Kathy Hilton Tells The Truth Again To German Newspaper Die Wielt

    On Paris’ 23-day Jail Sentence:
    “Yes, it was a powerful warning for all of us. You simply don’t get behind the wheel when you have even had just a bit to drink. That is totally irresponsible. I agree with that. I do criticize how Paris’ case was handled though. That was not about the law, the prosecutor even admitted that. His own wife drove twice without a license and even smashed up a car. No, of 2000 cases that were like Paris’, no one was punished like she was.”

    On her Daughter’s Post-Jail Decision to Attend a Party at the Playboy Mansion:
    “It was a costume party, and for a charity. My God! Hugh Hefner is so harmless. I don’t even know if he was there. He often shows up at his parties for a photo and then goes.”

    On the myth of Paris’ Privileged Upbringing:
    “When Paris disobeyed us, we would first confiscate her mobile phone – practically her life. Second time it would be disconnected, for a month or so. Mothers are mothers, annoying. Perhaps I was too strict with Paris. But she drove me crazy for two years. We lived in a hotel then. In the evenings she would lay a doll under her bedclothes and put on a wig to steal out of the house. She was cheeky but never spoiled like it’s always written – constant room service and credit card at ten years old, that is sick. But we never sued and so this myth grew larger and larger.”

    On Her Parenting Style:
    “I am very strict. I call my daughter up and say, ‘That is enough now, stop, I don’t want to hear any more. You better stay home.’ Of course I worry. That is why I nag just like all mothers -‘Don’t sleep with an open window with wet hair! Don’t drive so fast, leave your phone on so we can reach you.’ And always also, ‘Did you hear me?’ No, I am anything but an easy mother.”

    On Paris’ Work Ethic:
    “Paris works so hard. I always say, Paris, you also have to stop now and again and smell the roses.


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    Paris Hilton And Diddy At VMA Vegas Party


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    Paris Hilton At 2007 MTV Video Music Awards

    I know nothing about fashion, but I think she looks stunning as always! Don’t you agree?


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    Sarah Silverman Confirms: I’m Not A Paris Hilton Hater

    “[I said] I felt bad for what she was going through and was sorry if I added to any of that,” Silverman told Us at Maxim’s Oasis party at Mandalay Bay’s Moorea Beach Club in Las Vegas Saturday.

    “Of course, she is a pop culture icon, and I was going to have to do a joke about her. I know she is a tough cookie, but I also know she’s human, and I wish her the best.”


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    Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, 50 Cent And Diddy Party Together!

    Some heavy Hollywood freight has made its way to Vegas for tonight’s VMA’s, and the first stop: Hard Rock’s Body English and Mirage’s Jet Nightclub.

    Among celebs partying in the neon city: Rappers Diddy and 50 Cent. And what accessory does every rap star need for such a momentous event? A hot mess sidekick! Diddy strutted around Vegas with BritBrit. But Fifty went upscale and hung out with Paris Hilton.

    Edited TMZ

    This is the first time Paris and Britney have been photographed together since 2006. 

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    Paris Hilton: Congratulations Christina Aguilera!

    TMZ cameras caught Paris Hilton, looking flapperific in a hot pink number at LAX Nightclub in the Luxor Hotel last night. Everything was going smoothly until she jumped the mic and blurted. “I want everyone to say congratulations to the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world, Christina Aguilera. You’re gorgeous!”

    Problem is, Aguilera has never publicly confirmed her pregnancy! Xtina and hubby Jordan Bratman initially looked shocked, but then quickly recovered. Party on!

    Edited TMZ

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    Actress Elaine Stritch Would Like To Talk To Paris Hilton

    “I’d love to get a hold of that Paris Hilton and sit down and talk to her. I’d love to talk to her and Lindsay Lohan. She’s got everything going and she’s going to blow it!” she said at the VMA. “That just makes me very sad. I’d love to talk to those kids. I’ve been there, done that and got several T-shirts.” 


    Guess she doesn’t know that Paris is doing fine at the moment. She’s definitely a changed person, and hopefully, she’ll stay that way.

    It’s just that Stritch hasn’t heard about Paris Hilton’s latest charity works or projects. Why? Because the media doesn’t reported them massively like we do. But Stritch heard plenty about her jail sentence, so did Brad Pitt.

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