Want To Privately Meet Paris Hilton?

    Macy*sCheck out who and what everyone is talking about at the debut of Pairs Hilton’s clothing line for juniors. Be one of the first 300 people to purchase $50 or more of Paris Hilton’s clothing between August 28 and September 8 and you will have the opportunity to meet meet her at a private reception.

    On 09/08/07, at 3pm:

    Macy’s San Francisco
    170 O’Farrell Street
    San Francisco, CA 94102 

    Posted: September 1st, 2007
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    Simple Life Producers: Paris Hilton, Come Back Here!

    Well, well, the producers of Simple Life just don’t want to quit! The newest issue of Life & Style magazine reports the producer of the popular TV show are looking for another TV network, and if it gets picked up again, Paris and Nicole Richie are obliged to film it.

    “E! canceled Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s show, but its producers are offering it to other networks. If the series is picked up, the stars are under contract to appear in it, says an insider.”

    Yep, E! got and accepted Paris and Nicole’s message, but the producers of the show are making enough money to not toss it out. How long has it been since Paris and Nicole wanted to end this show? Probably since season three, but yet, people like to watch Paris and Nicole act dumb (they are smart only if they know it’s just an act!). Ah poor Paris! The poor girl is trying to move from this image-destroying show.

    Posted: September 1st, 2007
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    Germans, Here Comes Paris Hilton

    Reports are indicating that Paris Hilton left LA for Europe. She apparently went to Germany for the weekend and to attend a charity event. No idea of what the charity event is about, and we certainly won’t learn much about it from the American media.

    But there are many German fans who visit this website. Let us know if you hear more information.

    Posted: September 1st, 2007
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    Paris Hilton’s Summer Vacation Has Officially Ended

    Tonight a couple of reports are indicating that Paris has moved out from Malibu and she is heading back home, probably to her new house, or maybe not. Paris mostly stayed in Malibu for three months for a Summer break with her cousin, Brooke and the rest, but that doesn’t mean it was fun and party all the time. She did work on many things.

    There’s no way confirming these reports at the moment, but it only makes sense because in one week, Paris is going to Toronto to start filming Repo! for at least a month.

    It’s back to business for Paris!

    Posted: August 31st, 2007
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    Is DJ Sash Producing Paris Hilton’s New Single And Album?

    ParisHiltonSite.net Investigates

    This rumour has been spreading around the internet for weeks now, and therefore, we received a couple of emails from fans. Finally, ParisHiltonSite.net decided to investigate it.

    It’s always important to have evidence if someone wants to report something or else, ParisHiltonSite.net won’t post it. In this case, we didn’t until one fan woke us up and made us notice something. That fan’s name is Richard J. Amtmann III.

    Someone at Wikipedia reported that Paris Hilton’s first single will be produced by DJ Sash, a high talented and well known music producer. I’ve personally never heard of him. Of course, Wikipedia is not a reliable source, so we needed evidence to post it.

    If you visit Sash’s official website (http://www.sashworld.com/), you won’t find any news about this. But if you go on their forum (http://www.sashworld.com/forum2/), you will find a popular topic about it. There many Sash fans out there. Some of them welcomed the news and others just found it terrible that talented Sash is going to collaborate with “untalented” Paris Hilton. Usually we call these people “bigots,” but they really aren’t, because those who find this rumour terrible are the same ones who’ve never heard Paris’ album or still think she’s a spoiled brat. They’re just clueless and assume, basically.

    But I’ll guarantee you, throw Paris and any highly-talented producer in a studio together, and within days, something amazing will pop up. This is especially the case when Paris and Scott Storch work together.

    Now here’s nothing, but the truth – no rumours. It’s true Paris Hilton’s staff has approached Sash and asked him to produce the first single and part of her second album or all of it, but he has yet to agree to it. Sash has an ezine, a sort of monthly magazine, and in it, they report what I just said. You can find this magazine on this website http://www.ezine.sashworld.com/.

    So at this time, we’re still waiting for Sash’s approval or disapproval, and that’s the latest.

    parissash.jpg picture by Enkil123

    Posted: August 31st, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Continues Charity Work By Attending Events

    We give Paris Hilton some good-natured grief about all the “charity work” she does benefitting the starving fashion merchants of Beverly Hills, but it’s worth remembering that the heiress really does do a lot of good for the needy – just yesterday, for instance, we caught her heading to the airport en route to Majorca for an event benefitting kids with cancer! (And hey, if she finds the time to catch a killer tan while she’s there, so much the better!) Unfortunately, Paris wasn’t so generous when it came to information about the appearance of her former associate Fred Khalilian, the co-owner of the infamous Club Paris, on Dr. Phil yesterday. Aw, c’mon Paris, don’t shut us out! (Apparently that job’s already taken by the proprietor of In Motion Entertainment!)


    Posted: August 31st, 2007
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    The Boring Paris Hilton And Stavros Niarchos Story Again

    Don’t ask me why I’m even bothering to report this annoying story again. TMZ considers it as important news, but instead, I want to show you how boring news about Paris has been these days. ParisHiltonSite.net has also been a bit busy. And of course, we’re still waiting to hear something about the next big thing from Paris.

    Today, a radio station in Canada first played Britney Spears’ new song at around 9-10pm. It was actually a clip, but I believe they later played the full song; not sure, and I didn’t hear the full song. It didn’t remind of Britney, but of Paris. The song smelled a lot of “Paris, ” I mean all the excitement from Britney fans. And it also said to myself “see, look, Britney is finally doing something.”

    Anyway, here’s the lame news. Don’t know worry, as soon as Paris starts filming Repo in a week or so in Toronto, it’s gonna be crazy!

    Hotel heiress Paris Hilton and shipping heir Stavros Niarchos tried to sneak out of Les Deux together without being seen last night. They didn’t succeed.

    TMZ caught the two as they made a back door exit from the club, with no other cameras around to catch their thwarted incog escape. Niarchos hid his face in his lap in the backseat, while Paris held her purse up. Oops, looks like someone needs a better escape route!

    Later that evening, cameras caught a member of the Les Deux security team ringing Paris’ buzzer as they attempted to drop off Stavros’ car in her driveway. Paris threatened to call the police until the guard explained who he was. Minutes later, Stavros took the keys … clad in a towel.


    Posted: August 30th, 2007
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