Repo! Wraps Today In Toronto

    Thats rights friends – today REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA wraps in Toronto. As most of you know by now – we premiered a clip from REPO on the SPIKE AWARDS. Thank you all for your kind words and comments – – I stick by my promise – REPO is unlike anything you have ever seen…

    I know some people where taken aback by ‘PARIS’ in the trailer – – I stand by my decision of casting her – as she is amazing as Amber Sweet… And when the movie is released – people will see why she was cast. Her voice is great – and her character is great!

    But I do think Repo is not an easy movie to grasp upon a 80 second teaser trailer… I wish I could have a big party tomorrow and open up club and just SHOW everyone what this movie is… It is NOT SAW – – It is not some cheesy musical.

    Today we wrap all our actors – and tear down the sets… After years and years of battling the world to get this film made – I stand here with a mixed bag of emotions… Estatic that I was able to bring this thing to life… But sick to my stomache to think it’s over… Every single day coming to set has been like a dream come true – because I know I am involved in something big – bigger than me. This film is not some cookie cutter – run of the mill – slice and dice’em flick… But a very special and unique story… It has been an honor to work with the people I have on this film…

    Then – next month – once Saw Mania is finished help me promote the fuck out of REPO! As this is truly a project not to be missed!

    Already friends and loyal readers – my cast is on set waiting! I must stop blogging – and go direct the final song of REPO – appropriately titled “I DIDN’T KNOW I’D LOVE YOU SO MUCH!”

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    Posted: October 25th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton “Most Talked Person” In 2007

    Hate to bring this up again, but according to a survey by a Canadian communications company Paris Hilton was the most talked person in 2007 because of the jail sentence, of course. Here’s a part of the article.

    Socialite heiress Singer and Actress Hilton came above the Queen as the personality with the most coverage in a survey of 632 million news items across 120 countries carried out by Influence Communications.

    Presenting the findings at this year’s News Xchange broadcast news conference in Berlin, Influence Communications president, Jean-Francois Dumas, said the story of Hilton’s jail time was the 13th biggest story of the year so far.

    Posted: October 25th, 2007
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    Repo! The Genetic Opera About To Hit #1 Spot!!!

    Yes, already, Repo! is almost a hit! Darren Lynn Bousman and Paris Hilton should be very proud of this.

    Go on, click on “Videos” and voilà! Repo! trailer is right there, just like when “Nothing in this World” was first released on YouTube. Except it hit #2 for a day. Notice: “nothing in this world can stop us tonight” and “at the opera tonight” lol. Nevermind.

    The video is still climbing, but it was added this morning by Sarah Brightman. Did I say Sarah Brightman? In case, you didn’t know, she is a famous opera singer. Believe it or not, I just learned this today. Now I understand why everyone is excited to see Sarah in this movie!

    Anyway! This is excellent news! And about people’s reaction, well, it’s mixed. I’ve read every cruel and unkind comments. I think people are trashing it mainly because Paris is in it. Others were really impressed and found it kewl.

    Posted: October 24th, 2007
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    Download Paris Hilton’s New Repo! Song

    One more hit for the show…!

    You won’t see Repo! The Genetic Opera until April 2008, unfortunately. Omg, yes, until April 2008! That’s brutal.

    But you heard a short clip of Paris Hilton singing “One more hit for the show, make it fast…”, so at least we finally heard something new lol.

    Anyway, until then, download the song from the trailer. Another addictive and quality song from Paris Hilton (and Repo! stars, of course!).

    Posted: October 24th, 2007
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    Pictures Of Paris Hilton In Repo!

    According to fans, this is Paris Hilton in Repo! You guys are right, her voice is different in the movie, but it’s really nice. And I’m already addicted to the music!

    Paris Hilton in Repo

    Paris Hilton in Repo

    Posted: October 24th, 2007
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    Repo! The Genetic Opera – Short Trailer Out!


    The movie won’t be out until April 2008, but here’s the short trailer. It’s what the crowd at Scream Awards 2007 saw. No doubt, this is definitely a movie worth to watch. It has a very nice setting, and indeed, it kinda reminds me of my favourite movie “Queen of the Damned.” At the beginning, the lady you see walking singing, the camera shooting in certain angle and the background remind a lot of Pandora in a scene. Anyway, you guys have probably no idea what I’m talking about! But who cares, this is amazing, except the logo should’ve been designed a bit better.

    It’s exactly how I imagined the movie would look like! So did anyone see Paris? I’m not very good at recognizing people like this.

    Posted: October 23rd, 2007
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    Reminder For Paris Hilton Fans

    Just reminding you guys to not miss Scream Awards 2007 tonight. It will air on Spike TV, at 10:00 PM-Midnight, ET/PT. Watch Paris Hilton get booed for being an “IT” girl. No, watch Scream Awards to catch a preview of Repo! And who knows, you might see and hear her sing a new song! I don’t know if the footage will pop up online, but I think it will.

    Also, don’t forget that on October 27th, 2007, Paris Hilton will officially her newest fragrance “Can Can” at Kitson, LA.

    Posted: October 23rd, 2007
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