Paris Hilton: Face Of The New Bliss Collection

    She has just been named the face of the new Bliss collection by famed Italian jeweler Damiani. I got an exclusive invite to catch up with the hotel heiress just moments ago at a Los Angeles studio, where she was shot for the launch of her three-year campaign by photographer Ellen von Unwerth.

    “It’s an honor to be part of this campaign,” Hilton told me, adding, “I love fashion, and I love diamonds.”

    Hilton joins an impressive list of celebrities that have been associated with Damiani, including Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow. Pitt is also codesigner of the jeweler’s D Side collection.

    Bliss will target a younger market for Damiani, with pieces in gold, stainless steel, wood, and, of course, diamonds. Prices will range from $60 to $3,000.

    Proclaiming Hilton an “icon,” Silvia Damiani, the company’s vice president and director of style and communications, told me, “She’s perfect. It’s our young and our very fashionable line.

    Hilton’s Bliss campaign will run overseas for a year before hitting the U.S.

    Since getting out of prison, Hilton has been a busy gal. In addition to the Damiani gig, she is working on her second album and has said she’ll be traveling to Toronto next month to shoot a movie.

    Posted: July 28th, 2007
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    Repo! The Genetic Opera Will Be Released On…

    Reliable souce is reporting that the release of Paris Hilton’s new movie “Repo! The Genetic Opera” is dated for April 25, 2008. However, as you already know, the date might and is likely to change. Earlier, I reported that it will be out in 2009, but I realized this is an old date. The new date is April 25, 2008. Well, isn’t that great? Now we have this and “The Hottie and the Nottie!” Both should be released in 2008.

    Quote from

    At Lionsgate’s panel at the San Diego Comic Con it was revealed that Darren Lynn Bousman’s (Saw II-IV) upcoming horror-musical Repo! The Genetic Opera has been given an official release date of April 25, 2008. “Repo!” focuses on a cruel entrepreneur who creates genetically perfect organs that everybody needs in 2056, and who is content to send in a repo man if the recipient can’t make payments. Alexa Vega, Bill Moseley and Paul Sorvino have all been confirmed for roles. Watch for loads of news coming soon.

    Posted: July 27th, 2007
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    Paris Hilton’s New Movie Announcement Under Media Blackout

    I’m proud to announce that today, only, following, reported that Paris Hilton is working on a new movie called “Repo! The Genetic Opera.” Virtually all of the other news websites just automatically received the news from simultaneously.

    99.9% of you heard this news only from Believe it or not, almost not a single blogger noticed the article and decided to post it on their website. If no blogger reports it, then you can safely bet that not a single news agency will. I can understand the Associated Press; this is not news worthy in really, but for bloggers, it is. The usual news website who often post fake news didn’t notice the news or ignored it.

    In fact, most bloggers today reported the vicious false news that Paris Hilton did drugs with some guy in a club a few days ago, and that fake news was provided by none other than hate magazine US Weekly on their website.

    Did the media and bloggers ignore the news deliberately because they couldn’t find anything negative in it? Hrm, no, they could’ve easily invented a joke since the movie sounds weird.

    Or maybe it’s because the news came from Canada, and so no one noticed it.

    However, the news will eventually spread, but my point is that you most likely first heard it from 😉

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    Confirmed: Akon Would Consider Working With Paris Hilton can confirm that Akon indeed made this statement in an interview:

    Would you ever consider working with the likes of Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan, people who aren’t necessarily as musically gifted as others?

    That’s so deep ‘cos in my mind I was thinking now Paris Hilton is an official convict, I think I’ma get with her and put a record out! I would definitely sign her to my label ‘cos she’s a character. You give her the cutest record, something that’s just for women, an anthem; I think it will be outta here!

    As I pointed out yesturday, Akon doesn’t know that Paris Hilton is already signed under Warner Music Records. However, I have a feeling that this is just an empty talk.

    Posted: July 27th, 2007
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    This Is What Paris Hilton’s New Movie Will Look Like

    “Repo! The Genetic Opera” Mini-Movie Trailer

    3-minute mini-movie of 2002 performance at John Raitt Theatre, Hollywood, CA.

    OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Repo! The Genetic Opera

    Posted: July 27th, 2007
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    Darren Lynn Bousman Talks About Paris Hilton’s New Movie “Repo! The Genetic Opera”

    Published On June 13th, 2007

    What kind of music is it?

    Darren Lynn Bousman: Its all kinds of music. From Opera, to extreme rock, to Nine Inch Nails.

    Is it comedic in tone at all?

