Is This Part Of Her New Clothing Line Collection?

    Well, well! Paris Hilton is using some of music promo pics to create her new clothes! Yes, the Paris Hilton image you see on Paris Hilton was actually taken for her music album. You can find the same picture on the cover of “Nothing in this World.” Well, almost the same!

    You know, I’ve believe that the promo images for her debut album are just so beautiful and nice. There’s no question about it, I think they are her best photoshoots. And I absolutely love the artistic work on her CD case! Very happy to see Paris using some of those pictures for her clothing line.

    Posted: August 30th, 2007
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    James Blunt And Paris Hilton Performed “Summer Lovin” Together In Malibu

    Page Six and a couple of other sources are reporting that a duet version of ‘Grease’ classic ‘Summer Lovin” was performed by Paris Hilton and James Blunt in Malibu.

    James Blunt has performed a duet of ‘Grease’ classic ‘Summer Lovin” with ex-lover Paris Hilton.

    The British singer was joined on stage by the socialite at bikini designer Diana Jenkins’ birthday party in Malibu on Saturday night (25.08.07).

    The unlikely collaborators’ impromptu rendition of the popular hit is said to have gone down well with revellers, who danced and sang along. After finishing the song, Blunt was seen leaving the lavish party with German model Tatiana Patitz.

    Posted: August 30th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Is In Las Vegas!

    She said she was going to be there for Paris Hilton Day last year, and now she is! However, maybe it’s not so much for Paris Hilton Day. It would take a real trauma to remind her of those good old days, or maybe not since the second album is underway.

    The sparkly Hilton sisters were seen staying up all night, partying in a VIP booth at PURE nightclub at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas last night. It’s just like old times!

    The siblings are back in full effect on the club scene! Paris and Nicky literally hopped around to the beat, while partygoers went nuts — with Paris even taking time to shake hands between shaking her moneymaker.

    One noticeable change: Paris sipped water instead of the bubbly — then handed the half full bottle to a fan. Paris knows that her fans need to stay hydrated!

    Paris looks so… 2001!


    Posted: August 29th, 2007
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    Happy Paris Hilton Day!

    The mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar B. Goodman, declared August 29, 2006 as the Paris Hilton Day in honor of her great debut album “Paris”. The mayor also handed over the key to the city to the pop star.

    Paris Hilton was in Las Vegas on August 29, 2006 to promote her new CD. It attracted a huge crowd. On August 22, 2006, her album was released worldwide. After promoting it massively on August 22 in Japan, she decided to do a similar event in Las Vegas on August 29. Yes, those were the good days!

    Check out this special video. This was already posted on

    Happy Paris Hilton Day!

    Posted: August 29th, 2007
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    ET’s Kevin Frazier Got The Opportunity To Meet Paris Hilton, But He Asked Her An Unimportant Question

    God, Nicole Richie, what have you done to these interviewers! (Just kidding)

    Kevin Frazier asked Paris Hilton about Nicole Richie’s baby and the things she bought for her or him. Well, the thing is that Nicole’s baby isn’t even born yet. Second, it is not okay with me to ask such questions when you get the wonderful opportunity to meet the fans’ idol.

    If you were a fan, Kevin, you would have most likely asked a question about her music, movie (Repo) or her clothing line (which you did, but ET didn’t post the video because they think fans are more interested about Paris’ thoughts on Nicole and her baby). And many of them in fact are.

    Some of you will disagree with this post and others will strongly agree (like that other Kevin, visitor of, but of course, it’s just an opinion.

    Posted: August 28th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Continues To Promote Her Clothing Line

    Paris Hilton threw an exclusive party at the Social House nightclub in Las Vegas to chat up her new line of jeans, dresses, handbags and tops.

    The must-have clothes will be available at Macy’s and Nordstrom department stores on Thursday 30th August and Paris says “all the clothing is totally my style. People really love the line. So it’s exciting.”

    Earlier this month, Paris caused gridlock in Beverly Hills as she launched the line at her fave Beverly Hills boutique, Kitson.

    Simply called “Paris Hilton,” the clothes also include shoes, T-shirts bearing her likeness, satiny bubble tops and lots of chunky sequins.

    Paris said that “I just wanted it to be totally my style using bright colours and lots of sequins,” she told us at the time. She said her favourite items are the pink and white gold-foiled T-shirts branded with the slogan “Luv Thy Self.” and

    Posted: August 28th, 2007
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    Leader of Baca Recall Petition Quits

    A former county employee leading an effort to recall Sheriff Lee Baca based on his handling of Paris Hilton’s jail sentence has resigned.

    A statement Monday from The Committee to Recall Lee Baca said Andrew Ahlering’s decision to step down was based on “threats to his safety.”

    The initiative had gained scant support since it was launched more than two months ago.

    Ahlering had gathered just 40 of the nearly 400,000 signatures needed by December to get a recall measure on the ballot, according to the Los Angeles Times.

    Ahlering, who accused Baca of giving Hilton preferential treatment by allowing her to return home after serving less than four days of a 23-day jail sentence earlier this summer, also said he had raised less than $100 for the campaign.

    The petition accuses Baca of giving favorable treatment to celebrities and of “gross mismanagement of the largest jail system in the United States.”

    A Baca spokesman said Ahlering’s difficulty generating enthusiasm for the campaign is evidence that the sheriff has the public’s support.

    Associated Press

    So he decided to resign because of “threats to his safety.” This mostly likely had nothing to do with Paris Hilton, but maybe about something else. If anything, Andrew Ahlering shouldn’t be attacked just because he formed a rational opinion about Beca or because 90% of his supporters are likely to be celebrity haters. Whatever!

    Also, I disagree with the Baca spokesman, and will say that the public has never supported Baca because the public isn’t smart enough or too hateful to understand Baca’s decisions. Just you take care of the system and treat every inmate fairly, and ignore the crazy public.

    Posted: August 28th, 2007
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