New Repo! Clips! Paris Hilton, Not Included!

    Rachel posted a link to Repo clips here and on the forum. Unfortunately, they are very short clips, but worse, we don’t see Paris anywhere.

    According to, we’ll see the Paris Hilton footage on Scream Awards 2007 which airs on this Tuesday.

    Anyway, if you want to have a taste of Repo! Here are the clips filmed by actress Alexa Vega:

    You can view some more clips here.

    Posted: October 21st, 2007
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    Canada Loves Paris Hilton!


     A packed house at the Guvernment in Toronto reaches out for Paris Hilton

    Paris Hilton celebrates Mr. Mazzacone’s birthday. He is the exclusive producer of Repo!


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    Only Three Days Left Of Repo Filming

    Fellow SAW and REPO fans… Be SURE to tune into SPIKE TV’S SCREAM AWARDS – airing NEXT WEEK – – check your local times and all that Jazz…

    You will get a special treat – BOTH from SAW and REPO!!!!

    I am so so so so excited!!!! What I am not excited about is only 3 days left of REPO filming… Oh well… I guess now I just look forward to you guys seeing it!!!!

    Talk to you all soon,

    Posted: October 20th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton’s Musical Performance On Repo Stage!

    Finally, this is no lame news; this is this week’s biggest news. So what happened with Paris Hilton’s debut musical performance?

    Well… According to my sources, things didn’t go so well, but neither I or they can confirm because they weren’t there, although one of them saw a footage of Paris Hilton singing on stage in front of 200 not-so-nice participants.

    Remember the review from I posted yesturday? Well, yes, I can almost confirm that it is not a fake review. Everything you read is probably correct, but the person who wrote it didn’t see Paris live.

    Kemi ( was one of the extras who participated in Repo! yesturday. She was kind enough to promise me that she would sent me a review, and she did yesturday. She also posted it on her website. Let me just post her review:

    The biggest surprise is that Ms Hilton performed yesterday but was not present today. I got there south of downtown and we had to check into a holding room which was warm and anyone who had to change did so as we all had to wear evening gowns. […] We were more than extras as we actually acted into scenes that Paris had to be in. What the film crew was actually doing were inserts into the movie so that if one doesn’t look good, they add another so there were 4 sets of extras. Two yesterday and two today.Paris, I understand sang her way through the whole thing and I saw some of that footage. She can sing only if people took her seriously. Anyhow, we had to repeat this scene going into the opera house, sitting down, applauding and making expressions of all kinds based on what we were watching on stage. Lots of semi nudity with Alexa Vega and her dancers. Paul Sorvino was just OK. You would think he was the Director of the movie as he somewhat was in charge. This movie should be very sci-fi like when it’s done with.

    Notice what Kemi wrote: “She can sing only if people took her seriously.” Isn’t that interesting? So we can assume that the extras were not encouraging her, and they certainly weren’t taking her seriously. That’s interesting! It already shows that people don’t take her work seriously. Repo! should change all of that negativity.

    I asked Kemi if she could give me more information about the footage she saw. Here’s what I got:

    In the scene on that editing footage which I saw was Paris just singing on stage. That’s it really. No one has ever taken the Hilton sisters seriously as we in the media call them “famous for being famous.” I can’t wait to see myself where they’ll insert us in the movie.

    So, now hopefully you get it. Even if Paris has an amazing album, people won’t take her seriously until they are “forced” to see something amazing. If Repo! becomes a huge success (as it should), then people will finally stop being ignorant and Paris will have a success career in music.

    I think that’s all there is about her musical performance at the moment. I encourage Paris to keep up the good work! And thanks to Kemi for her review!

    Posted: October 19th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Seen With Stavros

    Now that Paris is back in town, the on again, off again couple met up on the sly last night at Area. Stavros kept a lo-pro as he exited the club, just minutes before Paris. After a lot of back-and-forth, the two eventually stopped traffic — literally — for a chat in the middle of the street. Arranging a secret rendez-vous, perhaps?


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    Paris Hilton At L.A. Fashion Week

    Light bulbs flashed and necks swiveled when Hilton sashayed down the runway Thursday night to her front-row seat at Smashbox Studios’ main tent arm-in-arm with the label’s designer, Nony Tochterman.

    Hilton, wearing a Petro Zillia midnight blue satin jumpsuit, had missed her sister Nicky’s spring Chick collection earlier in the week.

    “I’ve been shooting a film in Toronto for two months,” Hilton told The Associated Press, adding that she had arrived in town the night before for Spike TV’s Scream Awards and to see Petro Zillia’s “great collection.”


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    Shanna Moakler Still Trash-Talking About Paris Hilton

    Evil Jealous Bitch Shanna Moakler is still dissing Paris Hilton. One thing that you need to understand about this woman is that she obviously loves attention. Compare her attitude and behavior to Paris’. I personally don’t like people like her who think beauty means you can act superior in front of others.

    I’m sure you don’t know a lot about her, but just by looking at her, you can tell she’s like that. However, she wasn’t like this before Travis hooked up with Paris. I’m sure deep down, Shanna always had a black heart for Paris. Paris hasn’t even spoken a word about her since Shanna hit her last year.

    When (seeking drama) asked for her thoughts about Paris, she replied “I don’t think about her very much.” But Shanna couldn’t resist to slam Paris once more, and pretty much act like an idiotic hater. When they asked for her opinion on Paris’ trip to Rwanda, the Evil Jealous Bitch ignored the question and said: “She also said she wanted to have children, too, and that’s pretty frightening as well.”

    Posted: October 18th, 2007
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