What Paris Hilton Was Doing At Mr Chow

    You just read that Paris Hilton was at Mr Chow yesturday. I was thinking maybe she went there just to take some time off and enjoy herself. But according to Hate site splashnewsonline.com she went there for a business meeting.

    Yes, it was for a business meeting. Wonder what it’s all about! I hope it’s not for something like Rich Prosecco. Blah, what does a drink have to do with Paris if it’s not hers? At least, we can relate to Paris with DreamCatchers, especially since she wears them.

    Posted: September 15th, 2007
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    Download: Paris Hilton’s Co-star Alexa Vega Sings For Repo!

    Breaking News

    Want to hear a fresh Repo! song? From the movie? Listen to this rock song sang by Paris Hilton’s co-star Alexa Vega. This is the girl who played in Spy Kids.

    Alexa Vega Sings Repo!.mp3

    Stay tuned for more Repo! stuffs, very soon!

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    Paris Hilton Meets A Fan

    Paris Hilton loves children and clearly has a soft spot for adorability. (Add syrup here.) As the magnanimous heiress was Mr. Chow-ing down some dinner, an adorable, braces-filled fan was outside, hungry for a photo with everyone’s favorite international Star.

    The surrounding photogs helped muster the tween’s gumption, and she grabbed her dad’s cell phone/camera and went inside. She emerged moments later with the money shot, saying Paris was “really sweet” and “really pretty.” Just like her.

    Edited TMZ

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    The True Paris Hilton Shines Again

    Paris Hilton unnecessarily confirms the “fakeness” of one destructive article invented by a lying journalist.

    Paris Hilton: No Plans for 'Four Blonde Babies'Though Paris Hilton has declared that her Simple Life costar Nicole Richie is bound to be “the best mom ever,” the hotel heiress won’t be having children of her own anytime soon.

    “Someone just said that I’m adopting four blonde babies,” Hilton, 26, told PEOPLE at Friday’s Kate Somerville White Room Emmy suite in West Hollywood. “That’s retarded. No, I’m not.”

    Asked if she’d want to adopt, Hilton said, “Maybe, but I want to have my own children.”

    The unattached Hilton, who in recent weeks has been seen with Entourage star Adrian Grenier, 31, insists that the actor is not a romantic interest.

    “Totally just friends,” says Hilton. “We met a couple years ago [and] we’ve stayed friends. He’s been like kind of a mentor to me, teaching me about the environment and what I can do.”

    She adds, “I think it’s cool to talk to someone in L.A. who has more to talk about than all this artificial crap people talk about. It’s nice to talk to someone who’s real.”

    Hilton has had a real busy September, filming her upcoming movie Repo! The Genetic Opera in Toronto, partying at the MTV Movie Awards in Las Vegas and returning to Los Angeles for this weekend’s heavy round of Emmy parties.

    Having previously starred in 2005’s horror remake House of Wax, Hilton also says she’s stepping up her acting and working with acting coach Ivana Chubbuck.

    “This is my first time that I’ve actually taken it seriously. Before, I was just doing it for fun, not really paying attention – not even studying my lines. But this time, I’m serious about it,” she says.

    “I really tried hard to get this role. I rehearsed. I was the best at the audition. I got this part because I deserved it, and I’m going to make sure I do the best job ever.”


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    Paris Hilton Already Got Her Inheritance?

    I feel so annoyed of having to write about this. When I first heard it, my attitude was “who cares, I don’t care about money!” But then, I started receiving messages and people started talking about it.

    Some of you saw it on other Paris Hilton sites, and were probably wondering why it wasn’t mentioned here. Well, there’s one thing I didn’t tell you, I just checked the source of the article and I am 50% convinced that it is a fake article. I read the article and finally, I’m 90% convinced that it is indeed fake.

    I know when I say that this or that news item is fake, most of you don’t believe me. Usually, because you’ve seen it everywhere and think it must be true. I don’t report news when I sense that there’s something not right. And most of time, I am right. I once said that Paris wasn’t dropped from her record label and I even provided proof, but some fans still didn’t believe me or weren’t convinced because it was a big lie and it was repeated 1000x times.

    I won’t write more about this, but I’ll just give you a clue. When you read something this: “Paris was seen see out celebrating the news by ordering champagne and partying into the night with friends Dave Navarro, 40, and Kevin Zegers, 22,” it is painfully obvious that the article is fake. The source Now Magazine (from UK) is run by haters and it is not a reliable source.

    But it’s like you want. I just gave you my gut feeling about this article. If anything is confirmed, I’ll report it. The idea of ParisHiltonSite.net is not just reporting the news, but to also analyse them and track down false rumors written by liars.

    Here’s the article.

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    Darren Lynn Bousman Goes Crazier

    Ok, let me explain! After yet ANOTHER amazing day on the set of REPO OPERA – I went to the bathroom where I do some of my best thinking… I walked in, (I am still on the set and using the STAGE bathroom) a set carpenter was in one of the stalls completely unaware – I, or anyone else had entered the bathroom – and to my amazement was singing a song from REPO!

    Ok, first off I was excited to hear one of our crew members singing a song from REPO – but more importantly I was excited to see THIS SET CARPENTER singing a song from REPO as this particular set carpenter was a HUGE TATTOOED MAN easily in his fifties…
    What made me EVEN more excited was this Huge tattooed set carpenter was singing a song that was orignially sang by Sarah Brightman in REPO!!!

    What a great way to end by day…

    I shall use the stage bathrooms more often!


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    Paris Hilton Meets Paul Sorvino

    Paris Hilton took her Repo! co-star Paul Sorvino out for dinner in Toronto.



    Posted: September 13th, 2007
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