Paris Hilton Attended A Charity Event For Aids Last Night

    Only reported this morning that Paris was at the amfAR benefit event to support AIDS research last night in New York City after doing her interview with David Letterman. Paris was one of the event’s chairmen according to the website.

    The guest list included Thom Filicia, Tim Gunn, Cynthia Nixon and Ted Allen.

    Posted: September 25th, 2007
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    Rep: Paris Hilton And Alex Vaggo Are Just Friends

    Well, it’s pretty obvious that the media wants Paris Hilton to find a boyfriend so they shove more gossip crap about her down our throats. I mean the gossip crap will instantly overwhelm what we want to hear about her career because already, career news is in short demand and because most people don’t take her work seriously.

    Alex Vaggo is a swedish tourist who met Paris “on the street near the USA Hostel in Hollywood” according to Page Six. Page Six of course, is saying that Alex is Paris’ new boyfriend. Because he met and is spending more time with her, the guy is “living much better now” and getting contracts from Ford Models.

    But right at the end of the article, we can find this quote: “Her new rep, Lori Glass Berk, said of the Swedish stud, ‘They are just friends.'”

    Page Six is also reporting that Paris is no longer represented by specialist Mike Sitrick. This is the guy who worked with Paris to change her image and make her concentrate on her work. He did a pretty good job because she has changed a lot since the jail time. By “changed a lot”, I mean she’s taking her work seriously, not the popular understanding that she has to go from bad to good. She wasn’t a bad person before the jail time, but just a bit ignorant to what she was saying in interviews, irresponsible and lazy and too much partying.

    Posted: September 25th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Avoids Question About Second Album!

    Must See!

    Check out this interview by Musique Plus! Damn, these Canadian reports are a zillion times smarter than Americans! Here’s another explosive question for Paris about her future and career.

    The interviewer asks a question about her second album and her future in music, Paris replies by saying that she’s recording musical horror Repo!, but doesn’t answer the question about her second album. The latest about this project is that it’s still on hold because she’s working on Repo! and trying to find new producers to work with.

    Musique Plus (a major music channel in Quebec), so aware of her music that they decided to play Paris’ second single “Nothing in this World” in the background followed by her first single “Stars are Blind”! You can’t ask for more!

    Posted: September 24th, 2007
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    Video Of Paris Hilton Inside Tribe Hyperclub!

    The media here in Quebec did an excellent of covering yesturday’s event. Generally, Montrealers aren’t big fans of Paris, but it seems that most of the haters in the media were very happy to see her. I think a lot more people learned that she was in Montreal after she left this morning because of today’s intense media coverage. Unfortunately, as I showed in the previous post, most Montrealers hardly know the real Paris we talk about everyday.

    LCN, a news agency, showed a couple of videos of Paris Hilton dancing inside the club. The owner of the club was on radio station Mix 96 earlier and said that Paris did not want to stay in VIP section, so as you can see, she was dancing in the middle of the club.

    Posted: September 24th, 2007
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    The Reality Of The Paris Hilton Phenomenon Exposed At Tribe

    Must See! Kevin wanted to see the video I was talking about in my previous post. He was having trouble playing the video. It’s a quiz that a smart Montrealer played with two reporters for Watching this video will make you understand why most fans and interviewers who meet Paris don’t ask (what I consider) “smart” questions. But fans who regularly visit this website like Kevin know exactly want I’m talking about.

    Here’s a translation:

    Staff: I have a quiz for you.
    R2: Yes.

    Staff: Name me one of Paris Hilton’s movies.
    R2: I know none!
    R1: The wax… Something
    R2: Ah, yes! House of Wax.
    R1: House of Wax! Horror movie with Paris Hilton!
    Staff: Ah, ok, Good. (1 for R1; 0 for R2)

    Staff: Name me one of Paris Hilton’s songs.
    R2: I’ve seen the video clip.
    R1: Stars… Blind…?
    Staff: (2 for R1; 0 for R2)

    Staff: At the same time, I say to myself: “Here, there aren’t many people who really know what [Paris] does.” We’re all here because it’s Paris Hilton. This is the odious of the whole situation, or “ridiculousity” of the whole situation.


    LOL! LOL! LOL!

    Posted: September 24th, 2007
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    WOW, WOW! Montrealer Asks Smart Questions About Paris Hilton!

    Check out this video posted at Watch the end of the video where some guy asks questions about Paris Hilton’s career to two reporters! And listen carefully to his finale comment! If you can’t understand French, you might get an idea of what they’re talking about. This is something that talks about all the time!

    (I might provide a translation in the comment section later)

    Video posted above this post.

    Posted: September 24th, 2007
    Comments: 2’s Report About Paris Hilton In Montreal

    Yep, we were there for this highly anticipated and intense event.

    You can read all about it here:

    “Yup, I saw Paris Hilton last night on St-Jacques Street, at Tribe Hyperclub. What a crazy night it was. Not everything went as planned because I missed her red carpet apparence.” Read the rest. might take a break for a day or two, but we’ll be back.

    Posted: September 24th, 2007
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