Repo! Day 3: Paris Hilton Hosts A Repo! Party!

    My excitement continues to grow…. I am super tired – Paris hosted a REPO party last night…

    I went…

    Now, I want to take a nap!!!!


    Posted: September 13th, 2007
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    Repo! Director Describes Day Two Warp Up

    Day 2… Wow… I can’t believe I still have the energy to turn on my computer – let alone another blog… (actually I am on my mom’s computer – as she has been hanging out on set for the last couple of days!!!)

    Today was another AMAZING… I want to just keep shooting and shooting… watching the monitor today during a take one of the actors turned to me and said ‘this looks like a fairy tale’…  I smiled… he was right – – it does look like a fairy tale!!!

    Also – I was super excited – as I walking to lunch a crew member I had never met stopped me…  He had worked on Chicago recently (the film) and commented on how he couldn’t get the music out of his head… In the big scheme of things this isn’t a big deal… But to me – this lone comment shows me that I am not alone in my madness – – there will be others that see what I see in this movie…

    Day 2 – come and gone… tomorrow one of my favorite songs – “Legal Assassin’.

    Then onto the end of the week where we start brutally killing people!!!! I love my job!


    Posted: September 12th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton, Back To Toronto


    Word has it that a tired-looking Paris Hilton went back to Toronto from Las Vegas to continue filming Repo! Well, the media isn’t reporting it. I mean why if they do mention that she’s back in Toronto, people will wonder “why is she going to Toronto?” because Super-Bigot and Hideous Lainey told her Canadian visitors on her blog that she came there to shoot “some lame ass musical” (OUTCH, imagine if Bousman reads that. W’ the hell would he do to that Evil Jealous Bitch? Hint, Bousman: Saw her!) Well, maybe not! She could’ve also secretly taken a private jet and arrive there in front of one or two paparazzi. We don’t know for sure, but we do know she went back to Toronto on Monday. Shooting started on Monday according to the director, but it probably wasn’t her turn.

    Anyhow, I’m sure the director of Repo! will post something after the first part of her scenes is done!

    Notice: The photo you see on the left side of the screen is a picture of Paris Hilton going to work. Boring and positive stuff! So if you see it, say, in a magazine, it should mention that she arrived back to Toronto to continue to shoot a movie.

    Posted: September 11th, 2007
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    Want To Laugh?

    Why did Paris Hilton call Christina Aguilera “the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world?”

    Well, stop scratching your little head. Finally, trustworthy National Enquirer solved the mystery, and here I quote from this week’s issue:

    Paris Hilton [asked] “Is Joel Madden really the baby-daddy?” Clucked an insider: “Nicole says it’s the most insulting thing she’s ever heard – but even Paris has the nerve to ask the question!” How does Nicole respond? “With a salty eff-you.. then she cross them [Paris] off the list for her wedding!”

    Posted: September 11th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Found A New Boyfriend?

    Paris Hilton and 50 CentToday, let’s talk about garbage articles. But let’s first start off with a non-garbage article, which is about Paris Hilton and 50 Cent.

    I was surprised to see a big picture of 50 Cents kissing Paris Hilton on the first page of our local newspaper. Some Canadians know this one, it’s called “24 Hours,” but the Montreal version is called “24 heures.” The first page is usually about entertainment and celebrities (love it when they talk about Paris on the first page, although it’s always negative stuff).

    It kinda surprised me because I didn’t think the media would really take the pictures seriously. I mean it’s just 50 Cent kissing Paris and vice versa. The article reported a one year old quote by Paris that I had never read before “Il est trop cool. Il est vraiment drôle et en plus, il est mignon. Et j’adore sa musique. Je crois qu’il ferait le parfait amoureux qu’une fille peut espérer avoir!” What, you say? Can’t read French? Well, too bad! Ask someone to help you lol.

    However, all I can tell you is that nothing is official, just rumors! To me, they just seem to be good friends, and the media of course, is probably just over-exaggerating as usual.

    About the garbage articles, let’s see.

    The latest is about this article written by a Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie bigot, but a supporter of Nicky Hilton. It starts off by trashing Paris and Nicole like this: “Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton are famous for not having one but here’s proof Nicky Hilton does – a proper job, that is.” Now that’s a very very false fact. Nicky Hilton is of course a successful designer and businesswoman, but Paris Hilton has far far more proper and various jobs than Nicky, and probably works much harder than her. I’ve seen this preference for Nicky, but against Paris many times. It’s wrong.

    Another one is about Paris having a zookeeper (about animals, again), and a thrid one has this title: “Wanna keep a secret? Don’t tell Paris Hilton.” Always intended to make Paris look bad. Well, the rest is dumb stuff, not even worth repeating here.

    Posted: September 11th, 2007
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    Repo! Director Describes Day One Warp Up

    Wow… that’s all I can say… I have been working on this project for years now – but nothing prepared me for the awesomeness that would follow..

    We shot ALEXA VEGA and ANTHONY HEAD today doing two songs… We started our first day off with one my favorites called ‘INFECTED’.

    Joe White my DP did an incredible job… I wanted REPO! to be ultra stylized… I always pictured it visually as a cross between DICK TRACY and DARK CITY… My man Joe delivered… and delivered HARD CORE – we are shooting on HD – with the TOP of the line HD camera the ‘genesis’. I have never seen a COOLER looking image in my life… This movie will have such a crazy ‘hyper’ stylized look to it… It’s dark, gothic, and beautiful.

    It was also eye opening to watch the crew responding to the material. For the majority of them, they had never heard the music… Unlike the SAW films, where the set has to be SUPER QUIET – REPO has music BLARING all day. The actors need to lip-sync back to their prerecorded tracks – so it’s like a rock concert… Since this whole experience is strange – and something none of us have done before – everything feels NEW… Nothing is same ol’ same ol’.

    I have been awake for 19 hours – and I guess I have to force myself to go to sleep…

    I can’t wait to get back to set!!!

    More tomorrow!


    You guys will see stuffs about Repo! on in a few days or weeks. Stay tuned.

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    Repo! Shooting Started Today!

    Ok, so since tomorrow is this big day – – and since last night we had a kick off party and tons of press where there – I guess I can spill the beans on yet ANOTHER cast member of this crazy ‘little’ project…

    None other than SARAH BRIGHTMAN has joined the cast!

    For those of you who do not know Sarah’s work – I recommend you stop reading this blog and go familiarize yourself


    Alright… I have a shot list to go plan!


    Sorry for all these bad words. Darren Lynn Bousman is one crazy director.

    Posted: September 10th, 2007
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