Paris Hilton Will Sing 7 out of 55 Songs In Repo!

    A hater recently announced that Paris Hilton will sing 7 songs on Repo! There are 55 songs, but some of them are like 30 second songs. So that might be about 25 minutes or 20 minutes or less of Paris Hilton in Repo! depending on how long each song is. That’s a bit too short, but normal I suppose.

    This hater also comments: “I may be a tad unfair due to my own opinion and bias against Paris” before informing us of this important music news. I’ve also read a couple of comments from people who learned that Paris will be singing in Repo! Let me tell you that this hater, like all haters, is not giving his opinion. It really isn’t his honest and intelligent opinion in any way. Also, the hater was from, not I think.

    He’s been thought to hate and always negative when he starts talking about Paris because the media has always been negative towards Paris. He may also be someone who naturally discriminates against rich, pretty and famous girls. But when haters say “it’s my opinion”, it is usually an irrational one and 90% of the time, they don’t understand Paris the way we do. Well, this particular hater may not be a real hater, but he has no real good reason have a negative and bias opinion. I’m very sure of that!

    Okay… I just felt like saying that because people will instantly attack her when Repo! comes out. The hater also reports: “As for what [Music Director for the upcoming rock musical film “Repo!] Yoshiki thinks of Paris, he is reported to approve of her singing by saying that she put in serious effort for the recording.”

    Posted: October 6th, 2007
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    More About Judi Debella And Her Letter To Paris

    The knives are already out against Paris Hilton, Judi’s family is pressure her to sue Paris Hilton. However, Judi thinks her letter might have influenced Paris in a positive way and she really appreciates that her work gained a lot of attention. She just wants to get credit for it. She also wants to wait and see if Paris has really changed, but unfortunately, Judi doesn’t visit to see and learn about the real Paris Hilton.

    But it is semi-hateful writers like Joel Stein who influence her by twisting things around and thinking that Paris actually said she would stop partying. She never said that! She said she wanted to work more on her career, but no one understands this. No one understands what she talks about when she says that.

    Joel Stein wrote an article about this story on in full details. You can read it here.

    By the way, this story hasn’t been popularized yet. The haters and all the bigots in the media and the celebrity fansites haven’t heard about it, but it’s only a matter of time before they do. My belief is that the faster Paris solves this, the less fuss there will be. Elliot Mintz has been told about this. Unfortunately, Paris put herself in this mess and I’m very disappointed in her. She could’ve just said “this is fan letter”, and it wouldn’t even have made her look bad.

    Some of Judi Debella’s quotes:

    “I knew in the first four words that it was my letter. I battled writing those words. ‘Do I want to put crossroads? Do I want to put turning point?’ And then I decided on both. Honestly, I’m flattered that she would take it and use it. Writing is pretty much my whole life. I could go after her and People magazine, but I did this to support her, and I don’t want to turn it against her.”

    Posted: October 6th, 2007
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    Jennifer Lopez: I Understand Paris Hilton

    Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez had this to say about Paris Hilton. Well, I guess I agree with her more and less, but I think fame hasn’t been a really big problem for Paris, except when some powerful people use it against her (AKA the discriminating judge).

    Jennifer Lopez said: “People wonder why Britney or Lindsay or Paris is acting crazy, but they don’t know what it means not to be able to walk outside your house. ‘Oh, but she has $10 million!’ they say, but that doesn’t help when you can’t… feel good. I feel so bad when I see people going through the beginnings of it. Because it’s not fun. You have to learn to navigate it because if you don’t, it will eat you up. It’s a lot of pressure. And you gotta keep grounded and find a way to deal with it and hopefully have love in your life.”

    Posted: October 6th, 2007
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    Darren Lynn Bousman: Paris Hilton Is Going To Surprise You!

    Onwards to REPO!!!

    Repo also ROCKS!!! We shot for one straight week with Paris, Bill, and Ogre!!! These three are insane!!! They all play siblings… What a fucked up family tree!!! I also got to say Paris is going to change a lot of peoples opinions of her… She is really going all out for this flick!

    Today we are shooting on of my favorite scenes – and also one of the most violent!!! I also managed to round up an old friend for a cameo today playing our poor, hapless victim!!! You will know him from SAW II – – but I will remain mum and let you keep guessing on who it is!!!!

    Until next time!


    Posted: October 5th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Lied On Larry King About Her Letter

    Ok, so here’s this week’s biggest news. You probably haven’t heard about this because it didn’t catch up with the media, anyway. And Paris is lucky that it hasn’t spread, but her fans will definitely know about it. Here at ParisHiltonSite, we are serious fans, so we report every news that is either good or bad and verifiable.

    5 WTVH is a news network run by CBS, and just yesturday, they reported about this strange story of someone accusing Paris of not crediting her work and presenting it as hers. Do you remember the letter that Paris Hilton read on Larry King Live? About “cross road” something? Apparently, it was written by Judi Debella. And Paris said on Larry King just before she read the letter that she wrote it.

    She’s not really a fan of Paris, but Judi Debella felt bad for Paris, and so she decided to write a letter for her while Paris was in prison. She says she’s flattered that her letter was chosen out among thousands of letters sent to Paris, but she would like to get credit for it. Something that Paris still hasn’t done.

    Here’s the video coverage.

    I watched the Larry King Live interview again, just to make sure. Paris did indeed say that she wrote this letter. Did Paris think she could get away with this and pretend like she actually wrote this letter? Did she do this knowing that it is unethical and wrong? Because reading a letter like that and saying that you wrote it on TV, is a bit too extreme. She should speak up about this or apologize and credit Judi Debella. It won’t hurt her. Or else this will not look good for her and will take note of this… 1 point off for Paris.

    On a side note, you can see that the letter meant a lot for her, and it seems like she learned something from it when she commented about it after reading it.

    Posted: October 5th, 2007
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    One Last Thing About Tyler Atkins

    Remember Tyler Atkins? The guy who bad-mouthed Paris Hilton after or before he met her? And I thought it was Alex Vaggo.

    According to, Tyler Atkins was already a Paris Hilton hater before he met her, but now they aren’t talking with each other since the last time they met in July.

    Before they met, Tyler had an old MySpace footage of him mocking Paris.

    Posted: October 5th, 2007
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    Helen Mirren: Paris Hilton Is The New Diana

    An Oscar-winner named Helen Mirren says Paris Hilton is the new Diana. Here’s what she said apparently (can’t confirm it):

    “I don’t applaud Paris Hilton…but I think she’s pretty cool. She’s developed, like Princess Diana, that deliberate foolishness, which is disarming.”

    Then, the media once again quoted another quote which never came out of Paris’ mouth, but everyone still thinks it did. This is a vicious lie invented by an interviewer who interviewed Paris Hilton.

    Paris Hilton never said this: “I think every decade has an iconic blonde – like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana – and right now, I’m that icon.”

    Well, to me Paris Hilton is not the new Diana, but there are some similarities. However, to me, she’s an entertainer and a singer and actress first and foremost. I don’t think Diana sang or acted. But I know Helen thinks differently about Paris.

    Posted: October 5th, 2007
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