Paris Hilton Swarmed By Fans

    Paris Hilton went on yet another shopping spree yesterday, stopping in at a Malibu accessory store with a brand new sidekick.

    Sporting an animal print bathing suit and a Nicole Richie replacement (pregnant peeps can’t party, right?), Hilton perused the shelves before heading to a parking lot packed with an army of Paris loving children.

    Hilton paid her debt to society by posing for pictures and signing autographs for the kiddos. Who knew ex-cons had so many underage fans?!


    Posted: August 7th, 2007
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    Kathy Hilton Recalls Paris’ Pain In Jail

    For Kathy Hilton, the toughest part about daughter Paris Hilton’s being in jail – and on the other side of the glass partition that separated them during visits – was “seeing the rashes on her arms and face from the thin sheets.”

    Equally difficult, Hilton, 48, tells PEOPLE after a screening of The Kingdom in Southampton, N.Y., was witnessing the correctional facility’s guards physically pulling her 26-year-old daughter away after one visit, “grabbing her under the arm” – and then seeing the words “L.A. County” printed on the back of Paris’s jail jumpsuit.

    Yet as hard as it was to endure what the elder Hilton observed inside the jail, more overhelming was the media circus she faced once her daughter was freed and the family was driving her home.

    “We were surrounded,” recalls Hilton. “There were six helicopters and a pink Hummer advertising bail bonds. We could not get rid of it. It was actually very clever marketing. But we could barely see. They were shining all these lights.”

    For Paris’s homecoming, her mother wished to comfort the Simple Life star, so she set up a room in what, she said, “used to be the baby nursery for the grandchildren at [Paris’s grandfather’s] house. I had fresh, really soft towels, and really soft sheets and one of those really soft, cuddly [blankets] called ‘my blankey,’ and nice soft pillow cases.”

    Kathy Hilton’s rationale, she said, was that Paris – who currently is “spending time with her cousins in Malibu getting ready to go back to work” – had “been in jail, obviously with the very thin sheets and one pillow and one little thin blanket. That’s how [inmates] get rashes. It feels like sandpaper.”

    Paris’s reaction to all this softness, says her mother, was that “she went in, and she looked at the Fresh Farms soap, and she looked at the towels and the Evian water by her bedside. I wanted to make her feel really welcome. And we went downstairs and made a sandwich. And she ran outside with her doggie. And she ran, and she was screaming, ‘Oh, this feels so good. I feel so lucky.’ ”

    That was the first day home. “But then,” says Kathy, “the next day she got up and the emotions [kicked] in. She couldn’t really sleep [in] – she was working that day, doing a photo shoot. I made her a big breakfast. She had pancakes. She said, ‘Mom, I want eggs, I want pancakes, I want waffles, I want toast, fresh juice.’ ”

    Prepared to indulge her daughter’s wishes, Hilton says, “I went and picked oranges and made her fresh juice. And then that night, she could not go to sleep.”

    At the end of that day, says Kathy, “She started going through the fan mail. She kept me up until 4:30 in the morning. There are several people who said, ‘I wasn’t a fan of yours. I never cared about you’ – that kind of tone.

    “But most of it was, ‘I love you, and you’re the best, and I’m with you, and my whole family, we’re praying [for you].’ ”

    Says Kathy, “I have to tell you, there are so many wonderful people out there.”

    And the outcome of this entire experience? Kathy Hilton says that if one person can be helped by the example set by her daughter – who now says, according to Kathy, “Mom, one thing I know is that I will never have a drink and get in the car and drive again” – then it was “worth it.”


    Posted: August 6th, 2007
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    Fans Are Finally Hearing Back From Paris Hilton

    Just 32 days after Paris Hilton was release from jail, her fans are finally hearing back from the convicted heiress singer. That’s hot copy!

    TMZ has obtained one of the generic reply letters that someone in Paris’s camp is sending to people who wrote the convictactress/socialite while she did time at Lynwood Jail. Photocopied and slightly off center (the letter), it contains the line, “I read your letter…” — perhaps she did, but as TMZ first reported, Paris got so much mail at Lynwood — it had to be carried out in giant push carts!

    The heartfelt message concludes with the gut-wrenching description of her time in the lockup: “I sit here in my cell sad and alone.” One can’t help but feel for the traumatized multi-millionheiress!

    Not one to disappoint her fans, the letter is accompanied by a hot photo of Miss Hilton. Sealed with a kiss.


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    Is FOX News Learning A Lesson Regarding Paris Hilton News?

    Are the professionals at FOX News that stupid to believe everything they read on the internet? At least, they providing us great material to expose these lies constantly written on the net.

