Why Was Paris Hilton Looking At Her Modeling Pictures?

    A little vanity never hurt anyone – but it’s still kinda funny to see it in action! Yesterday, for instance, we spotted Paris Hilton doing a little sunbathing (not that we could have missed her in a bikini as sizzling as that one – now that’s hot!) and burying her nose in a book. Of course, considering that the book in question was full of photos of Paris herself looking as sexy as ever, we can’t say we blame her!

    ParisHiltonSite.net’s comments: Are these photo shoots from Lachapelle’s next gallery exhibit? Is she looking at them for her approval? They’re certainly not for her Repo! movie.

    TMZ and X17

    Posted: August 9th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton Is Working On Something Again

    Taking a break from her board, Paris went over to the North Hollywood studio she’s been frequenting of late. She didn’t have any designs on her this time, but we can’t wait to see what she’s been working on – Doggie dresses? Handbags? Cut-out swimsuits? All of the above?


    Posted: August 8th, 2007
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    Download The Final Episode Of Simple Life 5

    Hollywood Ending

    Paris and Nicole reunite to become camp counselors. The girls have joined the staff of camp Shawnee which will host five different specialty groups including a wellness camp and co

    The Simple Life 5 – Episode 10 XviD.avi

    Thanks to Sys.

    Posted: August 8th, 2007
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    E! Will Replace “Simple Life” With This Show

    Not related to Paris, but some fans are interested in this.

    Move over Paris and Nicole and make way for Kim!

    The booty-full Kim Kardashian is set to star in a new reality TV show for E! that will replace “The Simple Life,” reports Gatecrasher. The network was originally going to develop a show similar to “Life” starring rock celebuspawn Kim Stewart and Kelly Osborne, but canned it in favor of a family-oriented show about the Kardashian clan. The show would feature Kimmy’s entire crew, including mom Kris, step-daddy Bruce Jenner and mimbo step-bro Brody Jenner.


    Posted: August 8th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton WILL Go On Tour And Perform Live


    Second greatest Paris Hilton news of the summer is in!

    For her new album, Paris Hilton will go on tour, according to her friend. She’s already taking the whole summer to mostly focus on her music career.

    At the moment, she’s working with the best teachers to improve her voice and singing vocals. And she’s also trying to play guitar, although it’s hasn’t been easy for her. As we already know, Paris plays many instruments, including piano. We also know that she’s working with Scott Storch, but it’s not clear if he’s going to produce all of her songs for the second album.

    According to her friend, Paris wanted to promote her debut album by performing live, but because of Simple Life 5, she couldn’t.

    Hrm, not sure if I buy that argument. “Nothing in this World” was falling off the chart so fast, and she didn’t do anything to promote it, except film a music video. And she began filming Simple Life 5 in April, and not in 2006. But it was pushed back to April 2007, so I’m not sure.

    However, it’s in! Paris will be going on tour and performing. This is excellent news for her music fans!

    Source can’t be revealed, but it’s reliable.

    Posted: August 7th, 2007
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    Nicole Richie Beats Paris Hilton Thanks To Free TV

    Nicole Richie didn’t just get a briefer jail term than Paris Hilton, she got bigger ratings, too.

    Friday’s 20/20, featuring a Diane Sawyer grilling of the cell-bound Simple Life star (that would be Richie not Hilton), averaged 5.9 million people who just couldn’t help themselves, per Nielsen Media Research stats.

    Back in June, Hilton’s postjail sitdown on Larry King Live averaged 3.2 million.

    In truth, though, there is no comparing the Richie and Hilton numbers. The Richie interview aired on free TV (ABC); the Hilton one on basic cable (CNN).

    Hilton reportedly could have had access to the broadcast airwaves, too, but deals with ABC and NBC broke down, leaving her to discuss her spiritual life with Larry King.


    Sunday’s Simple Life fifth-season finale averaged 650,000, a long way from the 13 million the series premiered before back in 2003 when it aired on, yes, free TV.


    Season Five premiered with more than a million viewers. 13 million viewers was on FOX. As pointed it out, it was on free tv. E! could never achieve 10 million viewers, which is perfectly normal; a million viewers is heaven for E!

    Posted: August 7th, 2007
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    What Should Be Done With “Preserving Paris Hilton’s Music” Petition?

    More than 300 signatures have been collected since its launch early June 2007. Paris Hilton’s music career was never really threatened or anything, but most fans were afraid that Paris had given up. It took her a jail sentence to wake up and continue to work on her music, or did it?

    Did Paris see and read the petition, or she just woke up one day in jail and said it’s time to take my music career seriously and make it my #1 priority again? Because ever since she said she’s working on her second album, she’s been following our demands. Well, actually, it’s not really our demands, but stuffs that she said, but were never accomplished. She still hasn’t gone on tour or performed live, but it will most likely come with the second album, or Repo!

    If Paris saw the petition and if it alarmed her that there are fans who haven’t forgot about her music career, then we are gratified.

    I think I’m going to keep the petition online until our demands or her claims are completed!

    Posted: August 7th, 2007
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