It’s Official: Paris Hilton Is An Idiot

    Sorry, I had to say it. I had to make sure that it wasn’t some sort of false rumour, but I checked reliable sources, and yes, Paris did say she wants to have a baby by next year. Am I the only person who is outraged by this?

    I mean this is completely nonsense coming out from young singer, actress, model, businesswoman Paris Hilton.

    Read these quotes:

    “I just started working out and it feels great. It gives me so much energy. I want kids next year, so I’ve got to get my body ready.”

    What the hell? You want to have kids next year? Why so soon? What happened to all those dreams of world domination and projects.

    Paris is going to be a mother and at the same time, have time to go on tour, act and do other stuffs? Career suicide. Well, that just doesn’t make sense, and it’s very not Paris.

    Let’s hope that that was some quick-thinking answer or something.

    Posted: September 4th, 2007
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    One Paris Hilton Song You’ve Never Heard Of!

    Months later, Bousman is greeting me in the hall of a recording studio in North Hollywood. His usually unkempt hair is concealed by a baseball cap turned backwards; the jeans ride baggy, sleeves rolled up on his black tee – a simple wardrobe for a dude tackling MPAA concerns on one film (that would be Jigsaw’s fourth outing) and five weeks of music recording for “Repo!” with stars Alexa Vega, Paul Sorvino, Bill Moseley, Paris Hilton, Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy and a handful of others whose identities are being kept secret.

    The schizophrenic crooner growls like Tom Waits and there’s a jazzy playfulness to the tune. My mind imagines dancing skeletons for some reason, but the lyrics are a morbid affair laden with conflict and gallows humor. Next is an equally crude piece that begins with an unrecognizable Hilton and the utterly identifiable Moseley sharing airtime before handing it over to Ogre. “He’s this completely effeminate dude who wants to be a woman and keeps wearing women’s faces.”

    But let’s talk about Paris. The tabloid heiress’ involvement gave “Repo!” instant media recognition when the trades broke the news this summer. Bousman admits that during a casting session, “I was not going to read her. I was not going to wait around, then all of sudden there was this lightning storm outside and it was not lightning, it was the paparazzi and I was like, I’m not going to deal with this.”

    He hands the story over to Mazzocone. “When you sit in enough meetings with actors you realize half of them come in without ever having read the script. She came in dressed perfectly for the part. She not only read the script numerous times, she was quoting it. She was so hot sitting next to Darren, she was flirting with him he had a hard time looking at her,” he laughs. “We walked out of there and were very impressed, we cast the right person for this role. It’s a double-edge sword having her from a publicity angle but my argument has always been when you cast true to the part – and she had the best attitude, the best voice and was the sexiest – then no one could fault you. Our cast is a magnificent quilt but a harmonious pattern, there’s magic in our casting.”

    “There are people who have not been announced who you would never imagine have the voices like they do,” says Zdunich. “We’re not shooting this like a typical pop album, it’s really going to be their performances. And there is freedom to the music, and every actor has their own approach. There’s some room for improvisation, some actors are really good at it, some like to stick with what’s on the page.”

    Read the full story here.

    Posted: September 4th, 2007
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    Has Paris Hilton Gone Nuts?

    Paris Hilton says to Elle magazine: I want to have babies next year, and the media quickly reports it as if it’s such an important news.

    So has Paris gone nuts, or just talking nonsense? How can you have baby and still continue to work for business and everything? I think Paris has a lot more to accomplish before settling down and living a peaceful life for a while. The funny thing is that she knows this and said many times in the past that she’ll settle down and have kids when she’s 30 years old or something.

    God what am I saying? What a stupid topic to talk about. It’s the tabloids’ favourite though, but it’s just so annoying. Check out the next article, it’s a BLAST!

    Check out the ridiculous article here.

    Posted: September 4th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Signing Up For Another Musical?

    Unconfirmed Report

    Paris Hilton could be set to go back behind bars – to make her West End debut in a musical version of Prisoner Cell Block H.

