Paris Hilton Working On Second Album And Visiting Paris/Berlin

    Kathryn Wexler from Miami Herald interviewed Paris Hilton at her Dadeland where Paris promoted Can Can last Thursday. In this interview, she confirms that going to come to Miami often to work with genius Scott Storch for her much-much anticipated second album.

    She also says that she’s going to visit Paris and Berlin soon, I think. It will probably be for Can Can.

    Why the cough?
    I’m just getting back from three weeks of traveling . . . Tokyo, China, Korea and Russia and after this, Paris and Berlin.’

    What took you there?
    I’m working nonstop but I love it.

    Tell us about your perfume.
    It’s very sexy. I love the Moulin Rouge and thought this would be the perfect theme.

    All the autographing must get on your nerves.
    I enjoy it, actually, meeting my fans.

    Paris sightings in Miami used to be frequent. No longer.
    I’m so busy that I can only get out here when I’m working . . . [but] I’m making another album with [producer] Scott Storch, so I’ll be out here.

    Does your work schedule allow time for fun?
    I’m a businesswoman now. I’m running a huge company. And everybody grows up.

    Do you like Miami?
    I love the weather, the beach, the water is really nice. The Art Deco is really cool. It just has a good vibe.

    Where do you eat when you’re here?
    Nobu. News Cafe.

    Where do you stay?
    The Shore Club.

    Where do you shop?
    Scoop, because it’s at the hotel. And Bal Harbour.

    What’s your wildest Miami moment?
    Every time I hang out with my friends and Scott Storch. He has all the cars and yachts and all these fun toys. He definitely rules it.

    Full article.

    Posted: December 8th, 2007
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    Judi Debella And Plagiarized Poem Issue Lives On

    Months later, this issue about a plagiarized poem has not being solved yet. Remember when we were covering about Judi Debella and her poem?

    If you don’t remember her, read this section. To make the long story short: Judi Debella claims that the poem she sent to Paris Hilton was plagiarized by Paris. Paris read her poem on TV during her interview with Larry King, and specifically said she wrote it. Judi Debella wants to be recognized for her work.

    Now, there’s almost no doubt that Judi is not lying about this. She’s still giving interviews on radio shows, etc. However, she recently said in an email that she doesn’t get paid for doing this.

    Till this day, I don’t know what Paris was thinking when she said she wrote the poem on air and made us all believe that it was something creative coming from her. I just find that disappointing and not right. Whether she consciously or unconsciously plagiarized the poem, I really can’t say, but I hope Judi Debella will keep us updated.

    Here’s the email that Judi sent to this week:

    As things have somewhat settled down and life moves on, I have had a little more time to think, it’s been quite a whirlwind since that Larry King interview with Paris. I myself the other day just did another radio interview regarding this situation with Katie a reporter from TMZ on the Keeler in the Morning Show 92.7, and again refused to attack Paris on any level but simply told the story. As I said I’ve had a little more time to think and absorb what’s happened, so on Nov. 28, 2007 I decided, yes to write Paris another letter, except this one was a 6 page in depth letter explaining the situations and circumstances that led me up to writing her and where the inspiration for those words came from. I don’t ever imagine i’ll get a response regarding this situation but felt I needed her to know the reasons why and why I stepped to the media. As with all my letters to Paris there is always an opening that I’ll share with you, never know where it may turn up: “I believe God brings together the most unlikely people puts together the most unusual situations to fulfill a bigger and greater plan and though it may not make sense at the time someday it will unfold, I too believe that somehow, someway, for some reason we are all connected by a moment in time.
    Judi DeBella

    Posted: December 8th, 2007
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    Perhaps Paris Hilton Is Back With Stavros?

    Oh no, here we go again. How many times have we talked about these two?

    TMZ posted a picture of Paris Hilton and Stavros Niarchos. By the way, after hearing this news, Page Six decided to publish a fake article. You can read it here.

    Posted: December 8th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton On Infinite Challenge

    This was posted two months ago lol. Sorry for posting late.

    Since not knowing Korean is a handicap for me, I found this show annoying. I didn’t understand what was so funny? Paris looks confused too!

    Posted: December 7th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton On Mechaike

    Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton were in Tokyo to promote some hand bags and …got trapped on Mechaike.

    I found this video a bit annoying. Paris and Nicky look uncomfortable.

    Posted: December 7th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton On BISTRO

    This is a video of Paris Hilton on Bistro. I don’t remember if this is a Korean or Japanese show.

    Posted: December 7th, 2007
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    Promotional Can Can Clip On Times Square

    I just finished watching the documentary “Paris Hilton Inc.” I’m not very impressed, and it’s not exactly what I thought it was. Unfortunately, all these documentaries about Paris Hilton and celebrities are all same. These experts (many of them haters) and everyone else talk about the same subjects and give the same answers. They discuss about marketing and money, but they fail to talk about and describe the projects!

    From my point of view, this documentary tried to portray Paris Hilton fans (at least, most of them) as empty-headed teenage fans who buy any product that has the name “Paris Hilton” on it. They say: with this amount of fame, Paris can sell just about everything. This is the way the media and most people think. I’m sure a lot of fans are like that. In reality, some, many of those who visit this website, really aren’t. When I bought Paris Hilton’s album, I bought it because it is a true artistic work. That’s what I want, quality stuff.

    Also, one expert mentioned that Paris Hilton needs to continue making mistakes (like her probation violation) in order to remain successful because her brand can never be taken seriously, something like that. What a horrible thing to say. I noticed that many of the interviewees were from celebrity magazines, and I understand that they want Paris Hilton to make mistakes, so they can write about them and gain attention. Apparently, writing fake articles every week is not enough.

    Perez Hilton says that the public loves negativity and scandals, and this is what they want. Basically, this is the main reason is why millions of people visit his website. True, but note that is probably the opposite of all celebrity sites and blogs, such as TMZ and X17, and you know why! Remember, the media always says celebrities like Paris Hilton are bad role models and that we shouldn’t look up to them, but they, themselves, always show what it is unproductive, wrong and negative. They are showing what is destroying decency and we demand it. If there’s money to be made, they’ll exploit anything to the max. I think in all of us, to some extent, we’re like this, but we should understand that even though it is entertainment for us, it is not something good or healthy.

    Anyway, the documentary explains that the public likes scandals, the type of news that I try to avoid posting when possible. Most negative articles about Paris are fake anyway, but the public doesn’t know, and so they say “Paris needs to keep up the scandals.” All these people care (business people included) is usually about making money. And it doesn’t matter how they do it. In the documentary, Paris Hilton talks about her projects and business while the narrator tries to explain how she has become successful. Again the idea suggested is that the private tape and the “scandals” were excellent marketing tools.

    However, it is still an interesting documentary to watch because it notes some of Paris Hilton’s clever (and decent) marketing ideas. There are also interesting recent footages of Paris. This particular footage of Can Can is from Paris Hilton Inc. Paris Hilton Inc is produced by a Canadian Hate news agency, CBC.

    The day when I see another documentary like “This is Paris,” I’ll be very happy.

    Posted: December 7th, 2007
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