-Wish Foundation has ended. Paris Hilton items have grossed up to 4541$.

    Someone is going to pay 4 049$ to have a nice trip and attend Paris and Nicky’s NYE Party at the club LAX while staying at the Luxor Hotel and Casino for two nights. It doesn’t say whether or not the person is going to meet the Hilton sisters.

    Paris Hilton Watch with Autographed Box sold for 290$. And Paris Hilton Watch with Autographed Box 2 made 202.50$. Dozens of eBayers bid on each Paris Hilton item.

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    Paris Hilton Will Not Get Her Inheritance From Barron Hilton

    Barron Hilton, the grandfather of Paris Hilton, who owns the Hilton hotels, has decided not to give his money to his granddaughters and grandsons (that does not limit to Paris and Nicky) “upon [his] passing”.

    When CNN writer Jia Lynn Yang first reported this news, she wrote: “The 80-year-old billionaire intends to leave his money to a charitable group founded by his father – sorry, Paris and Nicky.” Like as if Paris and Nicky need the money, anyway. Another one of those reporters who calls Paris and Nicky “celebutantes”.

    Barron will pass on the $1.2 billion to the Hilton family’s philanthropic foundation, like his father Conrad Hilton did.

    In an email, he wrote: “My personal net worth today, including created trusts, is approximately $2.3 billion, and what ever value it is upon my passing, it is my intent to contribute 97% of my estate to the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, following in my father’s footsteps.”

    You can read the rest of the article here.

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    The Countdown To 2008 With The Hilton Sisters

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