    Darren Lynn Bousman: No, it’s not. It’s pretty serious. There is defiantly camp to it. But it is much more serious than the The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It is more violent than Saw. It makes all of the Saw movies look a Disney film. The premise is organ repossession in the future. The idea is that everybody is buying up organs, and they cannot afford to pay for these organs. Thus, legalized organ Repo-men come into the picture. Murder becomes sanctioned by law. So, if you buy a heart and can’t afford it, someone can burst through the door and take your heart out. And they don’t get in trouble for it. The very first scene sees them singing while they are ripping the spinal cord out of someone. It’s very much like Nine Inch Nails. In fact, we have someone form Nine Inch Nails working on it. It’s not Trent. I can’t give out who is working on it. The cast is amazing. I can’t give it away.

    Can we expect cameos?

    Darren Lynn Bousman: Yes, you can. Michael Rooker is not in it, but you will know the cast. They are big actors. It was extremely crazy. People sing that you didn’t know could sing. We finish casting tomorrow. I’m actually meeting with…I want to reveal it, but I can’t. And we start recording the music next week. It is as violent as hell. And the music is so catchy, you can’t get it out of your head. It’s all actors who sing. No singers who can act. No Clay Aiken. There are no American Idols in this. And the movie is insane.

    It is insane. It is set in 2018, a little bit in the future. Tons of sex. Tons of violence. It is as sexy as hell. And I don’t mean sex, just as in nudity. I mean that it is sexy. The costume designer started showing me ideas, and I have never been more turned on by drawings in my entire life. I showed some of the stuff to the actors, and they were like, “Oh, my God. My mom wouldn’t let me wear this. I can’t let my mom see this movie.” It is so sexy. And exciting. We start filming in August. We don’t have a release date yet. Unlike Saw, it’s a hard film. How do you promote a Rock Opera? There hasn’t been one done since the 70s. This thing has seventy-seven songs. From the second it starts, its all singing. There is no dialogue. And the music is not campy. It is very Nine Inch Nails, very Tool-esque.

    I wanted to do something crazy next. I couldn’t do something safe. So, I have this Steven Soderbergh mentality now. One for them and one for me. I wanted to do something that I wanted to do. It’s been hard. Getting them to like it or believe in it. Who wants to make a Rock Opera? When was the last Rock Opera released?

    Tobin Bell, who plays Jigsaw in the Saw films, walked up to the table.

    Is there going to be a part for Tobin?

    Darren Lynn Bousman: I’ve talked to Tobin about Repo. He’s heard the music.

    Can you sing?

    Tobin Bell: Yes. Yes I can sing. I’m a guitar player and a singer. We were so ensconced in Saw IV, I was hard pressed to get beyond what I was doing at the moment. I did hear some of the music, and its great. I think this movie is going to be remarkable.

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    NEW MOVIE IS CALLED “Repo! The Genetic Opera”

    Begins a six-week shoot in Toronto on Sept. 10.

    Expect to come out in 2009, according to

    Hotel heiress ACTRESS and ex-con SINGER Paris Hilton is on her way to Canada.

    Sources told that producers are about to announce they have cast Hilton in Repo! The Genetic Opera, a rock opera/horror film that begins a six-week shoot in Toronto on Sept. 10.

    The movie, based on a successful theatrical production by Terrence Zdunich and Darren Smith, is about an organ failure epidemic in 2056 that forces people to purchase genetically perfect ones from Geneco, a biotech company committed to collecting regular payments.

    “The idea is that everybody is buying up organs, and they cannot afford to pay for these organs,” director Darren Lynn Bousman recently told MTV. “Thus, legalized organ repo-men come into the picture. Murder becomes sanctioned by law. So, if you buy a heart and can’t afford it, someone can burst through the door and take your heart out… and they don’t get in trouble for it.”

    Bousman, who made the last two Saw films and the upcoming Saw IV in Toronto, will direct Repo!, in which the dialogue is completely sung.

    At a fundraising event in Hollywood on Tuesday night, Hilton declined to reveal specifics but admitted she is in rehearsals for a “very cool and unique project.” She told E! Online: “”We’re just in the studio. We’re doing dance and singing.”

    Paul Sorvino will play Geneco owner Rottismo Largo and Alexa Vega (Spy Kids) has been cast as Shilo, the daughter of repo man Nathan. Tobin Bell, who plays the evil Jigsaw in the Saw movies, also stars.

    Sources claim Hilton will play Heather Sweet, the daughter of Largo.

    Hilton, who starred in the 2005 remake of House of Wax, released her first album last summer. The 26-year-old finished a 23-day jail sentence on June 26 for driving on a suspended license and violating the terms of her DUI probation.

    Just days after Repo! The Genetic Opera wraps up filming in Toronto, cameras will roll in the city for The Repossession Mambo starring Jude Law and Forest Whitaker. The sci-fi feature follows an organ repo man who must go on the run when he is unable to make the payments for his new heart.

    Posted: July 27th, 2007
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