    Despite reports that Paris Hilton was given the flick by Australian fashion designer Tyler Atkins, has learned that it’s all a lump of lies.

    Atkins, 21, went on Australian radio program “The Kyle and Jackie O Show” last week claiming that he had had enough of making out with Hilton in Malibu and moved on to “someone better in bed.”

    “Nothing happened between them at all to start with,” an insider close to both sources exclusively revealed. “I don’t understand why Tyler felt the need to say such things. Paris is a real person; stuff like this can be very damaging.”

    A spokesperson for the hotel heiress confirmed that she and Atkins were never an item.

    On-air, however, Tyler added that he is now romantically romping with the “world’s biggest supermodel” and insinuated that this was Tom Brady’s Brazilian beauty Gisele Bundchen.

    “It’s unlikely,” another insider said of this insinuation. “It sounds like Tyler is just a little starstruck.”

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    USA Today’s Will Keck Interviews Paris Hilton


    Will Keck did a good job on this interesting Paris Hilton interview. I personally think they talked too much about her dogs, blah. And he didn’t ask her questions about her music. believes that every interviewer must give at least one minute to talk about her music because that’s her #1 project. We didn’t force this on her; she said it many times.

    Paris Hilton is very happy that Simple Life series has finally ended. She says that she was always trying to get out of the series, but tight contracts wouldn’t let her. The reason? Watch the interview to learn.

    She says she’s in talks with Los Angeles Children’s Hospital to become their ambassador. She’s getting seriously involved in many charity works, which will barely get the media’s attention.

    She is trying to find a new house at the moment. And she’s getting ready to launch so many more projects.

    Like: Coming near you: Repo! Paris Hilton hotels says: Yes Paris, only problem is that you’re too slow…! But we now think you’re starting to change and working harder than before. Stay on the same track! also says: Most awaited projects are: Clothing Line, Second Album and Repo! movie


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    Let’s Talk About Paris Hilton’s Dogs Again

    Though some celebrities adopt rescue dogs, Paris Hilton makes no apologies for purchasing her babies from high-end pet shops and breeders.

    “I got (Hendrix) at Bel Air Pets when I was shopping for a house,” Hilton says of her newest purchase, a 3-month-old Chihuahua. “I didn’t even know I was going to get a dog, but I saw him and fell in love with him.”

    Of her 12 dogs, 10 are either full or part Chihuahua. She adores the breed because “they’re so little and sweet with great personalities.”

    Hilton has them groomed every two days and has hired a beefy security guard to tote them to and from her various homes in individual cages. Each has its own tag and locator chip embedded beneath its skin in case it gets lost. (In summer 2004, Hilton’s favorite teacup Chihuahua — Tinker Bell, who shot to fame in the first installment of The Simple Life— made headlines when she was misplaced.)

    She also dresses the dogs in fashions from her own line of dog clothes, made for Little Lily fashions. This summer, she has been taking them for walks outside her Malibu beach house. “They like going on the beach,” she says. “I have little bikinis in my line, so they wear their swimsuits.” Inside the home, the pack is allowed to roam freely.

    Besides Tinker Bell, Hilton has another Disney-named dog, Cinderella. Her adoration for the Disney world also is revealed in her décor, which includes a Disney character snow globe and a Tinker Bell figurine on display in a glass cabinet, alongside other trinkets and framed photos of family and friends such as Nicole Richie and Brandon Davis.

    On the walls are several pop-art collages, including two of Hilton’s idol, Marilyn Monroe.

    “I just really admire her,” Hilton says. “I think she was an incredible woman and had this specialness about her.”

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    Not Fair! Nicky Hilton Has A Full Website

    How come Nicky Hilton’s website has been completed so fast, and yet, Paris Hilton’s website is nothing, but an empty site? How long will it take them to launch her official website? Another 5 or 10 years?

    Well, the webmaster of is looking for a hardcore Nicky Hilton fan who would like to be president of an official Nicky Hilton fan club. Interest?

    We are looking for Nicky Hilton’s biggest fan to be the president of her fan club. If you want to be president, please send a letter as to why you think you should be Nicky Hilton’s fan club president! Please send your letter to and put “Nicky Hilton Fan Club President” in the subject line.

    You know, when I first saw this message, the first thing that came to my mind is the word: herocksdude.

    Visitor of and member of the forum, herocksdude has a nice up-to-date fan site about Paris Hilton’s little sister: A perfect fan club for Nicky Hilton maniac herocksdude. Go for it!

    Posted: August 5th, 2007
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