The Paris Hilton Holiday Surprises!

    Since there’s no new news about Paris this morning, this is perfect timing!

    On December 25, 2007, I have two surprise videos to give you as “holiday gifts”. The first one is the real gift, but the second one is more like a bonus.

    To give you a hint, the first gift is a 15 minutes video, which I have personally titled “Paris Hilton – Music, My Life” and the bonus one is something that some of you will be very happy to watch.

    I’m hoping that none of you have seen at least one of them because both videos are amazing and you will learn a lot from them.

    Stay tuned. December 25th, 2007, at 8:00pm, Eastern time, on!

    Happy Holidays!

    Posted: December 20th, 2007
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    Kathy Hilton’s Wishing Tree

    As you may already know, Kathy Hilton, mother of Paris Hilton launched “Kathy Hilton Wishing Tree” for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

    As their website reports: The Kathy Hilton Wishing Tree auction begins at 5pm PST, 8pm EST on December 19th on eBay, where you can place bids on a variety of one-of-a-kind and autographed celebrity memorabilia. Auction ends December 26th at 7pm PST, 10pm EST.

    Among other celebrity items, you can bid on three Paris Hilton items:

    Invite to Paris & Nicky Hilton’s New Year’s Eve Party

    One bidder will win a trip to Las Vegas to attend Paris and Nicky Hilton’s New Year’s Eve Party at the club LAX. The trip will include airfare for the winning bidder and a friend, a hotel stay at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, plus hair and makeup by Paris and Nicky’s very own hair and makeup artist, Michael Boychuck.

    Paris Hilton Watch with Autographed Box

    Paris donated a watch from her own line. The watch has a silver face and white band and comes in a box personalized with Paris’s signature.

    Paris Hilton Watch with Autographed Box

    Paris donated a watch from her own line. This watch has a gold-colored face with a black band and comes in a box personalized with Paris’s signature.

    Good luck!

    Posted: December 20th, 2007
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    Kathy Hilton On Entertainment Tonight Tonight

    Paris Hilton’s mum, Kathy Hilton, tells Entertainment Tonight for a segment set to air tonight that the picaresque tale of her ex-convict singing daughter, who did time on DUI-related probation violation charges, will inspire other youngsters to be responsible, self-aware, self-possessed, well-read, well-nourished youngsters.

    “Hopefully,” Kathy said, “it will set an example for other young people that you don’t get behind the wheel of a car with a drink.”

    Kathy Hilton is aware of how terribly her girl suffered during her dark night of the soul in jail. “I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.”

    [I’m not sure if this is old or new]


    Posted: December 19th, 2007
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    Stills From The Hottie And The Nottie

    In case you missed it, PARIS-HILTON-LOVER™ posted pictures of Paris Hilton’s upcoming movie The Hottie And The Nottie on the forum.

    Posted: December 19th, 2007
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    Video: Paris Hilton’s Photoshoot With Vanity Fair DE

    Here’s a video of Paris Hilton’s photoshoot with Vainity Fair Germany Magazine. This magazine was published a couple of weeks ago.

    You can also read the full interview in German at Vanity Fair’s website.

    I used Google Translator to translate it to English. It’s mostly about Christmas and her personal life.

    Thanks to blabla.

    Posted: December 18th, 2007
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    Judi Debella Replies To Your Comments

    Last week, Judi Debella replied to some of your comments to clarify things. She also said she will keep us updated. Here’s her letter (I’ve broken the text into paragraphs):

    because of Paris being high profile, things could not be settled quickly with a simple phone call, this is why it has dragged on, very complicated situation, people still have an interest in the story and contact me to hear it, I tell the story whether it’s radio or tv and move on, I’m a writer not a public speaker big differance, I have been published previous to this, don’t need Paris to get things published.

    a written letter is considered intellectual property and if someone claims the content of it as their own it is considered plagiarism, the writer is still the author and owns it, don’t like the limelight irony of all of this, anyone that knows me knows that as fact, but was brought into it by trying to stop what was going on with those words and the only way to do it was to use the media, not a religious fanatic, went to Catholic Schools ten years it’s how I was raised.

    the letters weren’t personal information about myself but letters of support and guidance, except the most recent and it was to help her fully understand why I responded the way I did and why it was important to me that I did and it was not for money, fame or even credit if she’s read the most recent letter I clearly state that to her as well, no crossroads are not unique was at one myself when it was written, don’t want or need a prize, my actions are not self serving but felt like hers were.

    true nobody likes to admit mistakes when confronted, Paris brought my words of wisdom to the public not I, not trying to insert myself into her life, she inserted hers into mine by doing what she did and I just responded to it, is my right, she doesn’t respond because she cannot respond to this situation even if she wanted to, the point of that interview was to show how time in Lynwood changed her and by me stepping forward about this made it look not so good for her, but if she ever did respond it would be kept confidential unless she wanted it made public.

    Understand this is not a vendetta against her in anyway, again if her publicist responded it more than likely would of never hit the media, I would of simply suggested she say she got confused and correct the fact she didn’t write it, but as of right now Paris is the only one that has all the reasons for everything, mine and hers as well.

    Thank you to whoever liked my writing, means alot and hope it helped others too. I will continue to support Paris for the good things she does and think I have been forgiving considering the situation, I believe unless anybody is in my shoes they could not actually say how they would handle or feel given this issue. I wish the best to her.

    Judi DeBella

    Posted: December 18th, 2007
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    More Of Paris Hilton In Berlin, Germany

    Paris Hilton arrives to promote Rich Prosecco.

    Paris Hilton partying in a German club.

    Thanks to hans.

    Posted: December 18th, 2007
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