    The 26-year-old has been keen to strut her stuff on the London stage for a while and has now bagged a role in the show, reports the Daily Star.

    The paper says the socialite’s casting in the musical, based on the long-running TV series, was a “major coup”.

    A source said: “Everyone is very excited. There was a real buzz around the show when we thought we would get some well-known Aussie soap actors but Paris is a major coup.”

    The blonde apparently “swotted up” with DVDs of the original TV series.

    “She absolutely loved it and thought it marvellously camp,” the source added.

    “Paris is keen to stretch herself as an actress. She’ll also get to stretch her vocal chords and she loves that.”

    Posted: September 3rd, 2007
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    More About The Charity Summit

    Reported by a couple of celebrity news sites:

    With all the scandal and backstabbing going on in Hollywood these days, it’s reassuring to see celebrities reaching out and helping others.  And Eva Longoria and Paris Hilton spent the past few days doing just that.

    The Playing for Good Foundation kicked off their first annual International Philanthropic summit on the island of Mallorca, Spain this past weekend.  And there were plenty of Hollywood A-listers to lend star power to the effort.

    The three-day summit concluded with a ritzy black-tie dinner during which five international charities were recognized for their philanthropic efforts.  Eva Longoria played master of ceremonies for the gala.

    And Paris Hilton did her part, presenting the award for Charitable Excellence to ASPANOB, a group that contributes to children’s cancer research, patient care, and family support. 

    All in all, it was a good weekend for those who help the less fortunate.

    Posted: September 3rd, 2007
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    Getting Ready To Film Repo! The Genetic Opera In Toronto

    A word from director Darren Lynn Bousman:

    Well, actually ONE week and one day, before cameras start rolling on REPO OPERA – but who is counting!!!! On top of that all the music has been recorded, and is sounding AMAZING!!!! I have become addicted to it – everywhere I go I find myself humming, singing, and or BREAKING out into song… It’s actually quite annoying – my life has become a musical!!!!

    It’s fucking insane to see the sets going up… they are HUUUUGE!!!! We are building the entire world of REPO on this massive sound stage. These are the biggest sets I have had the pleasure of working on. Much much much bigger than anything we ever built for SAW.

    Rehearsals have begun, and the cast have all arrived… I will and can confirm some internet rumors. Both Bill Moseley and Kevin Ogre (Skinny Puppy) have joined the cast officially!!! They are both BAD ASSES!!! There are still three cast members who have yet to be announced! Hopefully I can spill the beans sometimes next week!

    I feel like a kid in a candy store right now! This movie is so exciting!!!!


    Posted: September 2nd, 2007
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    What The Hypocritical Media Isn’t Reporting

    The media finds love stories between Paris Hilton’s and Stavros Niarchos and her thoughts on Nicole’s baby more important than stories about Paris Hilton attending charity events. Sure they’re interesting for some people, but they don’t cover something which doesn’t fit their Paris Hilton image.

    We had to find a German in order to learn that Paris Hilton travelled to Germany to attend a three-day charity summit for kids in need.

    In German, from German magazine “Bunte”

    Prominente wie Paris Hilton (26) oder Goldie Hawn (61) haben sich auf Mallorca bei einer Versammlung internationaler Hilfsorganisationen für Kinder und Familien in Not eingesetzt. Bei dem sogenannten Philanthropic Summit soll mit Spendenaktionen und Diskussionsforen die Aufmerksamkeit auf Hilfsbedürftige gelenkt werden.

    Organisator des Treffens mit rund 500 Vertretern von Hilfsorganisationen und internationalen Persönlichkeiten ist die 2006 gegründete internationale Stiftung Playing for Good.

    Translation by visitor Dawn:

    PH evidently is attending a three-day charity summit on the island of Mallorca, along with Goldie Hawn and others.
    The theme is “Playing for Good”, on how to best help needy children and their families.

    Probably the American media will say “Paris Hilton is back from Germany where she attended a charity event” when she comes back, but they won’t elaborate.

    We’ll see! Keep your eyes open.

    Posted: September 1st, 2007
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