British Actor Anthony Head: “Paris’ Singing Is Great”

    Let’s talk about Paris Hilton’s singing and music again. A hot topic!

    Apparently, Anthony Head, one of the actors in Repo! said to Extra: “Paris’ singing is great.”

    One more thing, remember when I posted a video of Paris Hilton singing “Fightin’ Over Me” in LAX? Well, FOX News reported this morning that the Singer/Actress sang “a bunch of her songs.”

    Pretty kewl!

    Posted: November 5th, 2007
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    US Members: Paris Hilton’s Fans Need Your Help

    While Actress/Singer Amber Sweet is in Japan promoting someone else’s handbags… According to a report, she will stay there until Wednesday. So except a lousy Paris Hilton week…

    Here’s a couple of more videos from the interview about Repo!, in which Amber Sweet described her character and songs.

    Unfortunately, the good old semi-haters at don’t allow non-US residents to view their videos, but I’m counting on US fans to provide us a transcript of each video.

    Posted: November 4th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Promoting Someone’s Else Handbags In Japan

    Paris Hilton does it again! Irritating! She went to Japan this weekend to promote someone’s else handbags! She arrived at Narita Airport in Chiba Prefecture with her sister and together they promoted Samantha Thavasa’s handbags and accessories. According to fadedyouthblog, each of them were paid 500 000$.

    Well, I’ll tell you something, all this promotion for other designers have no effect on me because I consider Paris Hilton a brand. I hope she doesn’t abuse this. I know it’s not a big deal, but it just seems so awkward and “anti-Paris.”

    Posted: November 3rd, 2007
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    Repo! Director: Nobody Wanted To Cast Paris Hilton

    From Bloody-Disgusting

    As the casting process happened, they sat with loads of actors, actresses and singers, and at the end of it all Bousman assembled what many would consider a wet dream cast – except for one person; Paris Hilton. Hilton had been cast in a bold move that had people heads spinning. According to Bousman, and others involved, “I had to have the perfect cast and so the casting process is one of the most arduous, painful things that almost made me lose all of my hair. We met with numerous people for Amber. [She’s a] great actresses, an amazing actresses that I love and I still would love to work with, but none of them got it. None of them got what the movie was. And when Paris came in, it was crazy because… I’ll be honest; I was a disbeliever originally when the name got thrown out. Everyone has this idea of what Paris Hilton is, and when she walked into the room, she met with (producers) Mark, Carl and me and two seconds after she left the room Carl and I just nodded and said ‘That’s her, but can she sing? Can she do this kind of music?’ So I gave her a CD and I said ‘I want you come back’. The next day she comes in the room full of people like (music producer) Joe Bishara and these other guys, tattooed, pierced, complete Goth dudes.

    Producer, Mark Burg talks about casting Paris and how nobody wanted her, “There wasn’t a single person in the room that wanted to cast Paris Hilton,” Bousman explains, “Then once she came in, there was no one that was not 100% convinced she was Amber Sweet. Her voice in this is incredible.” With this bit of casting a new element was brought to the film that will (in due course) be a make or break move.

    Posted: November 2nd, 2007
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    More Of Repo! Interview With Paris Hilton

    Sorry for the lack of news. I couldn’t come online yesterday night. However, I’ve very happy to show you guys another portion of the Repo! interview. In this one, you get to hear from the director, who was sitting right next to Paris.

    In other news, Paris was seen partying at LAX (Las Vegas, I think) in a jail costume. If I missed an important news item, let me know. I will also reply to your emails later in the day. Here’s the video:

    IGN published an article about Repo!, and here’s the paragraph about Amber Sweet!:

    Co-writer Darren Smith calls Paris Hilton’s Amber Sweet “a scalpel slut who loves to go under the knife and get a new face. So she’ll look different in each scene – people will barely recognize her. Paris has a few vocal solos and about ten choral numbers with other people. One is called ‘Come Up and Try My New Parts,’ where she has had yet another surgery done. The Amber character is also a drug addict. She addicted to a fictitious drug called Zydrate, which is taken from dead people. At the time of death, do you know how people supposedly get a euphoric high and see a white light? We developed it so that a chemical that is given off called Zydrate.” The casting of tabloid magnet and House of Wax starlet Paris Hilton has not exactly met with a roar of approval from some, but Smith said Hilton was the right person for the part. “We auditioned several great people for the role, and Paris was definitely the best. It was Darren Bousman’s idea to cast her. And she’s a great sport. She really loves this project and she gets it. She’s spoofing herself and the kind of celebrity culture that she’s part of. There’s lots of violence in this film and freaky, gratuitous sex.”

    Posted: November 2nd, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Singing “FIGHTIN’ OVER ME” At LAX

    Breaking News

    “Paris” Lives On!

    Here’s a new video of Paris Hilton singing her Hip Hop song “Fightin’ Over Me” at LAX club. I think she’s lip syncing it.

    Always a great pleasure to see Paris exposed to her music!
    Thanks to Clarke for reporting this.

    Posted: November 2nd, 2007
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    Kim Kardashian Speaks About Paris Hilton

    Kim Kardashian recently made a few comments about Paris Hilton. She is denying the rumors of a feud between her and Paris. At this point, I can’t confirm if they’re still friends, but if Kim says they are, well, I suppose they are.

    Anyway, I don’t know what’s going on with Kim these days, but without going into details, I will personally say that I don’t think she knows how to handle her fame.

    Posted: November 2nd, 2007
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