Paris Hilton Partying In Germany

    Working Paris Hilton took a break and partied in a German club.

    What a difference between this year and last year. All she’s been doing is travelling and promoting, whereas last year, she was mostly out and partying in LA. She’s doing great, minus the major charity works!

    Posted: December 13th, 2007
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    Let’s Switch To Repo: The Genetic Opera?

    Repo! director Darren Lynn Bousman writes:

    Well, Five weeks since we wrapped, and I am happy to say I have a first cut of the movie! Today was the first day that I actually was able to sit back, and watch the film in its entirety with Harvey… We were slapping HIGH FIVES the entire time… The truth of the matter is – I have no fucking CLUE what the public and movie goer is going to say about this movie… As I have said numerous times – this isn’t SAW… Nor is it SWEENY TODD… It’s a hybrid of horror, comedy, and good old fashion ROCK and ROLL!!! The entire screening Harvey and I were singing at the TOP of our lungs the entire time – – and that my dear friends is my TRUE dream of the this movie… That I walk into a theatre somewhere and hear the audience singing along to ZYDRATE ANATOMY – or WE STARTED THIS OPERA SHIT…

    These last couple of months have been so hard on me, and those around me, because I have been so CONSUMED in this movie… I don’t know how Laura, my girlfriend deals with my constant insanity and walking around the house singing NON-STOP! I joke with her, that this movie is as much hers as mine, because she has had to deal with all the shit, and hell of this production! I couldn’t have done it without her!

    Well, enough rambling – – time is running out – before I have to deliver this bad boy! Hopefully I will be able to leak a song or two in the upcoming month… I can’t wait for you all to hear this!

    Until next time!

    From MySpace Blog

    Posted: December 12th, 2007
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    Video: Paris Hilton In Berlin To Promote Rich Pressco

    You can view the German version here.

    Perez Hilton confirmed that “20% of the sales of Paris Hilton Rich Prosecco’s new champagne she is promoting, Rich Prosecco, will go to charity.”

    He also wrote: “The money goes to a foundation that contributes proceeds from sales of the brand to the purchase of glacial water to be distributed as fresh drinkable water for people, families and cities of need.”

    Many news agency were mentioning that Rich Pressco was part of Paris Hilton’s new champagne collection. Correct me if I’m wrong, but she is only the face of Rich Pressco. Similarly, she is the face of Dreamcatchers. However, I decided to consider Dreamcatchers as part of her collection line because her fans can related it to her since she uses it for her hair extensions sometimes.

    You can read this passage on Rich Pressco’s website: “Not least thanks to the co-operation with Paris Hilton, glamour girl and hotel heiress who is acting as a market ambassador in advertisements for the RICH pleasures. In this way, RICH® Prosecco has become an immediate market leader.”

    Posted: December 12th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Is Searching For A Boyfriend

    >While several news site were mentioning that the Alex guy was her new boyfriend and that she “cheated” with Stavros, Paris Hilton confirmed today that she’s still single.

    In Berlin, she said she’s searching for Mr. Right “Right now I’m single but I am looking for a nice boy. He should be funny, smart and loyal.”

    Later, she’s going to visit Berlin’s Christmas markets, famous museums and party at Berlin’s trendy Cookies club.

    Also, Paris mentioned told reporters that she’s trying to contribute to protecting the environment “I changed all the light bulbs to energy safe light bulbs and I’m buying a hybrid car right now. Little things that people can do every day to make a huge difference.”

    The AP described Paris Hilton as “the celebrity heiress, author, singer, perfume designer and reality TV star.”


    Posted: December 12th, 2007
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    After A Quick Visit To Paris, France, Paris Hilton Is In Berlin, Germany

    I’m not 100% about this, so correct me if I’m wrong. Paris quickly went from UK to France and later to Berling if I get it right.

    And I think right now she’s in Berlin, staying at a Hilton hotel. She’s in Berlin to continue promoting Rich Prosecco as reported and to promote her fragrance Can Can, if the reports are correct.

    Picture is from

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    Paris Hilton Promoting Rich Prosecco Internationally

    So, basically, Paris Hilton is going to do more promotions for an unrelated product. Paris has agreed to go international for Rich Prosecco, a product that has nothing to do with her, in an unnecessarily provocative way… Yikes! And she’s also in Berlin to promote it again.

    Page Six obtained a new ad of an almost nude Paris Hilton promoting the drink. I think they went a bit too far on this one. As a fan of Paris, no I’m not a fan of this one.

    Anyway, personally, I’m not very supportive of this endorsement, so I’ll just close my eyes and ignore it. But just for your information, Rich Prosecco will hit US stores, soon.

    You can view the picture here.

    Posted: December 11th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Concerned About Oompa-Loompa

    The media was widely reporting this story this morning:

    When an Oompa-Loompa was badly cut during a performance at a club, Paris Hilton stuck with him until an ambulance arrived.

    Full article @ MSNBC

    Posted: December 11th, 2007
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