Behind The Scenes: Paris Hilton Doing Can Can

    This is the behind the scenes of Paris Hilton shooting her photo shoot for Can Can. The new fragrance is already available in stores, but not on the internet, except at Kitson’s website. You can also find it on eBay. Plus, it’s usually much cheaper buying it from there.

    Posted: October 29th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton At Kitson For Can Can Launch

    Yes, the air at Kitson was heavy with the hotel heiress’ scent on Saturday afternoon as the lovely Ms. Hilton stopped by to promote her new fragrance. She also made a few teenage admirers very happy as she generously gave them some free bottles as gifts.


    Posted: October 29th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Is In Russia

    Paris Hilton struts her stuff in MoscowWell, those news reports were correct. According to, Paris Hilton is currently in Russia promoting someone else’s clothing line, but probably more for the money, I suppose.

    I said in the past that promoting someone else’s clothing line is not a good idea because she has her own line. And I think businesses that are associated with Paris Hilton, the brand, don’t like this either.

    Bob Van Ronkel, President of the ‘Doors to Hollywood’ company, now believes this is a brilland PR move for her young talented Kira Plastinina. Anyway, maybe it’s business and she’s the boss. Here’s a part of the article:

    The hotel-chain heiress was applauded by the large crowd at the show as she smiled and pointed at the most interesting designs on the catwalk. At the end of the event she presented 15-year-old Kira Plastinina with a huge bouquet of flowers.

    Paris Hilton is due to talk to the media on Tuesday, where she’s expected to explain why promoting Kira Plastinina’s collection.

    According to reports, she’s getting about $US 2 million for her two or three days’ work in the Russian capital.

    Surprisingly perhaps, she is not staying at the Hilton in Moscow. She’s booked in at the Hyatt, considered to be the finest hotel in the Russian capital.

    Posted: October 29th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton: Rwanda Trip Will Take Place In 2008

    Paris Hilton spoke with Extra during the Can Can launch. Extra asked her questions about her Rwanda trip, the Simple Life, etc!

    About Rwanda Trip

    It’s going to be for next year. I want to travel the world. There’s a lot I could do, and a lot I could help.

    About the Reality TV Show 

    [Paris says Playing for Good, had planned to bring cameras] I just want to go for myself. Why would I do a reality show there? [Well, didn’t she mention it in Newsweek?]

    About Simple Life [instead of about hrm… her music, maybe?]

    [She says it’s time to move on] I’ve been doing five seasons. I love the show. My best friend is about to have a baby…We don’t want to be doing ‘The Simple Life’ forever. We’ve grown out of that stage.

    About the stupid Kid Rock rumors

    I’ve known him for years. Of course when we’re photographed together people are going to say something…I think he’s a really nice, cool guy. But we’re just friends. I’m single right now.


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    Co-Star Christine Lakin Talks About Paris Hilton And “Hottie”

    She’s typically seen standing next to Nicole Ritchie, but hotel heiress Paris Hilton is abandoning her well-coiffed entourage this winter, and will instead star opposite a character more after-school special, and less celebrity sidekick.

    “I didn’t know what to expect going in quite frankly,” admitted Hilton’s “The Hottie and the Nottie” co-star Christine Lakin, when we caught up with her recently. “But I can’t say enough about how much [Hilton] went out of her way to embrace both myself and my co-star [Joel Moore]; she was so lovely.”

    In the comedy, due out this February, Hilton refuses to marry her on-screen boyfriend (Moore) until he finds a suitable suitor for her fugly best friend, played by Lakin. “I truly look like a cavewoman in this film,” laughed Lakin, who underwent two hours of makeup and prosthetics each day before shooting. “I had moles, acne and a unibrow! I was balding!”

    The sex-appeal-challenged costar said, however, that the movie’s screwball humor didn’t end once the cameras stopped rolling. “That damn mole would never stay on my face,” she remembered. “We’d be in the middle of something, and I’d say to her ‘Oh God, my mole is gone!’ and then it’d be on her clothes somewhere.”

    The movie will mark the first leading role for reality-star Hilton, known more for movie cameos and naughty escapades than befriending “nottie” pals. Despite her costar’s notoriety, Lakin swears that off screen, hottie Hilton is anything but snotty. In fact, the twosome even spent girlie time bonding at the heiress’s house.

    “Her house was very nice, beautifully decorated and modest,” Lakin revealed. “But her closet is to die for – absolutely gorgeous!”


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    Paris Hilton At The Launch Of Can Can In LA

    Paris Hilton: Shoe line is coming out next month!
    Hey Paris! What about the second album?

    Can Can, was inspired by the moves of the “Moulin Rouge” (which was originally a party palace of Parisian prostitutes), the sweet smell of this particular Paris is more nice than it is naughty, especially because a portion of proceeds will benefit the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.

    “I love fragrances — this is my fifth fragrance now,” the hotel heiress told us on Saturday at the launch of her new scent at hip clothing store Kitson on Robertson Boulevard. “As women, I think it’s great just to smell nice. It feels good when people always are complimenting me, and I believe smell is a very signature thing — it is something you’re going to remember somebody by.”

    And even though she learned the cheeky panty-peeking Can Can for the promo video, Paris would prefer you stayed covered from top to toe — literally.

    “I love creating, I love doing fashion and my clothing line is doing really well and it’s totally my style,” she added. “I have a shoe line launching in the next month so it’s cool because my style always changes.”

    But despite Hilton’s difficult year, this gal has again proven that she “Can Can” do whatever she puts her mind toward — and that includes getting rhythmical for the rock opera “Repo!” which she just finished filming in Canada.

    “I’m happy to be home, but I had so much fun,” she said. “It was a really fun experience, but already I really miss the cast and crew. They were all amazing.”

    And even though Coco Chanel once said that a woman should spray her scent all over and everywhere she wants to be kissed, Paris has a much more “Simple” solution.

    “I prefer just to dab some on the neck — that’s the sweetest spot,” she said.


    Posted: October 29th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton In Wonderland!

    Paris Hilton dressed as a sexy Alice in Wonderland!

    That’s our Paris! Freakin’ hilarious! Love the eyes!

    Posted: October 28th, 2007
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