Video Of Paris Hilton Protecting Her Privacy Leaked By TMZ

    I’ve noticed that TMZ has been very aggressive lately. They’re trying to exploit stories and exaggerate them. It’s fascinating how they dig up everything just to amuse their haters and gain attention.

    So TMZ was one of the agencies trying to buy the “Paris Hilton Protecting Her Privacy” tape. It’s actually not as bad as the media was reporting it to be, but I have to be honest, watching this video, made me feel good.

    This is a very good video. I know that it’s against the law to do this. What? Screw the law! Paris never wanted to sell her private videos. And even if it’s owned by Rick Solomon, I think what Rick did was highly unethical. He just did it for the money, anyway.

    Posted: November 2nd, 2007
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    $5 Million Campaign For Promoting Can Can

    This is amazing. I don’t know if it’s exactly $5 million, but at least a million.

    According to BrandWeek, a 30-second video will air on the Jumbotron video billboard in New York’s Times Square. The spot will show behind-the-scenes and pictures of Can Can. The article says “it will run 2,700 times over its 8-week run” and of course, all of this for launched by Parlux.

    I’m also happy to learn that Can Can is doing well and “Parlux expects to generate about $20 million in revenues for its first full-year. ”

    A rep said: “The whole idea behind this product is very festive and glamorous,” said a rep, adding that the product is rolling out just in time for “holiday flirtations. It’s very much about Paris’ playful spirit, so why not do it in a big dramatic way, like the Jumbotron in Times Square?”

    Also for those who live in New York, Paris Hilton will be at Macy’s in Garden City on November 13, 2007 in support of the fragrance. 

    Posted: November 2nd, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Talks About Her Upcoming Shoe Line!

    PEOPLE caught up with Paris Hilton at Kitson boutique for the L.A. launch party where she revealed the inspiration for Can-Can. “I’ve always loved Moulin Rouge. I love that whole theme and the Can-Can dance is part of that. I thought it would be fun doing the campaign, the photo-shoot and everything in that style.” So what does the Can-Can smell like? “[It’s] a little more sophisticated. Still young and fun and flirty in the same way, but this one is more mature.” Get your own bottle of Paris Hilton’s Can-Can, $55, at And, look out for Paris’s shoe line coming out next month. The burgeoning business woman tells PEOPLE, “They’re really cool and totally my signature style. The bottom of the whole shoe is pink and has my name in it! [They’re] really comfortable shoes that you can wear anywhere.”


    Posted: October 31st, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Going To Las Vegas (Maybe)

    After hopping on the good foot at Hyde, Paris Hilton stopped by a West Hollywood 7-11 last night to load up on snacks before heading home. She may not have had anything to report to the paps – but her smile and her sparkling dress brightened up our night nonetheless!


    Posted: October 31st, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Speaks About Repo! And Her Music In An Interview With AP

    Paris Hilton recently did an interview with the AP and talked about the movie Repo! The Genetic Opera and her Repo! songs more in depth. Here’s the video:

    “At the opera, tonight!”
    Ahh, I wish every interview was like this. Very interesting, but too short! BTW, just to mention… you can download the Repo! trailer here.

    Posted: October 30th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Hears “TURN IT UP” And “STARS ARE BLIND” In Russian Boutique

    As you know Paris Hilton is in Russia promoting someone else’s clothing line. While she was there shopping in fashion designer Kira Plastinina’s boutique, she heard several times her songs “Turn It Up” and “Stars Are Blind.” This is big news, my friends. I’m not kidding.

    So after buying 10 000$ worth of stuffs and leaving the store, she meet with Kira to answer a few questions at a press conference.

    BTW, I should mention that I’m also impressed by Kira Plastinina’s work especially since she’s very young. I think it’s great that she built all of this herself.

    While Paris was answering questions, about music, she said she recorded an album for Repo! lol ok, I know. But she didn’t talk about her second album. If you hear something about it in the video, let me know!

    To be honest, I didn’t really understand why Paris needed to be there to promote someone else’s clothing line. She says she likes Kira’s collection, but the whole thing is kinda irrelevant and “anticlimactic”. Anyway, just saying…

    However, it’s good that Paris visited a country like Russia. I don’t think she’s been there before, so I’m happy for Russian fans.

    Finally, here’s the video from (middle part is where press conference starts).

    Posted: October 30th, 2007
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    Who Wants “Paris Hilton – Come Up and Try My New Parts.mp3” ?

    More and less Hate site published an article about Paris Hilton in Repo. In the movie, Paris Hilton is addicted to plastic surgery and drugs, very anti-Paris!

    “There’s so many great songs in the movie, but one of the songs I really loved doing was ‘Come Up and Try My New Parts,’ which is a very sexy song,” explained Paris Hilton.

    “It’s music I’ve never even sang before, kind of hard rock. … [My character] is obsessed with plastic surgery — which everybody is, basically — and they all go to GeneCo to get their new body parts, and my father owns the company. So I feel like I’m kind of also showing everybody [the goods], kinda like a commercial.”

    Writer Darren Smith said: “[Hilton’s character] is addicted to a fictitious drug called Zydrate, which is taken from dead people at the time of their death. You know how people supposedly get a euphoric high and see a white light before they die? We hypothesized that a chemical is given off called Zydrate, and if you extract it you can feel that same sense of pleasure.” 

    “[Hilton’s character] Amber Sweet wants one more hit of Zydrate, and she has no money left, so she goes up to [a grave-robbing character played by Zdunich] and says, ‘I know another way I could pay you” added Smith.

    STOP! [“The person who wrote the article added this passage: A promiscuous, hard-partying, vain heiress who makes headlines with her dad’s money and a willingness to flaunt her figure? Suddenly this futuristic flick doesn’t sound so far off.” I don’t know if this is bigotry or if the person is just clueless, but already, I know he has the wrong image of Paris. Some of the things he wrote in that quote is just plain false. I smell hatred!]

    “No, this was a stage show that we’ve been doing for eight years now — and in the stage show we had a limited budget and couldn’t do prosthetics, but it was all the same things,” explained “Saw” director Darren Lynn Bousman, insisting that the role wasn’t written with Hilton in mind. “The script hasn’t really changed that much from the stage production to the movie. … I’ll be honest, I was a disbeliever originally … but Paris pretty much came in and owned it. Meeting her was so crazy, because within five minutes of meeting her we were like, ‘This is Amber Sweet!’ ”

    “Paris looks different in every single scene; she’s what we call in the movie a ‘scalpel slut,’ ” Smith explained. “She loves to go under the knife every week to get her new face. So she’ll look different in each scene — people will barely recognize her.”

    “I really wanted this part. I knew it was going to be hard work to get this because it was like nothing I had ever been asked to do,” the “Simple Life” star explained. “I just really put my heart and soul into it and rehearsed every single day.”

    “I think, with being an actress, you have to really feel those feelings [of pain] and know how it is,” she said, softening her voice. “I’ve experienced a lot in life, so I can take things from my personal life and use them in my acting. That’s what I’ve been learning the past couple of years, how to do that. It has to be seen within your eyes, and when I’m doing certain scenes I’ll kind of try to relate it to my life.”

    “I’ve been working so much; we’re on set early every day and then work till late at night,” Hilton explained of the ads. “So I haven’t been out that much. But I am having a party out here … a wrap party for the movie.”

    Thanks to Django and MTV

    Posted: October 30th, 2007
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