Paris Hilton Bought A New House: Hate Site

    Paris Hilton has found a new neighborhood to terrorize!

    The heiress just bought a 5-bedroom, Mediterranean-style Beverly Hills mansion for $6.25 million, Us Weekly is exclusively reporting in the latest issue.

    The 7,5000 square foot home located in the gated community of Mulholland Estates features a gym, gourmet kitchen with top of the line appliances, a butler’s pantry and a wine closet.

    Posted: August 22nd, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Goes To Another Charity Event

    Paris Hilton, hittin’ up yet another charity event. This par-tick party was a benefit at the Malibu Inn for a local kid with cancer. Beachy snitters report Hilton didn’t seem wobbly-bobbly, was wearing a semidemure outfit and looked “all right…not the best.” Is anyone else yawning yet? We miss the table-dancing days! Shakin’ some booty in another beachside spot was…

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    Thousands of fans bought Paris Hilton’s debut album when it first hit stores on August 22th, 2006. Paris Hilton released her debut single “Stars Are Blind” in June 2006, and travelled around the world, from America to Japan, for the promotion of her great debut album “Paris.” Paris took more than a month and concertrated most of her Summer time to promote her first self-titled CD. Within a week, 150 000 copies of her album were sold worldwide. Till this day, more than 600 000 copies have been sold.

    Today is the celebration of this unique record “Paris,” which many fans consider as one of their favourite albums of all time. We miss those wonderful days and her music! Paris recently announced that she will release a second album.

    And to celebrate this anniversary, here’s a special raw video to fans!


    Posted: August 22nd, 2007
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    Zeta Graff And Paris Hilton Won’t Reveal Their Secret Resolution

    Attorneys for Zeta Graff and Paris Hilton released the following statement today:

    Zeta Graff and Paris Hilton are pleased to announce the amicable resolution of the lawsuit between them. Both parties are glad that the matter could be resolved without the time and expense of a trial. The resolution is confidential and no one will comment further.

    Zeta Graff was represented by Bruce Broillet, Michael Avenatti and Alan Van Gelder with the Santa Monica, CA. law firm of Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP. Paris Hilton was represented by Henry Gradstein with the Los Angeles, CA. law firm of Gradstein & Luskin, A.P.C. and Edith Matthai with the Los Angeles, CA. law firm of Robie & Matthai, A.P.C.

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    Paris Hilton Will Help Out Her Miss Bondi Blonde

    She backed her as a winner once before, now Paris Hilton is set to help Miss Bondi Blonde Jaime Wright hot foot it – literally – to the heights of Hollywood.

    Sydney model Wright shot to fame as the lucky blonde bombshell who caught Hilton’s eye over 23 other platinum princesses when ad mogul John Singleton launched his Bondi Blonde beer in January.

    Wright went on to star in the advertising campaign for the beer and has since managed to carve out a name for herself in Sydney’s social circles, but her smartest career move yet appears to be developing her friendship with the brand goldmine that is Hilton.

    In October, Wright and her manager will travel to LA to meet with the famous heiress and discuss her involvement with Wright’s new venture – a shoe label named Floating on Diamonds.

    The pair have developed a solid friendship since their Sydney meeting, and while contracts are yet to be signed, Hilton has tentatively agreed to be the face of Wright’s 12-pair line of high heels.

    “Paris is a lovely girl and I feel very lucky to have her in my corner helping me see this dream of mine come to reality,” Wright told Confidential yesterday.

    “I spoke to her a few weeks ago and she’s really excited to help me out in my first business venture.”

    Hilton’s jail stint and hard party girl image has done little to damage her massive marketing value.
    When shots of the heiress cavorting with Aussie T-shirt designer Tyler Atkins emerged last month, the unknown 21-year-old – and his fashion label – were suddenly catapulted into the international media.

    We expect to see some well executed shots of Hilton and Wright lunching in LA coming our way very soon.

    As you know, ParisHiltonSite doesn’t post about some Bondi Blonde contest or whatever, but this related story is interesting.

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    Paris Hilton’s Clothing Line Is Doing Really Well

    Deke Jamieson, senior vice president of marketing for Paris Hilton for Dollhouse, said in his experience Paris is the most marketable celebrity and her sense of style is truly unique. “”This whole thing is inspired by Paris—her closet. She has been so involved in this entire process—from the design component, to putting scrapbooks together, from putting together materials and fabrics, from going shopping with us, she’s so inspirational… we’d be at her house at midnight, two o’clock in the morning going over the products,”” he said.

    From late-night outings with Britney Spears and buying new puppies to behind bars and laying on the beach in Malibu, who knew Paris had so much time on her hands?

    But this collection, Jamieson said, is all about work and play. “”This whole idea is to be right in her closet to your closet. So every possible, conceivable place you want to go, you’re going to have the right clothing for it,”” he said.

    Kitson owner Frasier Ross is expecting the line to sell out in the store. Even in its first few hours online, Kitson already sold 100 pieces. “”The line is Paris. She’s a fashion walking hanger, she’s a fashionista,”” Ross said.

    A huge fan of Kitson herself, even though she now knows where to buy her own clothes, Paris has never needed an excuse to come into the store. According to Frasier, she loves the shop’s accessories, headbands, and another celeb’s line—L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani. Even other celebrities are getting in on the Paris clothing line fanfare. Frazier said just the other day Rihanna’s stylist bought the songstress a Paris Hilton plaid button-down for a photo shoot.

    “”She’s been such a supporter of Kitson over the years and we want to support Paris like she has supported us. You know, the Paris fans relate Paris to Kitson, so it is the perfect place to launch it. And this is Robertson Boulevard where the paparazzi are, and the fans come when they get off the airplane and they can feel comfortable in this store,”” he said.

    Page Six

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    Paris Hilton Settles With Zeta Graff

    No More Of Zeta Graff

    TMZ has learned Paris Hilton won’t go to war with diamond heiress/arch-enemy Zeta Graff.

    Graff sued Paris, claiming she slandered her in the New York Post by planting a story that Zeta ripped a necklace off of Paris’ body as she allegedly danced to Barry Manilow’s “Copacabana.” Cheesy enough.

    Jury selection began today, but sources tell TMZ the case was settled late yesterday afternoon. We don’t have details on whether moolah changed hands.


    Posted: August 22nd, 2007
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