Confirmed: Paris Hilton Is Going To Rwanda In November 2007

    Paris Hilton is still doing charity work, but now she’s read to take it to the next level: Visiting African country: Rwanda.

    She also says that by the time she gets 31 years old, she should be married and have 3 or 4 children.

    However, she is also very aware of her music and acting career. So it looks like she knows what she’s doing.

    ExtraTV finished this wonderful coverage by calling Paris singer. Is ExtraTV changing their position for Paris Hilton 2.0?

    Posted: September 8th, 2007
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    Hallmark: We Haven’t Violated Any Of Paris Hilton’s Rights

    Hallmark defended the card as parody, which is normally protected under fair-use law.

    “Some of Hallmark’s new humor greeting cards are parodies of today’s most popular celebrities and politicians,” said Hallmark spokeswoman Julie O’Dell in an e-mailed statement.

    “These cards take a satirical look at news and gossip surrounding these public figures, including Paris Hilton, and we do not believe Hallmark has violated any of Ms. Hilton’s rights,” she said.


    I think the main problem is that Hallmark used a picture of Paris Hilton saying “That’s Hot.”

    Hint: Paris Hilton gets paid to say “That’s Hot.”

    I personally think that their Paris Hilton cards degrade her image, but the same thing can be said about the lying media and magazines.

    Posted: September 8th, 2007
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    Haters See No Reason For Paris To Sue Hallmark

    Almost anything that comes out from a hater’s mouth can’t be taken seriously. Here’s another proof. Here’s proof that haters are not fair and don’t base their judgments on facts.

    I love these little polls conducted by TMZ and other websites. It shows the true nature of haters.

    You heard about the lawsuit, right? No doubt, it was massively reported by the media mostly because it is Paris Hilton suing someone else.

    Later in the day, TMZ put a poll on their website: Should Hallmark get nailed sued?

    Now guess what? Because it is Paris Hilton suing Hallmark, 71% of TMZ’ visitors voted No. Paris Hilton haters make up about 85% of TMZ’ visitors.

    I’ll now make a real assumption. 65% of the haters who voted no only did it because they hate her (hardcore ones), not because they examined the facts and said there’s no need of a lawsuit. 5% of the haters probably were a bit more intelligent and found more or less good reasons as to why she shouldn’t sue the company. Hey, I’m being generous.

    10% of the voters who voted yes are hardcore fans who will always stand with Paris. 18% of the yes voters are either softcore fans (people who don’t feel resentment) or yes, softcore haters.

    Now I’ll show how the people on each side think:

    A softcore hater

    “I don’t usually side with Paris, but if the greeting card company really did fail to get her permission then I think she SHOULD sue and then give the money to charity.” (by kzdiver)

    A hardcore hater giving a puffed up excuse

    “Unbelievable. She definitely needs to get a grip. She is a fricking idiot. too bad she is not smart enough to get any kind of job. Her family should take all of her money away so she can see what real people live like.” (by Barb)

    A hardcore fan giving an informative fact

    “Paris trademarked the phrase… “that’s hot”… She has legal grounds to sue anyone who uses the phrase or her image without express written permission… it is a matter of record…” (by BABS)

    I’m not sure if BABS’ comments are 100% correct, but at least, he or she knows that “That’s hot” is a trademark. Though I think they didn’t have the right to use “That’s hot” because they drew a picture of Paris saying it.

    Quotes are from

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    Come See Me In San Francisco!

    Hey San Francisco! I would love for you all to come and see me at my clothing launch on Saturday, September 8 at Macy’s in Union Square at 3pm.

    I’ve been in Toronto shooting a film, so I can’t wait to make this visit back and see all of you if you can make it! Xo Paris

    From her myspace

    Posted: September 7th, 2007
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    AP Makes A Mistake Concerning People-Hilton-Baca Story

    In stories Aug. 27 and Aug. 28 about little public support for a recall of Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca, The Associated Press erroneously reported that the action was based on Baca’s handling of a case involving Paris Hilton.

    Andrew Ahlering, chairman of the Committee to Recall Lee Baca, said the recall wasn’t prompted by a single case but rather what he described as the sheriff’s mismanagement of the agency, including alleged preferential treatment of celebrities. The committee has collected only a relative handful of the 400,000 signatures needed to put a recall measure before voters.


    Yes, but the people who are signing the petition are doing it because of the famous People-Hilton-Baca story. At least, that’s what I’m pretty sure of.

    Posted: September 7th, 2007
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    Finally, Paris Hilton Sues A Hater

    TMZ has obtained a lawsuit filed by Paris Hilton against Hallmark Cards, claiming they used her likeness without permission. Not cool!

    In the lawsuit, filed yesterday in Federal District Court in Los Angeles, the heiress alleges Hallmark created a card entitled “Paris’s First Day as a Waitress.” The card features a picture of Paris’ face superimposed over a cartoon of a waitress serving food that says “Don’t touch that, it’s hot. What’s hot? That’s hot.”

    Paris is suing for damages in excess of $100,000, claiming Hallmark “failed to properly obtain [her] approval.” Guess not!

    A rep for Hallmark did not immediately return our call for comment.


    Maybe they’re not really haters. Actually there are many people who need to be sued by Paris, but unfortunately, in the past she didn’t really care. Well, clearly she’s suing Hallmark Cards because they’re making money by using her name in this case.

    Posted: September 7th, 2007
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    Britney Spears, Not Paris Hilton, Will Perform At This Year’s 2007 Video Music Awards In Las Vegas

    MTV announced today that Britney Spears is going to perform at the 2007 Video Music Awards. Britney released her new single a couple of weeks ago.

    Now this is not a Britney fan site, but I want to make a nice comparison. Paris released “Stars Are Blind” in June 2006. Then in early Fall 2006, she released “Nothing in this World.” If we were living in a perfect world, the smartest thing Paris could’ve done is perform “Nothing in this World” at the 2006 VMA. Actually, there were many similar events where she could’ve perform, but she didn’t.

    That’s just to let you see how disappointed her fans were back then, especially since she said was going to go on tour, etc. However, now, Paris says she will perform and go on tour after she releases her second album. And she most likely will if she’s serious about her music career.

    Paris’ music still remains a hot topic at one year after the release of her album, mainly because I personally believe that’s what she’s most good at, besides modeling and fashion.

    Posted: September 6th, 2007
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