Paris Hilton In L.A. For Now

    Paris Hilton has some free time for the time being. They were supposed to shoot Repo! with those 200 participants, but according to Kemi, it was cancelled because of fog! More about this later.

    Paris should be back to Toronto this weekend to continue filming Repo! and of course, perform her musical debut.

    Update: This is kinda weird. I just read comments on TMZ written by someone who was one of the extras. He or she is saying that the cast was lip-syncing on stage. Ah! This person also has a few not-so-nice comments about Paris and her performance. Apparently, grown-ups (25 years and older) booed Paris’ song? However, mtcutie also adds “On the up side everyone said that at the end of the day she was very friendly to all of the extras and came to say hello in our holding room.” I don’t know if this is a fake review and it doesn’t seems to be, but one of the extras, Kemi, said the shooting was cancelled today.

    You can read the full review here.

    Posted: October 18th, 2007
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    Rep: Paris Hilton Is Not Going To Make A Reality Show Based On Her Rwanda Trip

    ExtraTV just reported that Paris Hilton is not planning to make a reality TV show. They spoke to one of Paris’s reps, and he’s denying it and saying it’s “not true at all.”

    The new reality show was supposedly going to be called “The Philanthropist.” I’m not sure about this.

    Posted: October 18th, 2007
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    A Blatant Lie Pops Up On Celebrity News Sites

    Looks like Paris Hilton is making those celebrity journalist go crazy. I mean she hasn’t said much during the past few weeks. So now, because of this, the journalists are trying to put words into her mouth, but it’s not working.

    So what’s the latest big lie? It’s about Paris Hilton wanting to live forever! According to the fake article, she has invested a large sum of  money in the world’s biggest suspended animation cemetery, Cryonics  Institute, to get what she wants. wrote “She wants her body to be preserved and then brought back to life, along with  her favourite pets, including her famous Chihuahua Tinkerbell and new mutt,  Yorkshire Terrier Cinderella.”

    The goal of the article is to show us that Paris is selfish and dumb. The article quotes a fake Paris Hilton “It’s so cool. Almost all the cells in the body are still alive when death is pronounced. And if you’re immediately cooled, you can be perfectly preserved. My life could be extended by hundreds and thousands of years.” LOL. But believe it or not, there are a lot people out there who will read this and believe it!

    Posted: October 18th, 2007
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    Filming Of Repo! Almost Over!

    It just hit me tonight – at midnight – that I only have 5 more days of shooting… I have never wanted something to NOT to end more in my entire life. This has been a life changing experience – every morning I wake up I feel like a kid in a candy store… I am working with the most amazing people – and I don’t want this to end…

    Tomorrow morning starts our biggest week. We have no less than 200 extra’s plus our main cast, PLUS we are shooting our biggest song and death numbers…

    By the way – – everyone keep an eye out for the SCREAM AWARDS airing on SPIKE TV – – there ‘might’ be a little surprise!!!

    Keep your fingers crossed!!!


    Posted: October 17th, 2007
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    Oh, The New Paris Hilton Rumors!

    I have three more lame news items to report for you today, but keep in mind, none of them are confirmed reports! In other words, what you’re about to read might be complete crap. However, I didn’t invent them; they come from our wonderful celebrity news sites.

    The first report is about Paris Hilton breaking up with Alex Vaggo. Paris has always said that nothing is going on between her and Alex. Well, in today’s British newspaper The Sun, it says she dropped Alex because “he is too shy”. According to the report, he could not adapt to her social lifestyle. Whoa. The report also stats “She loved his good looks, but she gets bored very quickly, and he was too shy and quiet for her. She likes bad boys.” Yeah, whatever.

    The second report is from another British website Daily Star. This one says that Paris has agreed to appear on a TV show called “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here”. According to Daily Star, something happened with Big Brother and so she won’t appear on that one. She’ll be heading into the jungle and will receive £500,000 for her role. This is supposed to show that Paris has changed, somehow. The report remarks: “Paris really wants to prove to everyone how much jail has changed her. She’s terrified of bugs and snakes but she is willing to give this a go just to show the world that she isn’t just a party animal.” Take this one, too, with a grain of salt.

    Finally, the third one tells us that Paris wants to appear on a new movie “Dallas” (which is based on the popular TV show). I’ve heard about this one long time ago, but the rumor was never confirmed. However, this latest report is supposed to show us how selfish and aggressive Paris is. The article is from OK!-magazine, and it starts with this phrase “After her magnificent, Oscar-worthy turn in 2005’s House of Wax”. Now you know what I’m thinking, right? Their source reports: “Paris is pretty eager to get into the film. She’s having her manager and even friends pull favors just to get her an audition.” The problem for Paris is that according to OK!, actress Katie Cassidy is leading the role, but “aggressive” Paris wants it also. “In her mind she’s already part of American royalty by being a Hilton. So she thinks it will be perfect casting. She’s actually surprised the producers haven’t thought of this themselves!” according to OK!’s source. How blatantly hateful and bias, unknown source!

    Posted: October 17th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Enjoying Her Break In Toronto, Canada

    Paris Hilton and mamma at Sotto Sotto where a fine dinner was had by all.

    Paris Hilton enjoys her day off from the set of Repo! The Genetic Opera… Shopping at Roots in the Kiddie Section…

    Paris wearing a “CANADA” sweater?


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    “Hilton” In The’s Top Headlines

    It took them a while, but CNN International finally decided that the latest news about Paris going to Rwanda is worthy enough to put its headline on top of CNN International (’s front page, next to a picture of a smiling US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, who works for the world’s #1 terrorist, Bush, greeting Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas.

    The latest Hilton news was well published on the internet, but it didn’t become a very popular news item. I’m surprised that CNN put a headline on top, but they love adding Hilton headlines all the time, and I love seeing them. However, that doesn’t mean CNN is pro-Paris!

    I also wanted to mention that there a few haters who are even criticizing her doing good, not the “smarter” haters, but more the idiotic-type ones. One argument is that she’s doing this just so she can show us that she has changed when she hasn’t (according to haters). Or that if she really cared about Rwanda, she souldn’t be bragging about her trip. Whether she really cares or not isn’t important at this point. Just the fact that she’s doing something good, she should be praised for it.

    Now the ones who say that she should keep her mouth shut and just go there without anyone knowing about it just don’t make sense. Paris is using her celebrity power to bring attention to wartorn Rwanda. One of these days, I’ll make a page about Rwanda. Paris has done charity work many times in the past, but her work just doesn’t get mentioned. People often use my “Charity Work” page to inform people about her charity work. So yes, it is essential that these things be mentioned in the media. And a reality show about her trip is a medium to inform the world regarding her work and the situation in Rwanda and in many other African countries. This is a very idea, but most importantly, her trip needs to be effective with productive results, so we’ll be watching closely…

    Posted: October 15th, 2007
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