Paris Hilton Visits 32nd annual Toronto International Film Festival

    The 32nd annual Toronto International Film Festival kicks off Thursday, with nearly 350 cinematic selections from around the world bowing here over the next 10 days.

    Some celebrities have already arrived – socialite (no no no no!) ACTRESS Paris Hilton smiled for the paparazzi outside the trendy Queen St. West spot Ultra Supper Club for the big pre-launch party. DJ AM, Nicole Richie’s former love, was on the turntables for the swank event.

    Among the celebrities expected to arrive here over the course of the world-famous event: George Clooney, who’s supporting his film Michael Clayton, In Bloom’s Uma Thurman, Brad Pitt of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, and Battle In Seattle star Charlize Theron.

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    Paris Hilton Is Just Blah Blah Blahing About Her Marriage And Baby Plans

    Well, don’t take it too seriously. When Paris said to Elle magazine that she plans to have a baby by next year, she didn’t really mean it, because now she’s saying to OK! magazine that she wants to get married in two or three years, but she has to find “Mr. Right” first, which is obviously going to be difficult. She could have a baby next year, but if she really wants one, she might consider adopting, but I can’t confirm this.

    These quotes come from OK!, September 17 issue, pg 58-61:

    [Nicole Richie] texted me, ‘There’s something I need to tell you in person.’ I had a feeling what it was. She and Joel took me to dinner and said, ‘Pregnant!’ I was so excited. She looks gorgeous and so happy. Nicole’s like my sister, so I feel like the aunt.

    I love babies. I want to get married in two or three years and have a baby. I’d like three or four. I want a boy first so he can protect the daughter.

    If I had a child, I would name him London. I used to have a cat named London. I like the names Annabelle and Paris Jr. too.

    I want my next boyfriend to be the perfect guy and someone that I could spend the rest of my life with. I don’t want to jump into a relationship. I’ve wasted so much time.

    I don’t have the magazine with me so I can’t tell you if OK! like Elle wasted most of their time and opportunity to talk about Nicole, Marriage, Fashion, Shopping, Paparazzi, Haters, Pets, Food, Boyfriends and Babies. But cross your fingers and hope they asked her at least one question about her upcoming MOVIES or ALBUM for her fans’ sake.

    Question: If you were an interviewer, what questions would you ask Paris?

    Write about them here.

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    Media Demonizes Paris Hilton’s Interview With Jackie Collins

    You guys better watch out or else they’ll infect ya with their poison.

    Paris Hilton’s serious interview in Elle has turned into punch-bag in the media, and you have to reread everything you’ve read so far, and also, keep in mind that the articles you read are intended to make fun of Paris.

    You may have seen this sort of title: Paris Hilton to lure a husband with lasagne. This is intended to make Paris look stupid, but she never she’s going to lure a husband with lasagne. I know it sounds funny, but believe me, a lot of people believe it when they see this title, no joke.

    Another one is of course about her having a baby. They made up stories with offense and inappropriate comments that I can’t repeat here. There are many awful jokes about this topic, but essentially, they pretend that this is a horrible thing and that the baby will be born with diseases. Enough said.

    So that’s pretty much the crap you’ve seen outside of Oh yes, you probably also heard about Brad Pitt adding his 2 cents on Paris Hilton.

    This is what he had to say:

    “This Paris Hilton quest for fame…she’s blissfully oblivious,” Brad remarks. “We hadn’t seen television for…like a month. I’m probably exaggerating. And we just got back to the States. And we turned on CNN. And on comes Paris Hilton, going to jail. And so we just turned it off again.”

    Well, that’s Brad Pitt for ya. Someone that even Paris admires, but Brad will be Brad. And that’s all he had to say about Paris. Talk about the jail time and fame while having no clue who she really is.

    Back to the famous interview, the only “silly” thing you’ll find in the real interview is Paris wanting to have a baby by next year, which most likely won’t happen.

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    Torontonians, Here Comes Singer Paris Hilton!


    Confirmed: Actress Paris Hilton is in Toronto, and she will stay there for at least 3 months!

    >Paris partied for a cause in Spain this last week – in Mallorca to attend the “Playing for Good Foundation Philanthropic 2007 Ceremony”, the heiress was invited to take the stage to play with legendary percussionist Sheila E…and Chaka Kahn! Luckyyyyyyy!

    But it wasn’t all fun and games, as Paris was there to lend her name to the good cause. After the three-day-summit, Paris touched down briefly in LA, and jetted off to Toronto to begin shooting her new film, Repo!: The Genetic Opera!, a horror/musical.


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    Paris Hilton May Arrive In Canada For Repo Any Time Now

    If latest reports are correct, Paris Hilton may have began to film Repo, after she left her hotel yesturday. Probably the filming still hasn’t started, but she may be getting ready to start filming it.

    This may also explain why there has been lack of news lately. But in other news, it has been announced that “someone” named Anthony Stewart will play the lead role in Repo! The Genetic Opera. The filming is supposed to start on September 10th.

    The movie should be released by Spring 2008.

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    Here’s Another Little Kewl Paris Hilton Poem By Paris89Hilton

    If you were given the words “pink,” “swarosky,” “armchair,” “crown” and “Nicole” and you had to write a poem about Paris Hilton, how would you write?

    Visitor of and of the forum Paris89Hilton has the answer.

    Paris89Hilton’s cousin gave her the challenge of coming up with a nice little poem using these words.

    It starts with something like this:

    It was a good day
    When Paris arrived in L.A.,
    Not the city, by the way,
    But a cute and sweet girl
    With her nice chihuahua Tinkerbell.

    Read the rest here.

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    Sorry Guys, This New Paris Hilton Interview Kinda Sucks Also

    Well, you heard the bad news (for some of you), and now I got the chance to read the whole interview. It’s not as bad as I said it is. Actually, Paris is still sane, but I think she still needs to think again about her future and make wise decisions.

    I also have a better understanding of the interviewer, Jackie Collins. Apparently Jackie knows Paris since she was 10 years old. Unfortunately (or fortunately for you), Jackie is obviously a very fashion-conscious person. I have no doubt she likes to read gossip magazines, and, she is a typical celebrity interviewer. However, because she knows Paris for so long, Elle magazine thought it would be a good idea to hire her for this interview. BIG MISTAKE, in my book!

    Jackie kept on asking the same same same old questions that interviewers usually ask her. And of course, since these questions remain always “fashionable,” Paris’ answers were widely reported by blogs and celebrity news sites. E!, a wise network otherwise, even reported completely unimportant quotes from Paris.

    Nope, Jackie didn’t ask Paris about her career in acting or singing. Believe it or not, exactly at the end of interview, you can read this quote (oh yes, it was brought up BY Paris):

    “I have rehearsal at 10am tomorrow, so I’ll go home and sing and rehearse and get ready.”

    Of course, no celebrity news site bothered to report this because they know that the majority of their readers won’t be interested in it. Why? Because it is a positive image, but in reality, many fans care about her career, very very much!

    I’ll let you read the article and look at these breathtaking photos. Paris is looking better than ever!

    PS: Can Can parfume will be out this Autumn, and “The Hottie And The Nottie” is coming out this Winter!!


    Thanks to

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