Haters Still Think (Or Pretend) Paris Hilton Hasn’t Changed

    Hideous, Offensive and Vulgar Lainey, who is intensely despised by Paris fans for her completely bias and false views, wrote this on her blog today: “Here’s the lazy party slut last night losing her foot coming back from – what else – a night on the town. Cancer will always kill. AIDS will always ravage. Diseases don’t change. Paris will never change. Remember that.

    Bigot Lainey herself is already a disease, or a poison. She spreads her poisonous doctrines about Paris Hilton to thousands of thoughtless celebrity lovers from her blog and TV shows. Lainey is not even a human, she’s a gift for haters sent by Satan.

    Now, read carefully what she wrote. What she is saying is that because she was out partying, she still hasn’t change. First, she never said she was going to stop partying. Lainey knows that very well, but acts as if she doesn’t.

    But the reason why she says that is because the media didn’t bombared us with positive news reports about Paris last summer. When Paris said she was going to film Repo!, make a new album and go to Africa, the media ignored her announcements as much as possible. So that’s why those thousands of thoughtless celebrity lovers will agree with her because they’ve heard barely anything positive about Paris since her jail time. Lainey, the clever little witch that she is, hears and knows everything, but doesn’t report them. Never!

    So to make things clear, the truth is that Paris has changed a lot and is partying much less than before. She is definitely growing up so far.

    I will analyse more of Lainey’s sick comments in the future. It’s so easy to prove her wrong. Plus she’s the Queen of all Haters. We need a new Hate news section on this website!

    Question of the Week?

    Do fans agree with this post? Do you think Paris Hilton has changed so far since her jail sentence? Answer it here.

    Posted: September 18th, 2007
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    Dave Grohl: Yes, I Am A Paris Hilton Bigot

    It always amazes me when I read such idiotic and childish comments by celebrities trashing Paris Hilton. Either the person thinks Paris is really a spoiled brat or deliberately says them because he or she thinks it’s “fashionable” and can get away with it. I brand them “Paris Hilton Hater” or “Paris Hilton Bigot” depending on how harsh the comments are.

    This is what famous singer Dave Grohl said about her: “[Paris is f***ing lame. She’s more offensive to me than anything. She’s a total, raging, disgusting, rich, lazy party sl*t. I pray that my daughter will not turn out like her.”]

    Grohl fell out with Paris years ago after the musician claimed the reality TV star “put on the full princess attitude with her nose in the air.”

    I don’t know what the last quote is all about, but it sounds to me so stupid.

    But let’s analyse his comments. She’s not lame. She’s definitely not more offensive to him than anything. What the hell is he talking about? She’s raging? She’s obviously not disgusting. She is of course rich, but notice how wonderfully and directly Grohl mentions it. “She’s lazy party sl*t,” now that’s pretty lame to me. She’s not lazy, although sometimes she is (I’m talking about her work). She likes to party: nothing bad there. And that other word obviously doesn’t define her.

    He would definitely want his daughter to turn out to be a rich, pretty, famous singer, actress, model and businesswoman. Basically, this guy is a hypocrite and a bigot.

    Next celebrity-trasher…

    Posted: September 18th, 2007
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    Says It Isn’t So, Paris!

    X17 was more than happy to report this sad news:

    “Paris Hilton certainly knows how to keep herself occupied! And who doesn’t like a little arm candy every once in a while? The heiress showed off her new man in Beverly Hills last night – a hot model! What do you think? Personally, I think she might be better off with someone like Adrian Grenier, but that’s just me! The two made a stop at Best Buy to pick up a few items, but I think Paris had already made her best pick of the night!”

    Here’s the picture of this person: http://x17online.com/celebrities/paris_hilton/paris_new_man.php

    God, those comments just made me sick, but I’m sure you love them. I hope Paris doesn’t find a boyfriend for awhile! They step into her life, ruin everything and then leave while the tabloids and the public struggle to write all sort of gossip crap about the two because they find relationships more interesting than Paris Hilton projects. Urgh.

    Anyway, chances are they’re nothing, but friends.

    Posted: September 17th, 2007
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    A Surprise For Mommy-To-Be Nicole Richie

    (From Eonline.com) I’m hearing Hilton may be hosting at least one of two possible baby showers for Richie. Asked about plans to celebrate the mommy-to-be, Hilton simply said, “It’s a surprise.”

    Posted: September 17th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton: Britney Spears Did Great At VMA 2007

    Britney Spears may have been taking her lumps from the press recently, but she’s still got at least one high-profile defender – Paris Hilton! The celebutante paused her egress from Mr. Chow’s on Saturday night to stick up for her friend Brit, looking straight into the camera and saying “She did great”! Looks like Paris and Brit’s Vegas reunion might be more permanent than we originally assumed – and we couldn’t be happier!


    Posted: September 17th, 2007
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    Hilarious Video: Paris Hilton Steps Into A Puddle

    TMZ caught the heiress leaving Les Deux last night, where she was swarmed by paps — with the resulting crush causing her to step into a puddle. After someone screamed, “You stepped in sewer pee!” at her, Paris can be heard telling one of her buddies, “Oh my God, I have, like, AIDS.” Nurse!


    Posted: September 17th, 2007
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    Repo! Stage Caught Fire!

    Ok – so I am sitting at video village – a perminate smile plastered on my face! Music is blaring – actors or dancing – – it’s good times for all… Then suddenly I see Anthony Head kind of stop… turn around, and RUN!!!! I’m like – hmmm… is he improvising some new blocking? Then I hear “FIRE!!!! FIRE!!!!!” Thats when I see the smoke!!!

    OH yes!!! my set was on FIRE!!!! We were shooting this song where all these leaves are blowing around – and it’s like a gothic wind storm… Well I guess some of the leaves blew into a LIGHT – the leaf caught fire – blew on some other leaves – and in a matter of seconds – we had a bond fire – inside our studio!!!

    For a brief second I saw my hopes and dreams burning in front of me… What if this entire set CATCHES FIRE? What if it all burns down? As I am contimplating all of this – the fire is suddenly put out – and gone!!! Disaster averted! Thank god for fire extinguishers and quick reflexed crew!

    An hour later – we are back on track… Singing and Dancing, and Repossessing some organs!!!!

    Onwards to Week TWO!!!



    Posted: September 16th, 2007
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