Paris Hilton Begins Charity Work

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    Paris is also set to film a new “surprise” movie.

    Paris Hilton is starting to make good on her post-jail promises to help others, turning out at a friend’s charity gala to raise funds for children with spinal cord injuries.

    “It’s a great organization,” Hilton told PEOPLE at Sunday’s Life Rolls On Foundation’s 4th annual Night By the Ocean auction. “It gives people hope and I’m really happy to be here to support Jesse.”

    Hilton’s close friend Jesse Billauer, a former pro surfer who is now paralyzed, founded Life Rolls On.

    The heiress bid on (and won) a $17, 500 surfing lesson with Billauer and Adam Sandler. Even Hilton’s black-and-white dress was a bit of a charity case, created by 19-year old fashion student she met when he helped pump her gas.

    “He said he loved me and my style and showed me 30 dresses he designed just for me. I was amazed by how incredibly talented he was,” Hilton said of designer Jonathan Bash.

    Although Hilton was recently seen frolicking in Malibu with new pal Tyler Atkins, 21, she claims she’s all business. “I’m just focusing on doing a movie right now,” she says. “It’s a surprise but I start shooting next month.”

    And in the meantime, when not hitting the clubs, she says she’ll continue to try to do good.

    “I was just at the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital visiting all of the kids and premature babies in the cancer ward,” she said Sunday. “I met with philanthropists and they’re doing a summit with five major charities and we’ll be doing stuff all over the world. I’m excited.”


    Posted: July 23rd, 2007
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    Video: Exclusive Paris Hilton Interview With ET

    A very disappointing interview aired tonight on ET, in my opinion. ET showed very unimportant edited clips of the interview. I think they edited it too many times and left us with unimportant material, which is usually important for the viewers of ET. It’s questions about tabloids, marriage, Nicole Richie and her new hair extension, but nothing about music or movies. Actually, about music, she just said “I like music,” but it’s not related to her music career.

    Note: Quality is bad.

    Posted: July 23rd, 2007
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    Paris Hilton’s Hair Extensions Video

    Check out Paris Hilton’s Dream Catchers hair extensions!

    Posted: July 23rd, 2007
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    More About Paris Hilton’s Interview On Entertainment Tonight

    PARIS HILTON is a do-it-yourself kind of girl, and the active heiress tells ET’s own JANN CARL that there’s a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to who she is.

    “I’m a lot different than what people say,” she says. “I have a really big heart, I have a good soul, I’m spiritual, I love children, I love animals, I’m getting involved in a lot of charity work…

    “I’m just a sweet normal person. I love to read, I love to cook and write, just lay on the beach, play with my animals, go see movies. I like bowling, I just like doing normal things. I cook really great French toast and really amazing lasagna. I can cook anything, but those are like my two specialties. It’s just fun to, like, have a home-cooked meal and do it yourself.”

    Of course, Paris is a serious entrepreneur, and with all of her new projects, like her new venture into fashion designing, the reality TV star is keeping busy.

    “I have been working very hard — I’m 26 years old now and started Paris Hilton Entertainment and my clothing line, which I’m actually wearing right now,” she says. “I do jeans, I do sportswear, we’re going to do shoes, purses” — she also says that she’s working on a new fragrance and her second book.

    And then there’s those fun and famous hair extensions, which she’s turned into another opportunity called DreamCatchers.

    “Before I started wearing DreamCatchers, my hair was kind of getting damaged,” she explains, “but ever since I have worn my new extension line, my hair has been growing. It’s just like there’s no glue, there’s no wax, there’s no damage, and that’s different than any other extension I’ve seen.”

    Paris also says that while it may take up six hours or more at some places to put in hair extensions, DreamCatchers takes only about two to two-and-a-half hours.

    “It’s really quick,” she says. “It’s a lot of fun, because you can just change your hairstyle all the time.”

    With all of her business endeavors, Paris is living a dream come true: “It’s exciting — this has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl — I’m fashion designing, I have my own doggie line coming out and just being an entrepreneur at such a young age. My grandpa, my dad, my mom, everyone is so proud of me, so it feels really good to accomplish so much so young.”

    So, is there any time for love? “I enjoy being single, just getting to know myself, and hanging out with my sister and my girlfriends,” says Paris. “I know there is someone out there; I guess I haven’t found him yet.”

    “Simple Life” pal NICOLE RICHIE seems to have found her bliss, though, and Paris gives us an update: “She’s really happy. [Her boyfriend, rocker JOEL MADDEN is] a really sweet guy, and I’m just really happy for her. I have never seen her this, like, in love, and he’s crazy about her. They just make a really beautiful couple.”

    Watch our exclusive video to hear what Paris tells ETonline only!

    Posted: July 23rd, 2007
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    A £100m Lie?

    Did some writer invent another lie? There is a news article which is reporting that Paris Hilton earns £100 million a year, but it is a lie.

    We can also find this quote:

    “I’ve made £100 million in the last year, while Jennifer Lopez made £75 million. I’m developing my own hotels, casinos and clubs and getting into real estate. It’s crazy at such a young age. I’m doing so much.”

    And then, the articles goes on naming her business ventures.

    Actually, I believe the writer inspired himself/herself by a recent article which was written by ETonline. And I think in some article, Paris compared her fragrance or something to Jennifer Lopez, and said that she is doing the same thing as Jennifer is.” I don’t remember where I read this, though. But I don’t believe she said she makes more money than Jennifer Lopez.

    I simply don’t believe it. It is not true that she makes £100m or $200m every year. Forbes magazine mentions that she earns about $5-10 m a year, and it’s increasing yearly.

    I think the point of this article is to show that Paris is greedy or something.


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    Paris Hilton’s Puppy Escapes

    Paris Hilton’s new puppy got loose over the weekend — with paparazzi saving the day!

    TMZ cameras were outside Hilton’s Malibu beach pad this weekend, when her mini Yorkie wandered into the street after sneaking out the front door. Our photog picked up Hilton’s canine friend and prevented the adorable little thing (clad in Paris-themed clothing) from running into the street.

    After the photog rang her doorbell, Paris came out to grab the puppy, and thanked the cameraman for rescuing the dog. A paparazzo’s work is never done.

    Posted: July 23rd, 2007
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    Simple Life Series On The Edge Of Being Cancelled?

    Bye bye to the Simple Life?

    TV Columnist Tom Dorsey is reporting that E! might decide to cancel the Simple Life series.

    I don’t know whether or not he’s assuming that just because the ratings went down, it is not a popular show, so he thinks it will be cancelled. I don’t have the latest figures, but I have mix feelings about ending this show. They should renew the concept, I think.

    Anyway, I’ll just quote directly from Tom’s article:

    Go figure? That’s what E! cable is trying to do when it looks at how the Nielsens took a nosedive for Paris Hilton’s “The Simple Life” when she went to jail. E! executives thought the massive publicity would help and ratings would skyrocket. Instead they fizzled. Network spokesmen told TV Guide the odds are against the series being renewed.

    Posted: July 21st, 2007
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