Paris Hilton’s Clothes Already Sold Out!

    Pre-purchasing a gift voucher of $100 or more got some lucky people to the front of the line — and gave them first crack at the goods, which ended up selling out entirely. More of Paris’ wares are scheduled to arrive next week, but even those have already sold out through pre-orders!

    A portion of the proceeds from yesterday’s launch benefited the Children’s Hospital, a charity close to Paris’ heart. She spent an hour with two kids from the Hospital who attended the event, serving them lemonade and cupcakes.

    Hilton was overjoyed at the positive reception to her clothes, and she stayed for six hours signing countless autographs.

    For anyone looking for even more Paris Hilton designs, additional pieces are scheduled to be released next month.

    Posted: August 17th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Had Brought Cancer Patients At Clothing Launch

    The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

    Paris Hilton, who said that she’s a changed woman since leaving jail, is doing some charity work — though it involves her own clothing line. Giving back is hot!

    The heiress staged the launch of her new line at Kitson. The mob at the store was given the option of buying a $100 voucher for Paris’ clothing line which moved them to the front of the line. The event’s ad trumpeted, “Paris will be on hand to help personally style each of her fans during her appearance.”

    Ten percent of the proceeds from the event go to the Childrens Hospital Los Angeles.

    P.S. Paris brought two cancer patients along for the ride.

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    Paris Hilton Hangs Out With Friend Jenna Jameson

    TMZ cameras were outside of Vice last night as Paris Hilton came out with Jenna Jameson, the ladies sharing a girl-on-girl kiss for the shooting paps. After telling Jenna that she’d see her “in a minute,” Hilton did the intelligent thing and hopped into a chauffeured limo — no more DUIs here!

    On the way to her ridiculous Rolls Royce Phantom, Jenna showed off some new ink on her shoulders, some curious lips (on her face!) and even revealed a bit more after getting into her car — lifting up her skirt and doing a quick panty/under-boob flash before driving away.

    Edited TMZ

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    Paris Hilton Clothing Line Officially Launched

    Paris Hilton’s Clothing Line Is Here

    PARIS HILTON caused gridlock in Beverly Hills Thursday as the heiress launched her new clothing line at star boutique Kitson.

    Helicopters hovered overhead and seven police cars lined trendy Robertson Blvd. where fans and photographers strained to get a glimpse of the celebutante, who arrived wearing a shimmery gold sequined dress from her own line.

    Simply called “Paris Hilton,” the clothes include shoes, handbags, dresses, T-shirts bearing her likeness, satiny bubble tops and lots of chunky sequins.

    “I just wanted it to be totally my style using bright colors and lots of sequins,” she told us. She said her favorite items are the pink and white gold-foiled T-shirts branded with the slogan “Luv Thy Self.”

    Even the same twisted seam jeans she wore during her much-publicized exit from jail on June 27th are available. Made with the Dollhouse brand, the denim collection includes skinny, wide leg, and even silver and metallic styles.

    “It’s completely affordable,” Dollhouse reps say of the items. “The most expensive jean is $98 with the average being $78.” The line ranges in price from $30 to $100.

    Dollhouse also tells ET that Paris has been very “hands-on” in the design process, from presenting her inspirations to brand executives to lending her likeness to a graphic print T-shirt. She recently completed a photo shoot in the Hollywood Hills for the ad campaign.

    More info about Paris Hilton’s Clothing Line at later!

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    Paris Hilton Frenzy At Kitson

    The Heiress, Author, Singer, Perfume designer and Reality-TV star unveiled her namesake clothing line Thursday at Kitson, a trendy boutique known for its celebrity clientele.

    Clad in a gold sequin mini-dress, Hilton, 26, emerged from a black SUV to a throng of fans who spilled into the street. Police and city workers were called in to handle the crowd and a lane of traffic was closed for pedestrians’ safety, said Bruce Gillman, spokesman for the city Department of Transportation.

    Inside the store, Hilton was all smiles.

    “It’s a dream come true to have my own clothing line,” she said. “It’s just Paris style: fun, bright and flashy.”

    The collection, which Hilton described as “really comfortable” and “really affordable,” includes shoes, T-shirts and jeans. Hilton said she spent a year submitting and approving designs.

    “It’s just from my closet to their closets,” she said. “I’m just excited about it and everyone really loves it.”

    Additional pieces will be released next month, she said.

    The heiress also discussed other newsy matters in her life: her pregnant pal, Nicole Richie (“She’s going to be a great mom,” Hilton said), and the pending sale of her Hollywood Hills home.

    “I’m going to miss my house because I love it. I really designed it to be my perfect taste,” she said. “But too many people know where I live and I’d rather be in a gated community.”

    She also helped style fans during her appearance.

    The crowd got so big, police had to shut down traffic on Robertson Boulevard between Beverly and 3rd for a time.


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    More Boring News For Ya!

    A post-prison Paris sure is taking advantage of her newfound freedom!

    The uber-active hottie began her busy L.A. day accompanied by Las Vegas side showman Jeff Beacher, and while posing for a pic with a mother and her baby outside Fred Segal, Paris decides to one arm grab the unfortunate offspring! Don’t drop the little Louis Vuitton!

    Safety first Paris followed up her baby snatching soiree by adding a few shades of orange at a Beverly Hills tanning salon, then made a wardrobe change and hit up an art show with consistent courtier Adrian Grenier. Is Vincent Chase-ing a relationship?

    There’s no better way to end a busy day than being harassed by a homeless Al Pacino impersonator, who’s told by the surrounding photogs that he’s “scaring” Mizz Hilton.

    Hope she isn’t scar faced for life!

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    You Can Meet Paris Hilton Tomorrow At 1-3PM In LA


    Paris will be launching her much anticipated clothing line at Kitson tomorrow (August 16th) from 1-3 pm.

    Purchasing a gift voucher of $100 or more for Paris’ clothing line will entitle you to front of the line access.

    Paris will be on hand to help personally style each of her fans during her appearance!

    A percentage of the proceeds of the event will be donated to the Children’s Hospital

    Please note: She may be fashionably very late!

    Kitson is on hip Robertson Boulevard, in Los Angeles.

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