The series may be picked up by another network.

    PARIS HILTON and NICOLE RICHIE have both faced jail time this year, but now time has run out for them professionally: their reality TV series “The Simple Life” will not be picked up next season.

    ET has confirmed E!’s decision to drop the show from its line up next year.

    “The Simple Life” originally ran on the FOX network, and was later picked up by E! Fans of the show could see the series return if another network picks up the series.


    Posted: July 30th, 2007
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    Download The Ninth Episode Of Simple Life 5

    Almost Fame-less

    Paris and Nicole reunite to become camp counselors. The girls have joined the staff of camp Shawnee which will host five different specialty groups including a wellness camp.

    The Simple Life 5 – Episode 9 XviD.avi

    Thanks to Sys.

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    Repo! Producer: “Paris Sang It Better Than All Of [Actresses]”

    The hateful media have received the news, and they are now reporting it, finally.

    After spending most of the year living a soap opera, Paris Hilton will be part of a real opera this fall.Hilton has joined Alexa Vega and Paul Sorvino in the cast of “Repo! The Genetic Opera,” a full-blown musical thriller co-financed by “Saw” makers Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate.

    Darren Lynn Bousman, director of three “Saw” films, including the fourth entry, which opens Oct. 26, has spent several years working on the movie version of an opera hatched with screenwriter-composers Darren Smith and Terrance Zdunich. Dan Heffner and Twisted’s Carl Mazzocone, Mark Burg and Oren Koules are producing.

    Hilton will sing in a futuristic thriller framed around musical numbers that range from opera to rock. The setting is 2056, when a plague nearly destroys the human race and survival is dependent upon being able to finance a pricey organ transplant.

    Hilton plays a daughter of the organ transplant magnate (Sorvino) who is the villain of the piece.

    “This movie has become my life,” said Bousman. “I have auditioned at least 30 actresses for this role — Paris came in and owned it.  She is this role.

    We saw many actresses for the role, and Paris sang it better than all of them,” added Mazzocone.

    Singing gig won’t be Hilton’s first, as she released the self-titled album “Paris” last year. Aside from her long run in reality show “The Simple Life,” Hilton has acted in films such as “House of Wax” and “Raising Helen.” “Repo!” is her first film job since her brief jail stint, and since she’s agentless, her deal was negotiated by Paris Hilton Entertainment’s Jason Moore, who manages her.


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    Paris Hilton Hits Up A Concert By Pop Star Fergie

    Heiress Paris Hilton took Las Vegas by storm this past weekend, hitting up a concert by pop star Fergie at the Palms Casino Resort’s Pearl Theatre.

    Dressed in a white mini dress, a far cry from her orange jail suit of earlier this summer, the glammed up heiress watched a performance by the Dutchess. Also in a mini dress was Paris’ sister, Nicky Hilton, who joined in on the fun. Nicky was joined by boyfriend David Katzenberg, who also attended the show.

    Backstage, the girls posed for pictures, including one with singer Macy Gray who is currently promoting her album “Big.” They declined to comment on camera about their evening. They did however head up to the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa for the gig’s after party before moving on to Moon nightclub where Paris was caught shimmying on the dance floor. She even got a shout out from the DJ.

    Not spotted with the Hilton sisters was Paris’ recent boy candy, rocker Cisco Adler, who photographs showed her kissing in recent weeks. Hilton also appeared to leave her loyal miniature dogs at home too.

    Plenty of celebrities did make the party though. Sources tell Access that “Scrubs” stars Donald Faison and Sarah Chalke were on hand. Tennis ace Serena Williams and comedian Jon Lovitz attended too. Lovitz’s sparring partner of late, Andy Dick, was nowhere in sight.


    Sorry for posting a worthless news.

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    Paris Hilton’s Fashion Line Launching On August 16th At Kitson

    This report is from another website. The post was written by a hater, so I had to edit it a bit.

    Check out Paris Hilton’s line launches on August 16th at Kitson in L.A. According to the store anyone who purchases $100 or more in gift vouchers can have Paris herself help style them! With Paris only expected to be on site from 1-3p.m. she won’t be designing for many. However, here is some of the charity work that is associated with her name, the store is donating a “percentage of the proceeds of the event” to the Children’s Hospital. What that percentage is hasn’t been released.

    Celebrity Fire

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    Not Sure If Paris Hilton Was Shooting A New Music Video

    I now have more information about this latest breaking news. Apparently, the paparazzi were told that Paris was shooting a new music video, but we didn’t hear it from Paris. She was maybe shooting one. For which song? I have no idea; I only wish I knew.

    But most likely they were discussing with her about her music video. It’s hard to imagine that she made a music video in a studio the whole time.

    There’s a report from Hate site splashnewsonline.com by Bigot Anna Shanks:

    I warned you guys about this weeks ago, and now it’s finally happening. Remember when I said that Paris was re launching herself as a “singer” and I really use that term loosely. Well ex prisoner Hilton was seen leaving the studios of director David LaChapelle responsible for the Christina Aguliera leather fest “Dirrty”, Avril Lavigne’s “I’m with you”, No Doubt’s classic, “It’s my Life” and of course Britney’s “Everytime”. Rumour has it that Paris was there to shoot a music video, sweet mother please say it ain’t so! Can you imagine what it would be like, Paris Hilton in leather chaps, singing a ballad driving a car into a guy…it doesn’t bear thinking about.

    On the up side, Paris appears to have gone through a makeover and was looking more stylish than I’ve ever ever seen her. I think a new stylist has stepped into the arena.

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    Paris Hilton Spent Her Day Shooting A MUSIC VIDEO?

    What The…?

    It’s hard out here for an ex-con socialite! Paris Hilton spent her day shooting a music video at LaChappelle Studios, before deciding all that hard work deserved a little reward. Time for a vacation!

    Later that day, the blonde whatever-she-is was back at her Hollywood manse packing up and jetting off to parts unknown. All the while, her precious new teacup Chihuahua was in hand. Hilton was heard remarking on the weather with her trademark phrase, saying, “It’s hot!” That’s hot.



    One of the paparazzi asked “what song is she here for?” Then Paris turns around and doesn’t say anything?

    Is that what I heard?

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