Someone Named Chris Alexander Probably Heard Paris Hilton’s Repo! Songs

    Another Paris Hilton non-fan hears a couple of new tunes sang by the singer:

    Seeing and hearing Ogre (with his skin masks, head bolts and lithe swagger), the larger-than-life Sorvino (an accomplished tenor in his own right), the ravishing chanteuse Brightman (outfitted in ice-blue contacts) and breathy-voiced tabloid princess Hilton sharing space and swapping songs is something that only the most jaded counterculture addict could deny, and one whose innate surrealism even Bousman hasn’t been fully able to accept yet. “I never really thought I’d be making a movie like this,” says the seemingly tireless director. “More importantly, I never thought I’d be making a movie like this with Paris Hilton and Ogre in it! Together! How crazy is that?”

    Full article @ Fangoria

    Posted: October 23rd, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Might Visit Moscow Soon

    This is not one of my favourite subjects to talk about, but I have to do it for fans who like fashion and everything related to it.

    According to a new (unconfirmed) report from Russia, Paris is said to attend Moscow Fashion Week which starts on October 24. She’s also supposed to appear on Russian fashion designer Kira Plastinina’s TV Show.

    The report says that Kira adores Paris and wants her father Sergei Plastinin, to invite the actress and singer to the fashion show. It also stats that Paris will be paid 2 million dollars for her appearance.

    But here’s the bad news, in my opinion: Paris may agree to appear “in a TV advert for Kira Plastinina’s line of clothing.” That is bad news; it’s not a good move by Paris. This is because she has her own clothing line to promote. She shouldn’t be promoting products that don’t belong to her.

    I think it’s awful, especially since her clothing line has almost somehow disappeared from the face of the internet. Really, can you name me more than one website where you can buy her clothes? Or a website where they carry the full collection?

    I’m not planning to promote her clothes until Dollhouse (and Paris) gets serious. According to some fans in US , some Macy’s and Nordstorm don’t even sell her clothes. Someone in Canada asked me in person where she could find her clothing line. And I’m even going to mention the lost users who always search for her clothing line on the internet.

    Posted: October 23rd, 2007
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    Bill Moseley Drops A Paris Hilton Bomb On Haters

    Alright, so you heard about the booing. Rumors aside, we can now analyse exactly what happened at the Scream Awards with this clip.

    First, most of the crowd was cheering, but only a few stubborn haters started booing for no good reason, of course. But Paris quickly dropped a mini bomb (ignoring them with a loud voice).

    That mini bomb was followed by a major bomb from her co-star Bill Moseley. This big bomb exploded and released “act,” “dance” and “sing” on haters. Watch it!

    Thanks to TMZ and Parisfan29

    Posted: October 22nd, 2007
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    Holly…! Footage From Scream Awards LEAKED!

    The footage which is supposed to be shown this Tuesday on Scream Awards 2007 has been leaked by “trueenemy0.” Unfortunately, it is incomplete and I didn’t see Paris Hilton in this one either. The movie looks awesome!

    NOTE: Lionsgate just removed the video because of copyright issues. Actually, it is completely a dumb move from their part. Posting a video like this is excellent marketing, but these major studios are often very ignorant. Anyway I have the video for the moment, but obviously I won’t post it or else, Lionsgate will whine again.

    UPDATE: posted the clip on their website.

    Posted: October 22nd, 2007
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    Darren Lynn Bousman Comments About Paris Hilton And Repo!

    TONY: I have to ask you about Paris Hilton in Repo. What did you see in her that made you want to cast her?

    Darren Lynn Bousman: She was different, and I wanted to cast someone that was different. I did not want to go with someone that everybody was expecting, and I think this movie is different, edgy, and it’s crazy and it’s outside the box, and so is she.

    TONY: How much pressure do you feel with Repo coming up? You’ve been involved in the Saw films, and they’ve made so much money. With Repo, do you feel like you have to live up to that and keep raising the bar?

    Darren Lynn Bousman: With Repo, it’s a completely different thing. Repo is so outside the box, and that’s the movie I’ve been wanting to make for ten years now. So, I don’t really feel any pressure. This has been in my head for ten years, and the question now is will audiences get it? But I couldn’t be more excited with the footage we have and the actors that we have in it.


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    New “I Want You” Remixes!

    sam998899 produced a couple of Paris Hilton’s “I Want You” remixes. He also posted them on his website.

    I Want You [Sam998899’s 67 Club Mix]
    I Want You [Sam998899’s 67 Radio Mix Instrumental]
    I Want You [Sam998899’s 67 Radio Mix]

    Posted: October 21st, 2007
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    What Really Happened With Paris Hilton On Repo! Stage

    Alright, I have some exciting news, today! You probably won’t hear this elsewhere, because most websites are busy discussing about Paris Hilton wanting to live forever.

    It’s about Paris’ musical performance. I reported a few days ago that the extras were booing Paris while she was singing a song. And I also said that things didn’t go so well. Later, Mat suggested that maybe it’s supposed to be that way. Now I received an email from someone who was actually present during Paris’ muscial performance. From “Bill”:

    I was on the set of Repo, On the day you spoke about. The song she sang was meant to be bad.She is playing a character that wants to be a star of the opera.You should give her a chance on this one.

    Now this makes a lot more sense. Plus, as some of you said, the director controls and instructs the crowd. And of course, I see a bit misunderstanding, but that’s understandable. We always give Paris a chance; this is not a hate site.

    Thanks Bill for the info.

    Posted: October 21st, 2007
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