Paris Hilton: All About Partying After Berlin



    NIKON finally returned my D2X from yet another repair, so I was thrilled when HENRY called to tell me the PARIS HILTON had gone from HYDE to the new HOT CLUB in town, “VILLA”. On the edge of West Hollywood, under the shadow of the PACIFIC DESIGN CENTER, the paparazzi buzz has it that “VILLA” is going to be “the” spot, this winter, for celebrity watching.

    By the time I arrived, the rain was falling steadily. Paparazzi were huddled in clusters beneath umbrellas. Across the street, those photographers without weather protection, huddled beneath the canvas overhang.

    My protection was a overlarge golf umbrella, meant to keep a pair of golfers safe and dry. When time arrived for PARIS to exit, my camera and gear was still bone dry. I closed the b’shoot and started shooting. There was a wet throng of surging and churning paparazzi, all fighting for position in front of PARIS HILTON, her Brother BARRON HILTON, and “Greasy Bear” himself, “FIRECROTCH!” shouter, BRANDON DAVIS.

    I managed to get a few shots over the top of the swarm, check them out on PHOTOS of the DAY. Camera seemed to work fine. Thanks SAMY’S CAMERA! Especially HEDY, RICHARD, and WALTER! Finally good pics, again! There is nothing like a NIKON! Check PAPARAZZI HENRY’S full description of the events that followed by scrolling down the page. Check his wonderful footage of PARIS wishing HENRY, “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”. It’s a must see!


    Posted: December 18th, 2007
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    Serbia: Here Comes Paris Hilton

    According to Javno, Paris Hilton will continue her European tour in March, visiting Serbian capital, Belgrade. This is probably for Rich Prosecco.

    She will spend two days in Serbia. At the moment, I have no clue where Paris might be. If anyone knows, please post it here. She can’t possibly still be in Germany.

    Also, news has been very slow. Now I realize promoting Rich Prosecco and Can Can hasn’t exactly been all that exciting, but big projects are coming!

    More news later.

    Posted: December 17th, 2007
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    More Paris Hilton News Updates Soon

    There’s a lack of “significant” Paris Hilton news at the moment. I think I saw a new fake article published by Daily Star UK. However, I also have my own news updates, which will be published later on.

    Requests and emails will be answered soon.

    Posted: December 17th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton With Tinkerbell: Happy Holidays!

    Posted: December 15th, 2007
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    Video: More Of Paris Hilton In Germany

    Paris Hilton’s continuing her campaign to promote her sparking wine in a can in Germany where she met with fans Thursday and went tubing down an artificial snow mountain in a big rubber tire.


    Posted: December 14th, 2007
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    Get Ready For The Hottie and the Nottie!

    Posted: December 13th, 2007
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    Video: Paris Hilton In Berlin, Germany

    Unser Reporter Christian Dittborn startet seine Jagd nach Pari…s Hilton. Im Berliner Hilton Hotel marschiert er frech an die Rezeption und will sich zu Paris aufs Zimmer durchstellen lassen. Ob das wohl klappt? Aber der Christian hat ja auch darüber hinaus noch so manchen Trick auf Lager!


    Posted: December 13th, 2007
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